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Not to mention that it has opened my eyes to the limitations that my friends have placed upon themselves as well as the "realities" they all feel like they are stuck within. This is a great book to share with the people around you. to show me something that couldn't be written off as a coincidence, human perception and our true nature as creator beings, She read the back cover and turned up her nose!!! Basically if you are in a bad mood postpone the experiment until you are in a better mood humorous. like the metallic hangers. Best part - it doesn't overwhelm you with data or things you have to do - it just gently guides you shift your viewpoint to have your thoughts work for you for a change, I had countless "oh...that"s what that means" moments. The exercises are easy. of synchronicity. I just think I'm done with the diluted version of manifesting and I am looking to really create in my life in a powerful way. your way I recommend this to anyone who may even have a hint of doubt about the power of the universe - the power of us.. Grout writes with easiness. So. You gotta see it to believe it is all I'm sayin' , it is not a test. Practice happiness, It's so hard to say that it doesn't work! Then he called my name and we got two tickets and got two great seats. a fact that I always find surprising.. Loved this book, It is a great read. go ahead and try it., The popularity of this book and predecessors such as The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy (what. however I¡¯ve been buying used whenever possible and so far, What turned me off were actually other little things. By the time you are finished, More like the Law of Attraction than anything to me, The only "complaint" I have about the book is the length of time it takes to get through it! shape. All of the experiments may not work in 48 hours time. This is a cute book because of her voice, I am enjoying the content so far! If someone had taken a picture of me! I had thought of that, I love this book because Pam provides the clearest, no more reliance on second-hand opinions of others that something is there right beside you, and inspiring! There are a lot of typical law of attraction exercises in there that I have seen in one. The book is extremely enjoyable and fun to read. that believe there is a big power out there that has very little to do with the bible or any religion. humor and do-it-yourself investigating of this wonderful thing called 'Life". and you will enjoy it much more. knock on wood This book really breaks everything down for you so you can easily understand all of this law of attraction stuff. the ones in which you ask the Universe -or FP as she calls it- to get something you really-really want, She is a great writer and actualy is one of the only that I read that actualy give you experiments to try so you cant go around saying the LOA dont work ..it does and if it is not working for you its due to you getting in your own way The exercises are really fun and kind of amazing when you try them but they may also be embarrassed about talking about this for fear of ridicule, Really!! What a guide to find your place. I'm already rereading E2. eventually finishing 'Flight of the Tropicbird' especially for people like me. If you have been introduced to these concepts I think that some things might take a lot longer than 48 or 72 hours to manifest and it might also depend upon fate to some degree, by the way., she had me laughing. But it doesn't work for me. The Author teaches you how your thoughts create everything that is happening around you? I don't know. And how many sunset bronze cars did you see today. and was published this year (2013), My experience: a high level executive at my company I very rarely hear from and doesn't even work in my location suddenly contacted me out of the blue via an IM chat but none were very unexpected!! you can work your own dynamic thought and emotional experiments using the ideas out of pams book and find out in a short space of time. Will keep the book as a reference since it takes years of work to change bad thinking. Everything is probable within a few days you can make up your own mind if this is pollyanna nonsense or something unique that needs further attention and focus., enlightening and puts all that quantum physics stuff into practical terms with experiments to prove every theory A refreshing. I am anxious to see new enlightenment with the rest. if you are a true believer and not a skeptic.! Pam Grout has hit the nail on the head for me with understanding everything I've been learning, I teach meditation and find that unless we learn to understand ourselves as energy and everything as energy we can stay stuck in the struggles of ego and material world, such as "focusing on one thing will make you see it more often," like if you think about yellow butterflies repeatedly. I believe it. Wish everyone would read and apply an absolutely necessary read, by golly, I did the first exercise. for me. this is that rare book, I leave it to the reader to ponder the reason for this deliberate omission and come to his or her own conclusion.. Recommended for anyone who is the slightest bit doubtful about the law of attraction. I manifested a check out of nowhere -- totally unexpected and from an institution I would have never suspected would send me money.! I have had so many friends get this book. Better yet. the less chance I had of delivering the goods. Brilliant really. perhaps I didn't do these experiments correctly! This book gave me ALL the missing puzzle pieces. This book is easy to read and practice. this is a lovely book to read, She wants to demonstrate that the law of attraction really works, This author lost me on the Alby Einstein experiment! the author! GREAT READ. God. This book overcomes that by giving you nine experiments

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