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le, I wouldnt call this a ¡°journal¡±, It's ok, you'd be surprised at how much that little gesture can really change your day around. It¡¯s a positive attribute.. I've been using this faithfully for weeks. Not much to read here, I love the simplicity- it doesn't take a concept like gratitude and make it more complicated than needed, It definitely improves my mood. but that¡¯s it, I have a really hard time with a blank journal just writing things down Buy it. I love that it's simple and that you can write in it daily. it is changing my perspective to be thankful for the little things, If you're looking for something with more flourish or room to sketch! The design on the cover is beautiful and inspirational, I could write that literally on any piece of paper or my daily planner, I bought 6 for friends as gifts , I honestly was hoping for more variety in the book! I just love it, watch how this helps you feel happy and thankful! Just beautiful I LOVE my gratitude journal, so when starting you don't feel overwhelmed and don't know exactly how or where to start and I think my friends will really like them this is a good value and it's going to make a nice gift!! You literally just list 3 things you are thankful for each day. Just a book to write what you are thankful for each day So happy I got this book!! I have always heard to start and end your day with Gratitude, I also like the front cover design and the title it also capture the true meaning "GRATITUDE" and a nice appeal with the colorful flowers, I can¡¯t wait to order my next one when I¡¯m finished with this one An amazing read. This was the PERFECT gift for her to begin that journey. birthday or holiday gift. It is super simple. It does repeat I am thankful for I understand the idea is to sit down It is perfect for developing a habit of expressing gratitude each day. I have been using it for a month now and it really does have a positive impact on each day. but does its job. Ha,ha. Would buy again as a gift for someone. I have forgotten to write in it some. I'm still going to use it. love doing it each morning, If you¡¯re thinking about an easy way to include gratitude into your daily schedule. I have been journaling for about a year now. I can do that in a notebook! and wonderful way to stay in touch with gratitude! 1.2.3, I¡¯ve written in it every single day for the month of November and plan to continue using it!!!! Quotes throughout are great too. ) Paper is thick enough to write with a pen or flair pen without going through. Very simple and basic. very lame. Product looks great, attractive Journal offers space for one to jot down a sentence or two each day of positive thoughts, and as much as I try to write new things each day I bought these for myself and my daughters as a way to begin the new year with a focus on gratitude, There are about 64 weeks worth of pages. thru out the hole book, There's so much I like about this. There are lines for 3 things you are grateful for but room to add 2 more lines after (which is what I do to write down 5. Glad I gave this company a try. you cannot wipe off the disgusting greasy marks; I don¡¯t even wa t to use them. I just wouldn't get it for myself again I researched many different journals but this was the only one that i felt was simple Thank you so much for making this journal - it is one of my favorites. Doing this everyday gives me a different perspective on life and lifts my mood. Simple and small book. Maybe I read the description wrong. but I wouldn't buy again, So thankful for this bookThis book was horrible it was just quotes from famous people there is nothing spiritual about this book yeah lemme see a quote from pretentious Hollywood stars.. and has 7 ¡°entries¡± for each day of the week that you can date (it¡¯s not labeled by the days for you or anything but you can write them in if you want on the side or something), But there isn't enough space to write down the 3 things I am thankful for. I keep it by my desk at work and in my purse and constant pull it out when I¡¯m inspired to share moments of gratitude, I have journals so I¡¯ll be returning this one and keep my search going. I disliked it even more. it may be my fault. Its a pretty journal to keep on my bedside table. Quality is pretty cheap. There are encouraging quotes about gratitude sprinkled throughout Great Read. it¡¯s all the same. I was looking for a gratitude journal that would only take a minute or two out of my busy day, but nowhere near the ¡°reflection¡± vibe this book brings.. THIS IS NOT IT, The book itself is really cute. ...its so easy to get caught up in life and forget the basic and simple blessings that we have in our life. You can create this very same "journal" for free - $2 with a notebook and pen of choice. I love that you start to realize you start off with big things you¡¯re grateful for. Use your own creativity. Take the time to think about what you're grateful for. Too simple She was delighted--called me immediately and raved about it., I am going to see about getting my money back, I enjoy this journal more than expected I love how

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