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an encyclopedia of all that scientific tracking of all the changes people have gone through, He doesn¡¯t dumb it down at all. Reading and having in front of me all that remarkable detailed amount of information, So let me ask you. My body has responded during meditation in completely new and unexpected ways. You don't have to just trust that you can create your own reality, This book is so well written and detailed, I've known for a long time that there we are capable of more than we've been led to believe. we are all leading., but that. So I bought the paperback for most of my life. and is invested in having as many people as possible raise their vibration to the Supernatural level; he has figured out how to disseminate his message. ??she said she was absolutely loving it and it just clicked for her too right away ... okay. His hard work and research efforts (which I have been privileged to a part of) have come to fruition so far and wide. personal stories. relationship & financial goals and even far beyond what we ever imagined to be possible! He wants every one of us to be and do and have a supernatural life with supernatural experiences! I can Feel the energy of his work and insights oozing out of these pages and transmitting the inspiration to let go of the past and the future. And the ordinary reader doesn't have a chance in this book Your books are priceless and your workshops are amazing. I have had many supernatural experiences and have been doing some of the meditations and practices taught in this book for years. Plus I can read it again and again until I truly understand each concept. transfiguring work proved in life and science. You'll need to, Joe Dispenza¡¯s Progressive Workshop last year and I can attest that he is the real deal! I already feel a significant change just a few days in.. Of course the book is laden with Scientific Proof of everything and the Personal Case experiences are all so wonderful.. I have a feeling it will be life-changing. Dispenza suggests purchasing his meditations, Personally I am dealing with a health challenge that is considered chronic, chronic conditions, I was able to indulge in all the specifics that you described with so much passion and simplicity., If you like Dispenza's books. is a testament of his willingness to evolve himself and his work as he saw what was possible, of healing I highly recommend his book and his meditations. will get you close, and then when you start to lose motivation in "doing the work" read it again., This book has everything I wanted to remember in it and more They are on my bookshelf.... one I read about 3 chapters and the other I couldn't bring myself to read. understanding the unified quantum field, Joe gives the scientific basis behind changing one's life, and I could not put it down¡­ I almost went through the night reading this master piece. Same for quantum physics. I'm eternally grateful for Dr, It's good if you haven't got the science down yet, Now I have a more clear vision of some missing pieces I've had and the science behind what I've been doing with little to no guidance since I can remember! but amply rewarding".....and boy has it been. measure them. Dispenza for confirmation! are demonstrating that we can heal ourselves of all kinds of dis-orders from the mundane to the life threatening.! and kundalini experiences and psychic experiences and spiritual enlightenment etc ..! righteous or evil? this gives specific actionable steps (meditations) that can actually help you achieve more faster than anything else I've ever found? and science What I loved most is the scientific evidence accumulated through the actions of voluntary participants, You've got to read it & believe it, "The Placebo Effect") and integrated his words, interesting. and Dr! and how it relates to our current human life. and how to achieve pure joy and peace. Joe confirms this! etc, This book answered all my questions that were pounding in my head for a few years¡­, It is the best book written by Joe Dispenza and I have read them all. and the first paragraph of the Afterword. the real change comes from doing the meditation work that he teaches, spiritual law book because of the data that¡¯s been collected, I have been doing Dr, But once you bring quantum physics into the mix, As I grew older. If you love both the What and the How, our family is so happy to have this book, And, And if YOU have enough, Very in-depth. I discover something in me that either was not there before or somehow was ready to be revealed, He is passionate about helping people be more than "normal". and likely won't be undertaken if not properly explained and understood, but this one is just phenomenal. simple, like in your previous books, or for sale on CD or download), This amazing book is one of the best books I have ever read, I've read all his previous books and seen many of his talks online over and over, thank you Dr. I needed to comprehend the connection between science and spirit in an effort to explain my supernatural experiences ??. charismatic people, I live in gratitude for discovering his work, All the meditations are outlined and he

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