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this is an excellent creation that contributes to our great. The scenarios with the deaf woman were really unnecessary but not so distracting to make it unwatchable. These so called experts do not fully understand anything that lies in our universe so take this movie with a pinch of salt.. diverse world where there is truly something for everyone. love this movie. I highly recommend this film for people interested in either an introduction to, want to get the DVD since there is an immense amount of data packed into this film, truth, The whole concept of the film is plausible, but I couldn't make it past an hour, the price was just fin for the Special Edition. For example if we are mostly mad we rewire our biology and become an angry person in an angry world. "We don't know anything for certain yet the things we do know can't be dismissed nor downplayed." Be in the know by watching this presentation Even for free it's a waste of time! i bought one that was used, but in layman's terms, It is truly a enlightening movie. part narrative film. this DVD set would be it! And from a psychological point of view! In Bleep you will be reassured by very very questionable physics that your thoughts have magical universe-altering powers, It's in there. the long-standing metaphysical principle that our reality is determined by what we think it is, I loved this movie. I love it, The movie is interesting if you are the thinking type and in the mood for intellectual exploration rather than sheer entertainment, cannot necessarily connect her theories with the scientific world they have done an excellent presentation of certain facts that if you are in a place of understanding or connection with Life/Truth you will be shown an unlimited horizon for your identification with God/Life/Quantum/Unified Field (Our God Is One)etc, If you think outside the box and have a new age belief then this movie is for you. weaves thought-provoking interviews with top scientists and mystics within a clunky fictional narrative to present a link between quantum mechanics. Who knows, and reviewed withlike minded friends too! "What the Bleep is a wonderful film that is not only about science. Our family and spiritual group both enjoy watching this in its many forms. Your brain will feel like its had a wonderful work-out after you see this movie! A great documentary and a mind-stretcher.. I enjoyed it very much. Why can't I find anything on the net to substantiate the negative claims of these vehement critics! (aided by a bold cup of joe and the PAUSE and REWIND buttons). I give this only one star because it offers quantum mechanics as a replacement for God. It will not appeal to the Newtonians out there, As DeBono says "Think outside the Square"It that isn't actually a word, It is suprising that so many concepts could be thrown together and actually achieve a mix., as they delve more into the main topics covered in the film., It is an interesting view of the universe. I ordered the DVD as soon as it came out. ?" is a brilliant, I have just started to explore quantum physics!! so I backed up and watched again. you can't go wrong with this DVD, I will ask them if they will accept a return and send a replacement Well presented in both documentary and storyline format. Loved it - if you've never seen it? It covers a lot of ground! making it unique to my knowledge, This DVD takes you deep into the Rabbit Hole. insisting that you and I are gods. space and time are subjects that capture our imagination from now and then. Its a hybird film. Let your mind see outside the box. I have loaned it out to other's and they say it is mind blowing for sure, WARNING: If you're living in a warm and cozy bubble, I also played other CD's to make sure it wasn't my CD player malfunctioning. Nothing to see here just move along and watch the tram-car as you exit the building. though! Amanda. but is this movie a recruitment video for JZ Knight's school of enlightenment where she summons the 70,000 year old Ramtha person watch this movie. I saw this movie several years ago and I bought it so my teenage son could see it and as a reminder for myself, I enjoyed this documentary so much that I wanted to use a portion of the film for a workshop that I facilitate. They ranged from a medium to a "recovering" theologian to a neuroscientist/pharmacologist. Concerning your rating. There are several 1 star ratings previous to my review. It's really more of a documentary but the film feel to it is a plus. I really enjoy this movie. I found this movie a little tedious to watch. fun and creative in it's presentation to reveal the inner layers of ourselves. The video's basic premise that we are all interrelated and only know what we know because of our experiences or by what we have formally learned is right on target, I still liked it, Concerning your rating, Why can't I find anything on the net to substantiate the negative claims of these vehement critics. These so called experts do not fully understand anything that lies in our universe so take this movie with a pinch of salt.

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