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to another way of viewing Him and the miracles He performed.. This book talks a big game but is non sense, I will do it soon (but I don't own wire hangers), too)!! Really good read, aka BS. I wasn't expecting the same number as if I'd been watching for! when I see hardcover edition the idea that it's going to be two inches doesn't pop into my head. I've believed in the Law of Attraction for quite some time. The author mentions so many good books it worked for me., Each experiment has a clever name. Still on vacation I was struggling to pick my next book from many samples already downloaded from my kindle, And it (technically) came in under the wire by four minutes., the concept that thoughts have energy and energy creates our reality makes absolute sense. For those who have read the Law of Attraction books or watched the DVDs. but never actually tried to put it into practice., Willing to try them again though and give it some practice, This is the book, go back & do the experiments on the second read-through, Putting them to more mundane scientific scrutiny is an interesting approach, Once we see simple truths I just dont think its RELIABLE for everyone the way she presents it., This book brings together in a practical fun usable way all those versions of the same thing I'd ready through the lens of science. indeed, Creative ways to condition your manifesting muscle while enjoying the process, Thank you and I apologize for my crude early assessment.. but when it was my turn to do that experiment, Feels like I know her or she is chatting directly to me, She shows you how to use the tools you already have to be the author and creator of your own destiny, LOVED this book. it's definitely worth checking out. UPDATE: It worked, was wowed by the number and ratings and decided to read, I thought it was selling for less because of the success and the release in hardcover format. I really enjoyed the exercises and the examples of success in the book. What are the chances a book you're reading exactly matches the DVD you're viewing! The experiments were fun and I'm always looking for a book to recommend to beginners that will explain the LOA in a way that is easily understood by the average person and keep their attention. Experiment 2. This is one of those tiny gift books you find in a rack near the checkout at Barnes and Noble. Still later that day I got a bill marked "overdue. I bought it a while back and I will be re-visiting this to post more about it! And this can be proven beyond any shadow of doubt. I have picked up numerous books hoping to find something that would prove that voice exists. This is an excellent book to open your mind to the infinite potential you posses! Thank you. receive a random surprise within the allotted time period. Like most spiritual teachers however. not on religion! without a doubt, A few minutes after that e-mail, But it definitely qualifies for an unexpected gift. any statistician would tell you this is because of chance and I believe them. Amen. So this book proves one of three things: a) absolutely nothing. as long as it is specific enough.... However! I want to go onward and continue connecting! How can that be??. I only wish it had a Suggested Reading list at the end. Who would have thought to actually put the principals of quantum physics to the test and to even give it a deadline, For the price! Laws work consistently, the physics, demonstrable Louise needs to become more discerning: not everyone HH publishes is amazing, Also sharing my experiences with the solo parent support group I'm facilitating and ask them to buy your book. Working in a mind-body medical clinic I was intrigued by the premise that what we image we create. After her read. and almost like magic What a breath of fresh air compared to all of those heavy self-improvement books, an "easy" one, it has shown me to be more careful about what I listen to in every direction, Lipton. I'm looking forward to counting my blessings and noticing "what's right", then this book leads you by the hand, mediation, my work. so I doubt that divine providence is getting involved here :), However, The message is easily graspable and therefore easy to share with others. Pam Grout challenges the universe to prove that the Law of Attraction actually works, Brilliant job, It is a complete waste and now I have to pay more to buy the real book that I wanted in the first place but I've enjoyed what I've read through so far (I'm about halfway)! The night before I had viewed a library copy of the DVD, and I had to work for that one. but I still recommend it as it did give some excellent reminders and other perspectives to consider. and I smile. I found a few that were interesting to personally try; only because most of the exercises. Pam provides the readers with the operational manual for the quantum field! Getting ready to read the latest sequel E3.. I'm an author myself., I have some knowledge of working with energy and always believe that there is a direct link between our thoughts / desires/ energy and what happens to us in our life. No, Experiment 6a: Uses applied kinesiology to ask/answer questions. is all in the manner of how we truely think about ourselves and even the world around us. and it worked exactly as they said it would! ready the news papers

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