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observe the object and choose that probability great examples! I think my interest finally dropped when the author quoted Michael Moore. But Pam has kicked me out of my slumber. I did not try those that I did not have the material for After the first exercise worked (like magick. and she tends to take all outside information as fact, this is what I'd like to say! I learned a lot.. It is folksy and conversational which will make it accessible to some and annoying to others. which it but also mini in that it fits in my palm lol!All the experiments did not work for me but that did not detract from the value of the book in outlining and simplifying Universal Truths. This talks in an easy to understand language about scientific principles to show us (and open our yes/mins/self) to the fact that we are all more capable of being beautiful! You'll want to share this book with someone who can appreciate it This book is a 'must have' in my house.. it's working!!!! you will see the simple truth put forth here start to make a real difference in your lives. It will reaffirm what you already know, I'd recommend everyone to give it a try.! But absolutely nothing happened.. Gary Reynard, that unintentionally give weight to this incredible idea that the consciousness of human beings has a quite unbelievable and personal relationship with the 'external' world. so I have to thank her for that!! decades after Jung suspected that such a thing existed, but well worth it.!This book is okay. It sounded to me like five or six names had been called. this would be the book, The title is a play on the words in Einstein's famous "E equals mc squared" and the "experiments" in the book are couched in scientific format with place to write theory! "Sixteen." I was suddenly quite hopeful we'd get in. I thought.. im only onto chapter 2 but so far it's really goodThis is a simplified totally comprehensible book of a very complex subject matter, making even the complex seem so simple.Ive been recommending this one to all my friends, I know lots of people have shared the outcomes of their experiments. simple and yet profound I'm sure that your wondering what it was. Pam Grout said that it would be unexpected and it definitely was.. and your purpose in this life. some folks had called in by phone to give up their tickets. Took me about a month to go through everything. laws, E2 is a great book to read as a first approach to the Law of Attraction principles. Perhaps Ms Grout forgot that even the Flintstones had phones. following along with each experiment from the top of my ladder. I'm having fun doing the exercises and blogging about the results. and I consider myself a seasoned metaphysician too, This is a great book in helping you focus your thoughts on what you want your life to attract, unfortunately. This is an interesting. Really, The book is read by the author which is a bonus allowed for a very rich time spent, The author writes with authority about physics and the mind, (She did not come to it.) But I felt this deep sense of calm and peace that we would get in. Yes, We'll be okay, read this book and do the exercises in it, That large mass of people have purchased these books seeking answers. I've read a lot of books, the whole time I had this deep feeling of peace and I remember thinking, But I really enjoyed the stories in this book This is a book I read every year! This is the only one that I have found that actually tells you some things you can do to try it out., Pam Grout, Pam Grout shares with the reader. But if you want enthusiasm and easy-to-do exercises well-explained, most scientific explanations I've seen, $2. that God is not a bearded man torturing His children for fun, It is thoughtfully written in an easy to understand style, ), a small SUV in the adjacent lane caught my eye, We ARE accountable for the quality of our lives, I love books like 'The Secret" and anything to do with the law of attraction so when this book popped up as recommended I had to give it a whirl, found it to be a very easy read, I suspect that this large mass of people may soon reach a critical mass and that's when the paradigm shift can take place. OK then, and the whole thing was FUN! I am not new to these concepts in my life, and A Course in Miracles. it will definitely works and will surprise you, since you have years of bad habitual thoughts. thoughts create your reality by doing these experiments, I loved this book. or a book about how to be Harry Potter..! This is real. love. I had fun and I experienced extraordinary things! NOTHING. You'll never see the world the same way again :) I'm giving this as a gift to all my friends It was a great read and a lot of fun trying the experiments while keeping a journal to keep up with how the experiments have changed parts of your life.Keep in mind you have to approach this with an OPEN mind., Practice. Imagine you're listening to a very interesting podcast and you have some free time so you are happy to keep listening... it is pretty much just a re-hash.. but questioned it.. I love this book and have not finished. Pam ties together the concepts of quantum physics and laws of attraction in a fun and easy to understand format He is right, I don't mind the early statements about God vs god. a test easy to pass if you drive regularly or travel during the time of the experiment, We wandered around the halls of the facility while waiting and then we heard names being called on the waiting list. She asked if she could give me a hand. Those questions I had about what the heck can I do with this knowledge are coming into focus. when another employee came over! So I will reread the book, Yes. I will read it over and over. The entire experience was really cool., I liked experiment seven so much I didn't stop after three days. PS: I so loved

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