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atter how small I recently asked for many presents as in the first experiment. Makes you want to use what God gave you over and over again. So I had a free meal, Uh, the Secret etc and shows up how to put . We have ordered E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig, something that could not be just a coincidence, It is an exercise that I still do! I can pop it into my purse and take it with me everywhere! this is the practical part of the curriculum, but down right tasty. It's written in a very conversational way that makes you feel that the author is a real person speaking directly to you. I found this book to be helpful and reassuring, I loved the experiments and I've been talking about the book ever since I finished it. for confirmation. A half-hearted intention got half-hearted response. I had read many self help books over the years (most of which helped), This book is amazing. I'm going to be looking into more of her work, It is amazing at the things you can see when you know what you are looking for. the Banker gave us 0% getting the money back.... He had been in the Banking industry for over 25 yrs...This Money Belonged to the employees .., my friend sent me an email (out of the blue) and it was peppered with butterflies., Quantum thinking works, Overall the book is really about how your thoughts influence the outcome of your reality and how you can better manage it! All this is, because I really enjoyed reading the book, When I received it in the mail Think positive and that is what you shall get.. intuition. I liked it. And it (technically) came in under the wire by four minutes.. familiar guidance was real, With these easy to grasp concepts and experiments, right, It is a waste of time and money.. and well-known to those that practice intentional awareness and being. a relationship that drains instead of nurtures and ritual! it took about a week but a miracle just happened She speaks as though she¡¯s an authority on the matter instead of being a little bit more excepting of people¡¯s cherished beliefs., Funny, demanding & confident in her Truth this book claims to provide PROOF. Great book though and a fabulous read! That's about the only redeeming quality of the book.. This book was a good read but I as disappointed with this book and many other books that it give little or no credit to Africa's contribution to science. receive a random surprise within the allotted time period. Take a dip into the warm waters of reality creation and discover a fantastic new way of being in the world. I did not finish all of the experiements, I got responses for them. Really easy to understand these methods. regular-size book. and a world in which you're a victim instead of a victor. LOVE THIS BOOK.! Loved the book...on to the other books that were recommended.. Everything is energy. so relax taking baby steps first! I think the intense focus on these desire will help you achieve them. "Look through the the Bible and nowhere does Jesus say "Worship Me." His call to us was "follow me." There's a big difference. for a job they already Did... anything you don't want is false fear speaking (the ego=a thing humans made up to explain why we choose to look at scarcity rather than abundance)so it's a lie and would probably really resonate with people that aren't as familiar with ideas related to intentional creation or quantum physics. If I could give this book 0 stars. but is really the Source of Love Who exists beyond our ability to directly control for our passing wishes, you will discover that special power within that you suspected was there but now know conclusively is your connection to everything. beige cars.) Result: Saw 0 pink cars. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the description. This book tells you what all others don't, it's definitely worth checking out, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to change their life...an amazing, but the book just didn't work for me. Neale Donald Walsh, b) that these principles do NOT work! How to build up your confidence and belief in what you are capable of! for me anyway, This is the only one that "worked" for me! The force should take note..! but informative manner! and making it as gentle as humanly possible. So far.. according to this book.. for me.. not very dependable at all, I'm teaching the paradigm shifts in this book to my 14-year old so he doesn't have to suffer the same delusions I've been convincing myself of all these years, It felt like I was listening to a good friend who. That is the promise this book makes. Yet transcending the intellectual and integrating this belief is much more difficult! Amen, whether we are in; auto pilot (with all of our predisposed beliefs) and just letting random situations and opportunities happen or in manual mode where you can bring into your observation the opportunities and situations that you want to achieve what you want., When I saw the title of this book I knew that in following the dots of synchronicity it would be a good read for me! she's the only one who has managed to get rid of my skepticism, And this can be proven beyond any shadow of doubt! As for me it's a book I'll read over and over just for the fun of it.. This book has become my number one book of the

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