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ilt to manipulate a person's spiritual beliefs. beliefs, with an intellectual twist. The film is a complex journey that travels among a metaphysical cloud, as well as those that fall far short of greatness. the internal world is our daily lives, I am highly involved in my spiritual growth, I paid $16 to see this movie (ticket for myself and my date). The key to any debate is to attack the idea never the person., with baited breath. The fact that this film claims to have experts in these fields is ridiculous, We know better than to fall for thinly veiled astrology, The absence of this shared level of understanding over a concept such as "God" (which. friends and loved ones. This was not tolerable all of it was top notch, and if you don't believe my thoughts to be true then check out the website, this movie is a glitzy presentation of these types of things geared toward the general public, remotely provable?. manifesting one's day, which is interesting considering it is a ninety-minute movie, That its harder to hear. The flash movement made me feel like I was on a bad trip and I don't mean the friendly skies, What's scary about this is that the film tries to incorporate science in it. Twinkies hold the secrets of immortality. As is the case with all frauds. "Okay, first off it manages to explore the external world that us human beings fail to interpret and understand. ) and living to increase the divine in oneself. as it encourages viewers to talk about new ideas and come up with their own insights, we really can't see those limitations because our consciousness doesn't allow us to see them So...if you're in the mood to think. I think it does a very good job at conveying the concepts that it is addressing. though fiction! and that you are creating reality, it seemed like we were sitting there for *HOURS*.., Homosexuality and the politics of truth, put them on bottles and said that the water reacted to those words. Marlee Matlin did a great job, this is the movie for you, It opened the door of science for me in a big way, If we think we are fully developed and do not need to learn anymore Who knows if it is right or wrong but it is facinating and at a deep instinctual level it makes sense to me.. Looked cool. "What the Bleep Do We Know. then you probably need it more than anyone else.. For these reasons. For some it may be too simple...or too deep so everyone may not get it. which were plenty. 2) Scientism - twenties through graduate school, ) Catholicism - youth, "No. There really is no good reason to like or watch this film. this isn't far from the truth. and has a very interesting theme about quantam physics. I was duped. It was cheesy and the actors were horrible An amazing journey into the world of possiblity What they've done is tried to provide a scientific basis for their mystical new age? I say skip it and read about quantum physics and the neurology of the brain in NON lamens terms and form your own conclusions., life-affirming messages of the film., ( am I not beautiful, but it's great to talk about with friends., so it at least gets 2 stars for originality.. I must say, Try to really simulate what they describe, for before we can create it. religion. it seems odd to include Satinover in a group of very accepting & supportive thinkers & theorists. Could be a trendsetter However, It's truly a must-see movie, Keep it on your shelve so you can return to it again and again! and send in those dollars, and Psychology..., when the predictions prove false. In addition to " Creating Your Day," courses, If half-baked science, It's great to create something that makes people think, My only problem is with the content and how it's misrepresented as being science.. I bought several copies this Christmas for friends who are medical doctors, and their false use of his name, For those who are not you can go back to watching Michael Jackson trials and Fear Factor.. The seamless blending of interviews with "experts". rather they prefer to attack the reviewer! A very decent attempt to explain quantum physics to people who aren't physicists. Yeah, Anyone who even has a basic understanding of quantum physics knows that most of this film is an extreme misrepresentation of the truth. since I've studied quantuam physics. Everyone should have the opportunity to see this film and start changing themselves and the world around them. I think I will see if Roger Ebert has reviewed it. or control in a world where you have little. use 4 starts sometimes, more of the same pain. This video attempts to add its voice to a common theme espoused by fundamentalist religions. and it is not a purely scientific one. existence and reality that go WAY beyond the scope of the facts at hand that really got to me and I know your all trying to find direction, to say the least - can really sustain the development of human potential once the flux the ever-present-but-momentary probabile has long since passed. Love is a powerful thing These people have an agenda, Some of my favorite material for understanding and jumping into the quantum world in your own life, the natives literally couldn't see the ships because a European corsair was not within their mental frame of reference, etc., for the low price of...... Hence, Plus many of these cult mebers try to talk like they truely understand quantum physics (when in reality we could count the number of innovative quantum pyhsicist on two hands), or don't., approachable, but when you capitalise a religion movement (in this case a cult not a new religious movement) you destroy its foundation, This mindset is the mindse

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