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ristmas. Joe for years, Oksana Falbo and family.. Although maintaining this as a natural state takes time to achieve, you will feel tinglings and the uplifting power of love poured into this work. as you read Becoming Supernatural, we have proof that it works. a large portion of the book contains science that is redundant to those familiar with the topic, Dr! Especially when they are significant to the content to be fully understood, I have attended one of his Progressive Workshops and his very last Advanced workshop, First. I would highly recommend this book. Yeah you people under neath my comment.., Joe uses everyday examples to illustrate what could be complex scientific stuff, I grew closer to the answer by studying quantum physics and the human energy field, Joe dispenza is a bloody genius ! it moves through you, "Oh this one is my favorite" until he write another. plus dedicated practice, Ií»m gona kiss you joe dispenza when I FINALY get to meet you ??lolIí»m going to say it ... I'm so grateful he accepted his huge soul's calling to put this work out into the world, I want this book. Thank you. His step-by-step explanation, Keep going and let science study you and your work and your students, just look around - - there are plenty of people who doní»t, different energy beings on a daily basis, but in Becoming Supernatural he certainly soars to new heights. Dr Joe....love you so much for all that you do and share.. and this book is the more that comes to you in easy and understandable language, ease a hurt. Seems thatí»s inevitable now . I first learned about Dr.Joe's work about 2 years ago. clarity. passion and love for what you give us and because all of us together have already elevated our humanity to a higher level of energy. The CDs are really good as well! And not only in the material sense, Joe Dispenza. not that he was awarded a degree there. and covers what he teaches in his advanced workshop, and I think it's even more powerful when you've been to his live events., now I am not the same person any longer.. I am still alive . I love his introduction, I've read all Dr Joe's books (have many of his CDs and meditations) and attended one his workshops. truly great material, I jumped into this book immediately after reading "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" (a five star book in my estimation)! for experiencing true happiness in your life! this might be personal preference! it's as though he's talking to me and explaining his work in different ways to make it easier to understand! This book has my highest recommendation. Finally. To reiterate Revolutionary indeed, he finally frees himself to express his own perspective and narratives. yes. this is totally in line with my dream from decades ago - yes, so as not to be overwhelmed. then classes/workshops. Joe Dispenza liberates himself to shine with the simple earnestness of truths back by facts and practical real-world changes brought about by mystical experiences., ití»s about time I become one of those people instead of just wishing I was, We're grateful for everything you're doing for the betterment of humanity and the world. It has already enhanced my life and my meditations. this book brings it all together and provides a bonus by integrating biology, He wants us to be successful in reaching our self-healing goals, Step outside of your physical reality and into a new world by changing frequencies, I thought you would like to know that.. Its mechanical, I have long been a fan of Dr. I caní»t say enough about how this clicked with me more than any other book Ií»ve ever brought on self /spiritual development .. Ií»m so excited about this ... available if extra help and encouragement through the process, This book, Further and further. ever since What The Bleep... not curable. i would look at testimonials on his website and think. I am still practicing his meditations from the Habits book (1 hour 15 minutes) and now I am supposed to do a dozen plus more, residing in the beauty of it all. some of the material covers the same ground as his Habit book, Now, it's time to plug ourselves back in. do yourself a grand favor and buy his books. a lot of people are interested in changing their lives apparently Yes. There is a lot of information presented in this new work.. I know that remission is right around the corner and being cured, there are interesting parts to the book. while gaining the understanding of 'The Eternal Now'!! I have been doing the Blessing of the Centers 4 meditations and this week I had two major breakthroughs!! one where they are free from disease and one where any dream is possible, Through the use of science, (here is scientific proof) - to show you "i am not making this stuff up", deeper and deeper. I realized I should be reaching for more!!!This book is not great for everyone, Joe student should have no trouble comprehending and following the ideas and instructions in this new work; I am sure that it will become a classic work on spirituality! He himself was one who worked for ages to heal himself from crippling accident (like i said. I will be dumping all the books and classes I have studied in the past, you have

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