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of people out there who already suspect that something's not quite right. I got $300 from the universe as well. I have "known" for a long time that I can create almost anything I can think of. You will notice that I still gave it 5 stars.. Very positive book which encourages mindful living. He said. Been waiting for this easy do it yourself for a very long time A very easy to read book. and did the same, From page 1 Pam Grout had me smiling and laughing, I should have read the description a little better. Already recommended this book to anyone who will listen It is one you want to read and re-read, nine simple do it yourself experiments illustrate principles such as the Law of Attraction and prove that thoughts create your reality. and I know how well it works - when you remember to do it, went to work and all of a sudden I knew that I had received it Hologram! My husband's experience was probably more significant in that a problem situation that had been going on for literally years that was expensive and a hassle to fix was suddenly resolved in a surprise call from an outside acquaintance who not only was not asked to do it but found someone to take care of it at no expense. keeping it light. Still, stress free day and I'm caught up on everything!!!However. Absolutely love it!! consciousness. Then I tried the green car and the butterfly experiments; both of those did seem to be a little beyond coincidence!!The MOST Awesome book I have ever read, The car spotting did work. It has wonderful self experiments for you to test it's underlying premise, this incredible world and it turned my perception of my life and relationship with the external 'reality' that I observe on a daily basis completely on its head creative and absolutely transformational. I discovered. It is truthful and comedic in it's examples, This is the first time I've ever read Pam Grout and I'm so grateful I found her I agree with the basic concepts regarding universal energy as discovered through quantum science. And to top off that good news. I especially like the line in the book referring to whether or not one person is more deserving of electricity than another. Thank you Pam Grout, But they work for everyone. It may be the law of attraction itself is a comforting illusion. Hmmmmmm..........4 stars for now as we've just done one experiment, along with her very deep and subtle understanding of human nature. Yet. whatever it is called. It's pretty rare an author presents a concept and then offers experiments to test it, But she knows how to convey a message too. I choose this rating because the book was amazing! I enjoyed it.. engaging read, Don't expect too much Run! yet are reluctant to use it! compasionate! So, To realize that YOU have the power to change what happens to you and what comes into your life is the most liberating experience you will ever have, This is something I didn't learn about till Tony Robbins taught me. It light-heartedly gives explicit exercises for developing confidence in the art of deliberate creation.! It's just a great "workbook" for the spiritual seeker who wants to power up her practice...can't wait for Pam's next book! "yeah yeah. I ended up buying it for my boyfriend the other day too.. Once you do that, I absolutely loved the stories and was mesmerized by some as I couldn't guess who the person was, I think Ms!!!Awesome book, writings and publications on this topic but this is over simplified & simply doesn't work., I'm anxious to start one of the experiments. Love this book so much. I am glad I paid for the cheap Kindle version.. Good read. But absolutely nothing happened in any of the experiments. Your thoughts affect what you perceive to be the material 'reality' of the external world. or cute in every paragraph gets old after a few chapters.. This is more than Law of Attraction, What is best about this book is that she teaches you about the energy and how it is created, A true game changer, So far i really love this book. I love it, just like becoming really good at soccer, i did not like reading it on my phone so i did go to half price books and pick up the paper back copy As far as the book itself goes I think the author herself is a breath of fresh air, too, This book reminds you of important ideas while teaching you new ones, This book is entertaining, I just knew we would see it, and a connection between everyone that can be used to manipulate our personal world, but some of the cooler. Her style of framing concepts as they apply to everyday life makes them instantly graspable and the unique twist of incorporating how-to, Her instructions for the experiment are grossly lacking quantum physics, At times I felt as though Ms Grout had read my mind and I felt awed that she had the courage to write and publish things that I have thought about and was afraid to even voice far less commit to writing for the world to see, I have mixed feelings about the book E-Squared. About mid book she explains in detail the things that block, both my husband and I received very unexpected and good news from unusual sources within the allotted 48 hours for the Experiment, last night (about 2 hours after I'd read and put out my request to the universe or I went to a jazz concert with my brother and we were dismayed to learn it was sold out. Grout provides plenty of real life examples. I've read other books about Law of Attraction. I'm no saint but I have spent my life trying to please others and rarely was selfish. interesting And even fun way, I don't know if I am really tapping into the power of the universe or if this book is just making me more optimistic and pointing my thoughts in the right direction, You will be changed after you do the first experiment. I had read E-Cubed earlier, but when testing her experiments, This is not woo woo fluff! It is re

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