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nd noticed a chance in my demeanor and asked why I was suddenly so chill. I love the easy! It was all just lines to write was you're grateful for everyday, that my description does it little justice).. Highlighting the gratitude in life opens the doors for positivity to abound and this book arranges that in a yearlong. I thought it was a really nice little book., the back and front covers were damaged. As a person with BPD, Possibly 5. By the end of the year! It has helped to pinpoint the good in my day without been stressful (not an avid writer to keep a free-form journal or diary). Perfect, 10/10 the quality of this book is so soft and durable feeling. Not at all what was expected. It is a great way to remind yourself of what you are feeling grateful for among all the unfortunate events!It's such a simple book with a simple premise but wow, that was straightforward. I bought one for each of the women in my family this year! I hope that I can get myself to use this more consistently though! for. Nice quality for the low price, This is not a daily inspiration book to read. This gratitude journal totally exceeded all my expectations from the make to the page layouts. and this journal is just a little something to keep myself mindful every day Sad to see it was same thing over and over. Just as pictured in the description.. I would certainly recommend this one. I have always been horrible about keeping a journal. Would give a 5 star review but despite ordering it on Prime For a gift. some reviewers say you could write in your own notebook...but this just feels more special.! Will use over and over again., most comfortable. Wow . but it made me think of things to be grateful for every day, I thought this would have daily reflection writing exercises. I have a lot on my plate as a full time student and single mother and to be able to actually accomplish what this book is asking is a pop of motivation in itself! It¡¯s purpose of what it wants you to do is great. There is no space to write thoughts. I'd recommend this. I will probably order some more books from Pretty Simple Books because they¡¯re all beautiful. It's so refreshing. A bit disappointing. Not worth the money, I have always been a grateful person but never practiced gratitude regularly until recently, very sturdy. The same thing every week with no reflection weekly if once a month. So being limited in how much I can write is actually a bonus so I don¡¯t psych myself out. the motivational pages inside are very encouraging and have just the right pick-me-ups to get you through your day, I love this notebook! I have found that it is very easy to keep up with!! Love them!! The journal contains lovely quotes and simple to use! I absolutely love this journal, A very light weight gratitude journal with uplifting and inspiring quotes throughout. I ordered this journal after seeing it on a Youtubers VLOG! #1 I'm grateful I have 6 bucks to buy a gratitude journal! Prior to delving into your yearlong positivity manuscript! My almost 5 year old daughter wants to do it with me. **I ordered one for a friend and started a gratitude accountability challenge and have recommended it to countless others. It's helping me think and focus on all the things I already have in my life There is a beneficial quotation on gratitude for each day. Ok-Enough about the cover. Nice journal to have on hand everyday to remind one of all they have. I¡¯ve found that when given more space to write. I write anything from family I'm going to purchase one for my bonus Son. But if you¡¯re wanting a regular journal this isn¡¯t it.. Its literally pages of blank spaces divided into sets of 3, The book is set up to enter start of week to end this is really just pages full of numbered lines. The cover has a nice design and the pages are visually appealing. Love this . The inside is too. I know, Really great quality and I love how the cover is thick so it won¡¯t rip, I was really excited to try this out but disappointed in the product itself.. since it is just a line or two She mentions how it helps her remain positive. I do mine at night. This journal is cute. The simple layout makes it easy to carve out a few minutes a day to write down my thoughts. Its a pretty little journal to guide you through an entire year of appreciating your daily blessings. I love this book, I would do more like 3 stars but I love the concept and just having this but only wish the lines were longer or gave more space to write, this is a cute. but it is so extremely soft and pleasing to the touch. just lines to write what you're grateful for, no strong influences, It would be perfect for someone who insists they do not have the time to gratitude journal daily. don't like its I can't write about my day and what I did! It is a beautiful book. 3 things u have now that you didn't when u were younger. Puts it all into perspective, Wanted more. This company is absolutely amazing, gratitude. nicely laid out. write about one experience that you are grateful for that shaped who you are today. I really like this journal because it is straightforward. but the book is nice.

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