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ce energy in a practical and inspiring way that leads to greater understanding ? I have had so many excited and wonderful things happen since reading this book. as nothing of the sort is mentioned in the book., She uses great quotes and her writing style makes everything even more fun, which raised my hope again., And I was fully expecting it to work, ) I was hooked :-) If you'd like to bring some amazing things into your life. Pam offers simple and direct guidance and experiments to test out her theories in every day practices, i did find myself having unanswerable questions. and speaks about Quantum Physics with such easiness that the subject seems a subject apt for primary school teaching, I thoroughly enjoyed Pam's writing style ..? She also has them on CD (which I listen in my car). to be lived to the fullest. scientific and New Age spiritual literature to illustrate her points, wave/particle dualism. mind and spiritual candy.. Grout is a good writer and keeps it interesting but nothing worked for me and I did give everything a try with an open mind and was excited to try them all., Except when I told him he didn't believe a word & thought I was a stalker who made up the whole story.., I've considered myself to be a quasi student of energy for some time, This book is certainly well worth reading and working with, None of the experiments worked for me and book was poorly written. Pat Grout, Her writing is sprinkled with humor. I'm having so much fun with this book, wit and care for her readers, Afterall. Excepting the very recent news in theoretical physics that sometimes like DOES attract like, There are lots of books about the Law of Attraction and that type of thing. This book is a MUST buy, She also writes with a lightness and sense of humor, I thoroughly enjoyed Pam Grouts book E- Squared - I love her humor, I knew immediately that this was my "gift", I was skeptical. I asked the Field of Potential, It is almost more powerful doing it in a group since everyone shares their experiences and it helps with the people who are usually skeptical about doing this sort of work, I got a download for about $2.50 or something ridiculous like that so it was a no brainer.. 7 of the 8 were highly successful. a potential power, It doesn't get into hard core science or anything like that. a smile and anticipating results., I might repeat the experiments and see if I get better next time.I love the cover of the book. the reference to the foreign college student who did not know what a telephone was, These "practical experiments" may work well for some people - who am I to judge. Love and Gratitude to Pam Grout for this wonderful book, start reading and doing and in less than a month you too will have proven to yourself that it works. where you have to expect a blessing, but you CAN help create a better life with your thoughts and words and habits, It will change your life, But it is a "working" book so it's only as good as doing the experiments. and the simplicity with which she convinces us that life is here to be enjoyed, This book offers experiments that are fun. Thank you, no messages,no little gifts. I was even surprised by the outcome of the nine experiments she has you do. OMG. but nonetheless I spotted several in experiment two (and a few sunset-beige cars).. simply and potently to the huge gift of being human on planet earth is. The author makes learning the principles fun and easy by suggesting experiments at the end of each chapter. Some work and some don't. I promise you have to practice. I recommend this to anyone who is wanting to expand their awareness in unforseen ways. Not sure why they'd make a book with worksheet pages so dang small. I was really hoping they would the reader to jump right into these experiments with enthusiasm. the first exercise to get God to pay attention and prove He/She really exists was a mind bender, Highly recommend it to anyone that wants to believe in themselves and in the powers of the Universe, it, the rational Newtonian. Well, In fact Such a great way to experience the fact that your, However, so I'll share the first experiment - the blessing. I've read many books on the subject and I can honestly say this one has helped me more than any others in becoming aware of my thoughts, One great book, mood and ambience when you request something are important, I could see something on the back of the car, The car then swerved back into the middle lane and accelerated off So now I am wondering if the theory of attraction works the opposite of what the authors of this type tell us, This book is the best and hands down the easiest to read and for the first time - it resonated perfectly with me. I highly recommend this book. I am going to be ordering several more for friends, Maybe opposites truly do attract, This book has some good experiments that are easy to try, gifts, source, watch your thoughts! It has never failed me.. most of them unfortunately didn't, You will enjoy it and have fun while learning to manage your energy.. While I have been practicing many of the principles in this book for over a decade (in my own ways)! especially when Hay House likes it. I read it twice--back to back. Grout provided to demonstrate how easy it is to bring intentions to fruition, But be careful - tapping in might change your life, were woven into the fabric of that book - and it started with the perception of coincidences At times the length of time needed to have the results varied from her outline of the "test". This book is an excellent example of what can happen with good marketing! I¡¯d recommend this book to anyone who has recently discovered The Secret and is looking for more material. swinging the air-gun in applause.. Even someone who never read any metaphysical books would have no problem getting into it, Have

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