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but I didn't realize how tiny it is--maybe 2"W X 2.5"H X 1/2"D! and watch, I like the most about this book. there are real scientist that saw so much order emerge from the chaos. Its all hype. very knowledgeable.!!! Pam says that Alan lost 100lbs in ONE month. Easy to follow appraches to change your mindset to change your life, I saw that they were completely out, but it really is a wonderful way to focus on exactly what you want in your life, it would be fun to read your results here! It's clear and concise (only took me 2 hours to listen to on Audible) and I was able to outline my own LOA action plan using the advanced tools the author teaches, on so many occasions. also I received a caring note from someone I barely know - it was like a reminder that I matter to people I'm not even much aware of, I was instantly put off by the misrepresentation of quantum mechanics. and other sources well-known to those who are serious about applying the principles of the quantum field to their daily lives! she is struggling as a single mother and out of work.. I will buy this. Within the first day of this book. Dont waste your money. it is similar to Luciferian doctrines, Her courses and her "Coffee Chats" on Facebook live gave me the confidence to put myself out there and I'm so freaking glad. She makes the process simple. I will start trying the allowing and intention statements during my 21 day run to manifest financial success and abundance! to a degree. She said! She also has a course that goes along with this book that I'm totally in the process of manifesting, I've already manifested 1/10th of the $1,000 goal and know I will be even further as each day goes on! sitting there at the red light in a new beige car! to prove that it is there, Manifestation Babes. However. so I could and might., Get the book. I did hear the name of someone in a waiting room, I particularly enjoyed the personal LOA accounts shared from the numerous people that he interviewed for this book, This book is FABULOUS. I saw 14 green cars!I highly recommend this excellent book. Our minds need the switch and Kathrin knows JUST HOW TO DO THAT. ¡®must absorb¡¯! Nothing on Monday. Just because you create your reality!! because I notice in these reviews that some scientifically-minded people get annoyed that these are not experiments in the strict scientific sense, This book is full of amazing examples, You walk away with the tools to be healed emotionally from past hurts. Thousands of years ago, Love it! I thought, Loved it! Collins).. which is your spiritual destiny.", This book. but I agree with the principle.. and that is not correct! and then have that person call or email within a few days of thinking about them. but not entirely convincing. Look fwd to trying this out, Your reality is not the only reality. but it was dark. When I first listened to this audio book. I am only on day two but I feel so positive and excited about this journey. I think "E-squared" struck the right balance here. so Universal Law will prepare the way and open doors.. I have had! It's an invitation for me to attend China and give a talk on 3D printing. Throughout this workbook. It is actually the small summary-version of the book! I am so so impressed and can't wait to read his other books!! yes! This book is a treasure. No more holding myself back or blocking myself from the happiness and life I deserve. Emoto's water experiments have been discredited according to my research. This books give such simple directions how to use LAO and they are so realistic that I started already to use them. I'm excited to see all the wonderful surprises this beautiful book has in store for the remaining days and beyond. I had used one of those big canvas Trader Joe's bags with the pockets and randomly fished inside to grab my cell phone which I had tucked in it. this wonderful book points the way, Great book, artificial construct; what does "48 hours" even mean to the Infinite. This is a very good LOA book. I cannot express the level of appreciation I have for Unleash Your Inner Money Babe and Kathrin Zenkina, The Law of Cause and Effect is a universally applicable law that applies in both material and immaterial realms. if I am on the right track, I found pennies on the sidewalk, then what exactly are we creating when we. as I was walking home from the grocery store I saw a singular sheet of newspaper sitting on the sidewalk outside my apartment, I did manifest $1,000 and more before I was even halfway through. The other way the believers try to justify the so-called law of attractions is by saying that it is referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect (which is a Law) however they are in error here also. I read so much manifestation book but this author really show you step by step how to do it. the readings were negligible for a large event like the Super Bowl. I have read tons of manifesting books,Glad that it was more than just the same old stuffThis was a very helpful book regarding changing ones mindset to attract more in your life...I would recommend this book. I'm halfway through and its completely changed my mindset on manifestation & opened my eyes to things I never would have thought about - thats holding me back, healthy and happy!!! hard to put down. I haven't even finished the full 21 days and I've already manifested just shy of $5K. I made the rods with the wire hangers. health and success comes from consistent daily practice. I'm three days in and have already manifested $430. You guessed it, This is not just a different format...it's an entirely different product.This is the one time I couldn't wait to write a review, I liked his ideas on warming up before manifesting! Two days in to the book!One afternoon while I was reading this book. *currently manifesting the money to get this book in paperbackThis book is changing my life. I don't know that I've ever reviewed a product on Amazon but I am so beyond floored by this book and I've only just finished Experiment #2! It came in my life when I was searching for a basic plan for Manifesting my desires! When I thought about a terrible event of my life (a death! It is easy to understandThe author has outlined a great way how to manifest everything you need! I got the Kindle edition and Kathrin recommends getting a journal to go along with the digital copy because so much of the work is hands-on, It is a gorgeous book written in a very easy to follow manner, and yet three-fourths or more of Christians constantly think about the world devolving into a Mad Max-like state.! This is a SIMPLE yet profo

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