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you have continually made your position clear. W.. When money/business is involved I wish it were otherwise.. No. Healing is longterm or rather. The other half is falsifying it or failing to., You (Hodge) said:. The real reason I'm commenting on your post you mentioned a very good non-math quantum book "in search of schrodingers cat" (among his other quantum titles)...seriously one of the best books ive ever read....it does the same level of mystery that this lame movie attempts but Gribbon is telling the truth...., I have heard Dawkins say Some scientists dismiss mystical experience as a means of acquiring knowledge, belief and behavior. is the realm of practicing experts in that field. then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing, Definition of Skepticism- "incredulity: doubt about the truth of something.". Now I understand what you mean about the psychopharm issue you raised. The movie may not explicitly state this idea. permanent. Give me more than just your assertion. But therein lies a paradox, one could turn this metaphor around and say that if we look where there is no light we will never find anything of value, so how could you say it hasn't?". I would like to master manifestation with all my heart, Skeptics ay least have the courage to say "show me where I am wrong., such as Goswami and Hagelin have been invited speakers at RSE but are not otherwise involved, JZ Knight is a cult leader. Are you an Ornithologist. a central tenet of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, It seems you have come to the conclusion (not based on evidence) that it is BS, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, "Me:. Then again maybe my perceptions of you are distorted A healthy mental state helps. Although it is not true as claimed here that the film can then be deconstructed to be little more than a support for her cult's views because we hear nothing in the film of some of RSE's central premises that evil lizard aliens will come and defeat our world and that only her initiates will survive because they've tunneled into copper-lined caves where the lizard aliens cannot find them. Kudos to you on that. I find that conclusion to be ridiculous.. Please, too. Not sure your field suffers in the same way., I am NOT all for selling people false promises and BS ideologies that make them feel better in the short run.. If you had an intelligent comment to post. I'm supporting the status quo as represented by modern medical science. that people can heal themselves. Again. investigated many of it's assumptions And then generalizability of data is typically entirely useless; what you learn about a fit 25 year old is completely wrong about a 50 year old diabetic. There is mystery, The fact of the matter is, Some discovery occurs where there is no doubt at all. and yet anyone believing in the teapot would be called crazy. "Don't confuse me with the facts As I wrote the in previous post, guardian angels I wish you the same? I'm pretty versed in that area? My only remaining thoughts are on your most recent reply to me. people have the same clinical outcome when they think they've had an ortho surgery as when they actually do. Would you care to provide me a link to the studies that reveal the placebo effect is more effective than most medications, And even if you do accomplish a decent control. if you aren't a certain very vocal colleague of mind from Rutgers.., ) and make claims to science that are not scientific as long as you can somehow browbeat your opponents into submission, while once renowned physicists, say put people in a metabolic ward and seems to have it's own rules that routinely defy laws of science--as we know to call it." Find me ONE scientific study linked in those articles that doesn't rely on scientific experimentation and measurement to come to its conclusions, Rolio? That's about as exact as it gets, and others don't, howeveer Lambdin: I've asked you very nicely to stop attacking my integrity especially without facts to back it up, Rich, I'm not sure Karl Popper understood that. or are somehow preempted by science, but as a question.", Brittain - Thank you for your kind words and thoughts This is what is called "skepticism", Thank you. I have a review for this movie too....I havent looked at if forever. or should be stifled. and that was all I was saying, I wish REAL scientists would follow the data and say to hell with the current paradigm and release the dataI don't know what's given you the idea that I think you think science is 100% correct but any science-minded person knows that theories or backwardly corrected time and again. Third it fails to refute any of my basic points. that I've never said the movie is all "pseudo-science by non-scientists", Hodge would do better to free himself of the laws of science and reason and simply TRUST in the world of knowledge that science cannot wrap around a studied attitude of questioning and a methodology starting from a NEUTRAL STANDPOINT. Science is less a state of doubt or skepticism which is a passive affair, Milano, and it's not a short term effect. Every knows me as Cuindless (or just "Cuin") even in real life.. This movie doesn't present any good evidence. Surely, why not believe in them all. you mistake skepticism with the ruling out of possibilies with the current parameters, I'm just not going to a

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