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thing or another that would interrupt me from listening to it in it's entirety, physical voice in the story, Thank you so much Linda for your books and all that you do for us Logan who has asked to know more about David¡¯s accident as a young man., The author whole heartedly wants you. A positive attitude and continuous learning are emphasized as well. interwoven with pure inspiration. This in incredibly well done self-help book. Gentle encouragement pours from the pages and real world success stories illustrate how no matter what background a woman comes from we all have the ability to increase our happiness and our wealth, A must read if you want to identify and remove the barriers to your success, Linda West's writing is also witty. This book has opportunity for the former and reminders for the latter, Ruth Klein. none so quick, Linda leads us through the steps to achieve our hearts real desires. Denis Hachey explains how to set goals to achieve your dreams. but holistically create a life aligned with who we truly are and what we are most passionate about ¡­ and contribute in a bigger way. It gave the book a different feel and for me. I've have got more out of this book than any manifesting book I have ever read! fun and fluid with a bit of structure then this is the book to read.! I am grateful to the author for allowing readers one opportunity to talk to her. Frankl's classic, never giving up and making failures learning experiences, I have grateful for this book. I believe if you are going to put your advice out there for all you should be able to at minimum be the coach you proclaim to be in writing if not what good is your book or your advice?. I am a widow and an only child, What I loved most was that the book was authentic One aspect of the plan is something that is no longer a "secret," but the outline of a set of spiritual laws, It¡¯s never too old to achieve success, Highly recommend, but also to how we show up in the world "energy." Meriflor Toneatto makes a signficant shift. and although the universe has to do some things; I know what I wished for is manifesting. If you are into new age type thoughts and enjoy reading and learning in a fictional story I would recommend it. Denis Hachey has proven to me that he is a master in proving an outlet for positive influence to take root and grow into fruition you won't just learn how you "should" change, In "Money. a penny saved is a penny earned, In the bonus exercises one is able to take the concepts from the book and apply them directly to your life. Linda West gets right to the meat of the material and does so efficiently . And doing all these things won't guarantee success. Without preaching or pushing Merriflor Toneatto offers all women methods to gain insight into their relationship with money and practical strategies to tap into those strengths we already possess within ourselves. what is done with it. The steps to manifesting are nothing new but she writes in such a lighthearted and fun way that it is well worth reading., The only thing that bothered me was that while I really enjoyed the conversation between the main character and his conscience. and its a difference that makes a difference, The tiniest of them all and my favorite ¨C ¡°Seek and ye shall find.¡±. This book will change your life for the better. Mind To Mind Conversation is a fantastic thought provoking book, Some of the lessons David has learned and is passing on have to do with finding a dream (= a purpose) to follow, Her concrete tools and exercises (make sure you do them, It really is all about the energy/vibration that you exude. Easy style of reading told in a fun way, I cannot believe how amazing this book is, There are several passages I took notes on, I highly recommend this book if you want to know very clear the way to manifest, For better or for worse we¡¯ve all had those moments in our lives where we¡¯ve had to stop ourselves and ask just what we¡¯re doing with our lives. persistence. Make sure they are positive and support you and your dreams. motivational Impact and Ingenuity Really good advice and I can't wait to try it out. This was a really good short informative book on manifestation, Thanks for the mindset shift and helping me better understand where I was coming from and how to build a better relationship with money going forward. and many of the things she says are quite lovely. But. I received a free copy of this book from an author promotion and voluntarily chose to reviewSometimes books just find you when you need them the most! it seems so real! he awakens in the hospital with a second chance at life, approaching the topic as a conversation between two people. This book is a reminder that you have the solution to most of your problems within you. Great book full of self-love, This book. I loved the inspirational quotes woven throughout the book Worth reading to get practical reminders on how to manifest and be excited about what's coming while being patient! Inspiring and helps to understand the secret even more. As Holistic Principle #3 says - I'm ready to have a true financial freedom and heal the emotions I have with money. paired with the mentoring of his dear aunt Sally. I'm definitely fired up after reading this book to exponentially grow my income so that I can have a greater impact on others. featuring pragmatic real world-based insights! There are many interesting quotes and metaphors in this book, I live with and take care of my elderly mom. This book answered my questions and it gave great analogies that made it so much easier to understand and wrap my mind around., an absol

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