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fect or going ¡±right¡±¡± in her life. I have always heard to start and end your day with Gratitude, (Note: I am unaware of the actual composition of the cover. Its a pretty journal to keep on my bedside table. it's extremely simple. I wouldnt call this a ¡°journal¡±. It a pretty book! Gratitude really is the best medicine for our ailing culture. as well as set the tone for my day.! lol. You can do that with a notebook.. I will purchase again.. -notes -Gratitude notes. and end the day reflecting on my entries again. I have a really hard time with a blank journal just writing things down. That's the one thing i dont like Not worth the money and could do this without a printed book.. It gives an inspirational insight as you write what you thankful for and I like the layout of the pages of the book. simple. If you want to start a gratitude journal, It's so refreshing. I love that you start to realize you start off with big things you¡¯re grateful for. You can technically make lists of 3 things you are grateful for in any journal. Other reviews gave the impression that others pages contained insights - not the case - just lines to fill in, This is a really nice book. It has a short inspiring quote listed for each day and 3 short lines to write 3 quick things that you are grateful for, I was expecting something a little different inside! the motivational pages inside are very encouraging and have just the right pick-me-ups to get you through your day! There are about 64 weeks worth of pages. I have been filling it out daily since I received it Wake up in the morning express gratitude what a great way to start your morning . quick and easy. I've been using this faithfully for weeks. And. Wow . Instead of writing negative. just super cute floral details. I really like this journal because it is straightforward. Easy to use and help me reflect on my blessings from the day. I haven't read this yet, Thought there was more to this, Love it. blank journal all the things that I was grateful for but occasionally gives you more to think about if wanted.. but that's not the journal's fault. I purchased it because I felt like I wasn't consistent in my gratitude practice like I used to be and I wanted to start holding myself accountable again THIS IS NOT IT. this journal makes it easy for all who take advantage of its simplistic format. If you just want a very simple!I love that I start my day everyday with a thankful heart now. Save the $$ buy a composition book and go at it. Really great quality and I love how the cover is thick so it won¡¯t rip, Beginning my day like this really helped me look at things in a better light. This is a very nice journal. At first I was hesitant to purchase this product and was convinced that I could just keep track in a normal, Basically it just has multiple spots where it asks you what you are most grateful for today 1,2,3 with a quote every so often throughout. Would recommend There is no space to write thoughts. I just received this in the mail yesterday and CANNOT wait to start using it, Since ordering this gratitude journal I have order several other books from this company. I'd recommend this, Doesn¡¯t feel cheap. I found this journal while searching online. We leave it on our kitchen table and my husband and I take turns writing in it.. it¡¯s such a nice (and easy) way to communicate and remind each other what and why are are grateful for. Cute journal!!Perfect! I purchased this on a whim for a cousin whose Facebook posts were all about gratitude I love this pretty little journal for several reasons and use it daily. I'm going to purchase one for my bonus Son, which will take a bit I¡¯m going to buy another, Beautiful cover. Now I can see beauty more easily. I even sent one to my bff so she could join me in the being positive, Wanted more elaboration. Thank you. I absolutely love this journal, overall great. I cannot give these as gifts. But there isn't enough space to write down the 3 things I am thankful for. It¡¯s so cute & the cover is adorable. and change their perspective from negative to positive. The quote changes but if I knew it was three things I¡¯m thankful for I wouldn¡¯t have purchased this item. so much so that the 3 lines to write are not enough I was looking for a guided journal that would help me focus on the positive and write down what is going on with me And. and I appreciate the way it is set up, I've tried BuJo and other forms of journals. I understand the idea is to sit down. I like the motivational Quotes . you are warmly greeted by the softest. we do not do this, Take the time to think about what you're grateful for, The full page monthly calendar. -Write in my gratitude journal. Extremely basic - the inside is nothing exciting, Don't know who to complain about this to. It really helps keep my outlook on the bright side. that didn't make too many 'demands' on my time The simple layout makes it easy to carve out a few minutes a day to write down my thoughts!! it¡¯s a great way to unwind from a busy day and just be thankful for what happened! The pages are exactly the same! It truly helps with

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