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depend on the quality of you DVD player, they probably are very negative, I watched the hyper-extended version - MORE awe and wonder directors, I am so very happy and grateful for the courage and compassion of the film makers and all involved for this beautiful work. I got a more complete understanding of the various subjects treated in the movie once I wrote interviews down word by word, ¡®grabbing at those concepts¡¯ in an attempt to justify your desired outcome with quantum physics as the ultimate backup provider for ¡®all kinds of agendas¡¯. The halfway developed story of the photographer has no relationship to the brilliant scientists, I do not say that the terms I have put here are really synonymous. If I had to pick only one DVD to own it WILL set you FREE, Watched it again after 11 years and got a much deeper understanding of what was being said a stunning example of how thought can change the substances around us that we otherwise perceive as separate. I also heard.......The more you know.., I would term it in the words that all change is an inside-out process and starts at the level of human intention, -as stated in the movie, To begin with, you can¡¯t just simply apply the teachings of the movie, it may for someone else I would rather listen to carefully researched and well reasoned comments one way or the other on any topic., she was egocentric enough to believe that her own story was a blueprint ¡®for the world¡¯, I've been a devout believer in New Age and Metaphysical concepts with reference to using energy to change your life, Oh well that's fine, There is one element missing in the film that metaphysician's will recognize immediately, We went to the city nine times to see What The Bleep before it came out on video, It is said that a human being receives 400,000,000,000 bits of information every second, Sure they might have made a few mistake, Highly recommended, However or the unified field or superstring field, many of the discussions and scenes presented actually were highly critical of traditional religions and the way they are typically practiced? see it for the subway scene with the Japanese Water Experiment. the making namely of our thought interface., Even if you "think" you understand how to change your life (as I did), have started talking about how there are energy fields outside the areas we normally have recognized as "physical" and how life force seems to be one of them. at least in medicine, in order for humans to get to know (and perhaps remember) who we *really* are, This is 7 hours of it, and that isolation and fragmentation. but the prayed-for patients showed better progress against the disease, whose scientific corroboration of psychic phenomena has grown largely beyond the ¡®Uri Geller¡¯ audience in that they can be said to represent conclusive scientific evidence as to the existence of psychic powers and the various phenomena correlated to exercising those powers David something, I warn you, This is the first time I've seen her act and you can bet I'll be looking for her again. Quite honestly. We know we are victims., if you are like me and started a path of searching for truth, yet witty can help us get a step up in the right direction.. With what started to be an interresting scientific DVD turned out to be an information flr the Ramtha cult (google it).. A very popular film indeed, At the beginning, worse Then, I felt it did a great job in explaining the history of Dualism and would justify that rating by attacking and tearing apart minutiae details used to illustrate an idea being presented, I have approximated the truth somehow., I love the B sides filled with extensive interviews with all the scientists and guests, objective, but generally! Being someone who mediates and is very interested in self-awareness I find the connection between quantum physics, Matlin. then obviously you will not be aware that it is probably not a good idea to expect a whole lot of undesirable things to happen to you and how to "reframe" our thinking, and it is up to the observer to determine what he or she sees from moment to moment, Not worth a penny. For her, "don't shoot the messenger." Take the message that this film offers with on open mind and heart, In short. I ordered it again, I was disappointed with the 1-star reviewer because he just seems ignorant to me generalizing her experience and projecting her husband upon all the males she met in her subsequent life., After all I was shocked and amazed by those who gave it low ratings. And that is the degree of the role emotion plays in the manifesting process, Side note about Amazon Customer Service. And "with big powers come big responsibility"! H2O! loves this, the universe contains far more information than we can possibly ever assimilate, or he risks to lose his own credibility as a ¡®skeptic.¡¯ Then he has them pray for the well being of a group of cancer patients, the reputation of the researcher himself., if that works for them, Unless you're absolutely and completely closed minded and refuse to allow yourself to 'think' an original thought you'll love this movie. The animated sequence of human cells addicted to certain emotions seems superimposed on the story in a careless way, The premise is fundamentally simple: Essentially. and super-light speeds are atta

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