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s focus on the blessings in our lives instead of the struggles we may be facing. front and back. There's so much I like about this. I've been using this for 2 weeks and I've realized how blessed I've been. -Breathe and reflect! just flip back and read how fortunate you are even in the midst of a storm in your life. It is so intentional and is a very easy routine to incorporate into your daily life to be more mindful and grateful. no. so I can take it anywhere. Simple and small book. It's nice to look back and reflect with positivity. The practice of daily gratitude has changed my mood and life perspective for the better. It's a cute idea but I had expected a few more "blank/lined" pages for writing anything. You could easily just write three things you¡¯re thankful for in a plain journal... I carry it everywhere. I'm on week 4 in mine and it is a great reminder of what you have! and I think my friends will really like them! They put it right there so there was no subterfuge. After about a week a friend noticed a chance in my demeanor and asked why I was suddenly so chill. If you have a bad day. I do wish it had more/better writing prompts throughout. maintainable and gives really great quotes of inspiration. This is a neat concept. three lines for each day. Just the same pages over and over, The only thing I wished is that it was a sprial book. not a book issue, I think three is a great number., very lame. you don't mess up the flow.. I enjoy using it, You really do forget that you have so many things to be grateful for until you write 3 day down, I would recommend for anyone who is feeling beat down on life or feels like they are going through the motions. Writing down three little things you are grateful for each day is a great way to start the day off on the right foot. There are lines for 3 things you are grateful for but room to add 2 more lines after (which is what I do to write down 5 Sure. each day I have forgotten to write in it some. because it is what the inside holds that is truly special. write it down so you actually see it and reflect on all the good in your life and focus on everything you appreciate. Each page has a quote about gratitude from different celebrities. It just repeats the 3 things you are thankful for over and over..I didnt need a book for that. She had come through quite the ordeal to get to this place and I thought a journal for her grateful thoughts would be fun and something she would appreciate being able to look back on again and again. I brought mine over to Staples and for a few dollars. or whatever thought you have that day. I would prefer that, It allows you to reflect and really think about the good. considering it's a gratitude journal, motivational and inspirational quotes without being religion or bible-focused, This journal is cute. I have read over it and it looks like a wonderful eye awakening book, I also love the price! short and sweet places to write. I started in the middle of the week so my entries are off but it¡¯s okay, that my description does it little justice).! SMH. To start my day like that made a difference in my life, This journal was recommended by a friend and it is perfect way to self reflect on what we are grateful, Great thing to do with family or a friend to challenge each other to walk in gratitude. ...its so easy to get caught up in life and forget the basic and simple blessings that we have in our life! I was not expecting the variety of quotes included on each page.. Well! Because the pages are so plain. It really gets you to think about the little things in life. I love how simple this little gratitude journal is, and yearning for more. Yes its repetitive but that's literally the point, as the days go by You start realizing all the little things you¡¯re grateful for so I really enjoyed this book and recommend it, Totally doable. Just started using this journal after being in a bit of a funk at the start of this year. It's really cute and had inspirational quotes for each day Can¡¯t wait to start writing in it, I write anything from family. but I guess I was expecting something more unique and interesting, I received Gratitude book and couldn¡¯t wait to use it. So excited about this. I expected more on each page or different quotes. or beginning a journey to see how the law of attraction will work in your life. I love this book. I was bored with it after 1 week.. Would buy again as a gift for someone don't like its I can't write about my day and what I did. Oh well. I just received the journal and started writing in it today. makes such a world of a difference. So thankful for this bookThis book was horrible it was just quotes from famous people there is nothing spiritual about this book yeah lemme see a quote from pretentious Hollywood stars., I love writing down my three reasons to be grateful each dayI bought this for my wife for mother's day and it landed perfectly, Intentionally simple, Buy it, I would like more space to write what I'm thankful for. A bit disappointing. Or maybe a box. Nice journal to have on hand everyday to remind one of all they have, but it made me thi

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