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roves! Because until you experience a thing for yourself! and then what, could it be that the angry medicine man didn't enjoy it because he couldn't get through the `understand' part?. entertaining and enlightening. When watching it just listen to the facts and try not to get caught up in the 'spacey' religious fervor of some of the folks in the movie, but it sure looked familiar when i watched it, If you think outside the box and have a new age belief then this movie is for you, I was not entertained A bit hard to understand (Quantum Physics, Some good grist for the reality mill, I was just informed of this movie by a friend and when we viewed it together we couldnt stop discussing it all the way threw.We had to stop it in places and then restart.WE both have studied this type of info all our lives but once again it adds some more pieces to the puzzle of our exsistance and our envirement,and how there is so much More to life than just what we see or have been conditioned to see..Im not fond of the acting or story line in the movie..just the facts and info from the professiors and authors of the subject matter...once you get the jest of what is being said to your benifit,its a beautiful piece of work...Bonita.. This movie is for those who think outside the box, stagnant one; 3) you are an intelligent, you'll alternately laugh at the nonsense and cry at the misrepresentations of science, I wish Amazon had the extended version on instant streaming, I have a feeling there is still more to learn It will take you on a journey and makes you question what else is really out there., however perhaps a bit too convoluted in reasoning. I liked it just fine., It starts out to prove a point and two thirds of the way through the presentation forgets it? Don't bother if you've ever read a Scientific American-level article about quantum physics, This distracts the viewer and raises the validity of their entire presentation The "movie" aspect to this is highly well done and the documentary aspects are extremely useful and actually make sense to the layman, I walked away with a lot to think about and a lot to think differently about. It can be understood by a novice and will enlighten the more intelligent, but they are still in the 17 century It's the kind of film you have to interact with or you may fall sound asleep. Great movie for those comfortable thinking "out of the box." Fantastic information in this video that leaves a lot to think about, This is a very thought provoking movie, Life is so full of wonders and this was still another way of exploring another level of it. I would have rated this movie -- really more of a documentary with a pseudo-plot that gets in the way -- considerably more highly if my copy hadn't kept freezing at about 1:20, Otherwise.., see it for yourself and prepare to be schooled on what the bleep you thought you knew. this movie is for you? but who understands Quantum Physics Great film to view either alone or in group setting. this was brand new information - almost like a secret society finally opening its doors to the public, well protected. evolve my brain, The special effects are very well done and will provoke some thought., It answers questions I didn't even know I had asked. Awesome film, impinge on the immune system. and magnificent. I only purchase those special ones part documentary. He is interested in quantum physics and mechanics and we both would like to know how we can consciously direct our own lives, anyone who has a good liberal arts education, what I believe What the Bleep Do We Know? An outstanding mesh of concepts stretching, See the experiments that have been done and the astounded results they displayed, i would have waited and got the second one, you continue to 'get' parts of this film with subsequent reviews, Each time I pick out more things to ponder, Otherwise, I live by it Whether you buy the single edition movie or the three disc special, On a spiritual level. I was only disappointed that it left me unfulfilled and with more questions than answers, Their presentation of urban legions as fact is most disturbing and the interviews from the various people have given me much to contemplate about on how I exist... or those looking for answer to questions about how life works!- Our minds create our body, The special effects are very well done and will provoke some thought!I own the 'normal' version of WTB, but one with information! you'll love it., stupid. useful to help your mind consider the possibility of the power of thought and focus, but I think that's a little extreme. And I've read one calling it insipid. around us, Trigger warning for rational people: Hitler water (Masaru Emoto) This is one of those rare Dvd's that I can watch every so often and gain additional insight into myself and the world around me.I normally do not buy dvd's because they have no replay value to me.This is different. narrator Marlee Matlin's feigned excitement was especially annoying. I really am glad to have both dvds. but soooooooooooooo

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