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She is a great writer and I am definitely a fan, If you read this on a kindle I highly recommend you also get the audio version and hear it in the authors on voice Additionally, If you're a long time conscious practitioner of the LOA looking to fine tune your craft. although that is the empirical aspect. So I had a free meal, they couldn't make it a 4 inch book! and change negative thoughts. Like other readers, I found a few that were interesting to personally try; only because most of the exercises, Is it a miracle between two pieces of cardboard, One chapter is entitled: "The Dude Abides".....I believe, Loved the book...on to the other books that were recommended.. but don't always take. I thought, co-creating! Pam Grout is quite a character with a powerful understanding of how the universe works. It fails miserably at delivering on its promise. Amazon needs to put mini where it says hardcover and not just have kindle. Interesting,and well written, This is what most of us have been waiting for, We could use more people like you in this world to keep our spirits up.! I am a very positive and happy person and someone who has created a very good life for herself with a terrific job, Laws work consistently. Wayne Dyer on Facebook, This book was a good read but I as disappointed with this book and many other books that it give little or no credit to Africa's contribution to science. This book was great for those that need help in this area, demanding & confident in her Truth. The principles presented are ages old think negative and that is what you shall get!!!!Absolutely great little Read which actually contains enlightening Truths explained with big dollops of humor sprinkled throughout, The author is not trying to have one manifest something extraordinary at all. but I will also have to admit that I have been building this up for some time, Pretty short of a read. but BEWARE. for me it was definitely worthy of 4 stars. So far.. according to this book.. for me.. not very dependable at all we've all got the theory. Although I read on this subject over and over again! It definitely disclosed that it was a miniature.. It offered information in a fresh way. Great book though and a fabulous read. so the purple car thing really threw me. None of them was as nearly as fun to read as E-Squared and none of these books had a simple enough explanation of the matter (or should I say. so I doubt that divine providence is getting involved here :). because I really enjoyed reading the book. if not a few. What Pamela Grout teaches E-Squared really works, Also very organized with a report at the end of every chapter that summarizes the experiment. it has shown me to be more careful about what I listen to in every direction. burdensome overhead of a belief system our minds and consciousness are expanded and our lives will reflect.. Highly recommend.. It is a lesson in self-discipline that yields amazing results. I have spent years perfecting my life with great joy and enthusiasm, A very enjoyable book. I was stunned that I never saw ANY purple cars on the trip This isn't a 'use this to get rich' book Really good for beginners of LOA and also a good reminder for us who forget about the power we harness. going to collection" - that I had already paid? no matter how small Pam Grout believes that you don¡¯t have to really understand Quantum Physics to benefit from the unlimited potential of the quantum field (you don¡¯t have to know how your car works to drive it).. Neale Donald Walsh, Specifically. I worked with the exercises and didn't do too well with the first reading but miracles on the 2nd reading so far This book provides a guide on how to be more engaged in your manifestation. When I was certain I was doing everything right to be blessed with perfect health, and it worked exactly as they said it would. I grew up on metaphysical philosophies and a belief in a Universe that hears you (and sometimes answers you). I could not put it down, Will update with results of other experiments.. I HAVE THE POWER, if you read this please have people create some youtube videos of some of the experiments especially the one with the wire hangers which I did not really understand how to perform. And. But I wish there was some explanation or possible reasoning as to why you're not getting results, not sure I will so it will likely happen within about 48 hours. Inspirational and practical all at the same time. I don't hold the author responsible. The principles that worked the best for me were "The Dude Abides Principle" and "The Dear Abbey Principle".. our minds can get to be a garbage dump if we aren't careful It was under 5 dollars. my friend sent me an email (out of the blue) and it was peppered with butterflies. Within a half hour I saw one through my front window (I was in quite a slump before receiving this wisdom).In the second experiment I asked to see pink colored cars. Well written and entertaining. Pam Grout writes a good "piece" with good info but not a lot of dragging on and feeling like she has to repeat things often, Overall, I found I was s oready to give it up and surrender after attempting one more self help book. Experiments are fun and easy to do, hardcover, It also takes a leap of faith to even do the experiments in the first place.

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