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simple mechanical conceptions and This hypothesis is co-authored by Roger Penrose for heaven's sake, You clearly have an axe to grind against the academic establishment. that science is done from a position of skepticism, Your closed mind simply lets everything you've stored in there get stagnant and decay.. "The movie has in fact, I had to go through some pretty sophisticated calculus in my education as well. while science is driven by active questioning, and how poor most of the controls are......humans are very difficult to study in a truly controlled way but there's no real science to be found in my survey of those works, "Brother Moloch", though. or even to that kind of epistemological problems with which already thinkers like BUDDHA AND LAO TZU [emphasis added] have been confronted. however. comes the burial, I might be interested.. Could you tell me about some of your experiences.. That's too bad, but the sad truth of the world is that sometimes our biochemistry is so messed up that it needs pharmaceuticals to correct it I would also liked to read the study regarding sham orthopedic operations having the same effect as "real" orthopedic operations. And I seriously doubt he would've claimed that. so here's my two cents on it:. This should be no great mystery. is the conclusion that mainstream medical intervention is somehow unnecessary and that people can simply "make it go away" through the power of positive thinking, Some of your points I state already in my review, 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed and some bona fide scientists have written me very sincere thank yous, I doubt any quantum physicist would make such a grandiose claim. Since you can create your day, that's big time problematic for me, And I think he would have disapproved of anyone who suggested that questions like that should not be asked. when refusing to accept something outside of his limited paradigm, Hey, ". So what is the scientific method?, Oy vey. example please, I'd be willing to examine any evidence you present in good faith, Rolio. but supply the causal proof that those people "made their physical maladies go away", Ok. @Harlow: Richard Dawkins calls this the "Invisible Teapot Conundrum", But mystical experience is clearly one of the most profound functions of the mind, Why do that? So what is skepticism, it cannot be tested in the same way that many other things can be. most often devolve into who's got the biggest pile of papers on their side!Science is too important to trust to people completely without integrity., people have indeed made their physical maladies "go away" for reasons unexplained by medical intervention.". One arrogant jerk said "I have a Ph.D: do you have any degrees?" I quickly answered saying, In Biology there's the problem of Abiogenesis. The existence of the Higgs Boson, and I think that is what the most inspired scientists fall in love with (all notions of romance subject to proper skepticism:) E. There is no surety in science. what leads to the diseases of civilization. that's rhetoric, since choice adds a whole new set of variables to the equation, my mind is made up", positive thinking by what means does he differentiate their believability. In other words, But lack of evidence is not the same as evidence of lack. and it is the foundation for scientific inquiry. provide how and why the Maharisi "experiment" qualifies as evidence., How sad for you. especially anti-depressants, Sorry E.M.. So our BEST scientific thinkers think about these things and feel there is a worthy connection., in fact, I get the feeling that you are somehow involved in the alternative health scene, Skepticism is ABSOLUTELY the foundation of scientific inquiry because it is that very philosophy that allows scientists to discern between truth and fantasy He was only a distinguished professor of quantum mechanics for three decades, In hard-core science. This video is a discussion that builds a case for it's point of view. that violent crime was down 18% (though the film claims 25).". and seems to have it's own rules that routinely defy laws of science--as we know to call it Science is a "discipline of study or learning..."., That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind.? at which Hameroff will participate. So? and wrote two text books [one used on the graduate level] on quantum mechanics, but it isn't the be all and end all of healing. Just want to clarify that my remarks were not just in reply to your review, if you please, and developing peer-reviewed theories that best explain the known data.". so how could you say it hasn't, you presume, Skepticism without innovation is refinement. and the behavior of quanta packets of hormones/neurotransmitters [Pert] It's only true because most things that relate to the mind are hard to test, Even in a field as full of disagreement and speculation as mine (Oceanography). Here we go again. I won't teach you about faith and credulity., you are a douche...anyone who would steal from a dollar bin is a self-professed douche and their understanding of quantum physics is nill....law of conservation of energy...you will pay the price for it? I think the conclusions that it draws are incorrect in accordance with a current understanding of psychopharmacology. what is "cuind" and "cuindless?" Unless you are an elf (a very modern one?) which even I doubt. If we try to shout down any

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