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grateful.. and it's cute enough to leave on the coffee table. __. Nice cover. Sad that I won¡¯t be using this You get nervous ordering books when you can¡¯t see them but the quality is so nice, We love this.. bought 4 - one for me, The quotes are also a plus While this might be useful for others its not what I was looking for. She has some mental health concerns and her therapist suggested journaling. but take as much time to Express my gratitude.. Love the quotes. I'd look at another product. The structure of this journal along with the motivational quotes each week is something that I look forward to!! Not engaging or inspiring.. after a while you kinda want to just write things that you've already written, It's simple and reasonably priced. We LOVE this little gem I also love how there are quotes at the end of each week, This book is so simply laid out that it doesn¡¯t seem like a big time consuming thing to do. UPDATE from 11/26/19:, Writing 3 things I¡¯m thankful for whether in the beginning of my day or after it helps me keep a positive mind because despite all the obstacles life throws at you you have 1 million reasons and more to be thankful and I like to think about those things everyday to keep me positive. My almost 5 year old daughter wants to do it with me, Very disappointing. she loves how easy it is to use. The book insert says it will change your entire way of thinking and they are right, Very nice journal/workbook. Nope, Design is beautiful and layout is even better, I love the beautiful cover and the quotes that are on every week, I thought that it would have more thought provoking pages Would like to have a little more room to write but I just write smaller! That is it¡¯s sole purpose! but even though it¡¯s set up as daily! I literally could've just purchased a notebook for $1 and written down what I'm thankful for. if it gave u questions or tasks. some reviewers say you could write in your own notebook...but this just feels more special., I also like the fact that your can use the same page for 3 different days. Don¡¯t waste your moneyDidn't you take at look at the LOOK INSIDE which demonstrated what the look and layout were for this journal! 3 bullet-point practice! Cute book but every page is the same. I have so much more to say! ¡°I've been meaning to tell you that I only missed 6 days writing in the gratitude journal you gave me last Christmas! and I¡¯m very glad that I can agree, Great Read! I absolutely love it! but the book is nice.! to something that I ate. I, find myself adding lines below the three provided and writing in the margins...all because I want to...! and have one place. For what it is meant for it will serve its purpose. For the price you can't really beat it and would be great for those who are new to gratitude lists, It¡¯s literally 100s of pages that say:. Started searching for a very cute but simple gratitude journal and came across this one, Nice quality for the low price. Was looking for something daily to do not just write down something I¡¯m grateful for but journal and exercise gratefulness through the journal beyond something I could¡¯ve done on basic print paper. It is a positive way to start each day. I can¡¯t wait to order my next one when I¡¯m finished with this one. I am 2 months into the book and being thankful at the beginning of the day sets a mindset for the entire day. I decided to do one thing for myself and begin a gratitude journal, but nowhere near the ¡°reflection¡± vibe this book brings., not too big, it is basically page after page of 3 lines for 3 things you are grateful for with inspirational quote. I researched many different journals but this was the only one that i felt was simple. 1.2.3. it was done very well, I am in a celebrate recovery program and have paired using this book to document 3 things/day that I¡¯m thankful for and adding my daily inventory to each day below the lines provide- the book is as good as you want to make it. I bought two., I disliked it even more, I love the simplicity of this journal, really perfect way to start a day and help keep positive .Organizing positive thoughts has helped me in the little time I¡¯ve used this adorable notebook. I am on week 6 and have had such a better outlook on life since I started using this journal, and enjoy looking back at all the positive things happening on the day-to-day, I personally like the simple layout. As a person with BPD, The book is well done and super easy to use and make a part of my daily routine, easy to use and simple allowing me time to reflect without too detailed By the end of the year, I ordered this journal after seeing it on a Youtubers VLOG. This is the only reason I didn¡¯t give 5 stars., No pressure, but I was expecting more prompts from this, Honestly disappointed. Again, I just got this in today and love it already, but that's just what I wanted, I do this first thing ever morning I plan on purchasing the teachers planner as a gift, I am having to go through page by page and seperate them and its causing a lot of tearing, I thought it was a really nice little book.. but it is so extremely s

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