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ox about using a knife. It's simple. The full page monthly calendar. but the way it was packaged the knife I used to open the box knicked the cover of the book. It comes with some very inspirational quotes on each page and also is set up for you to write down three things you are grateful for per day . The pages are still stuck together. I was hoping for a bit more activities. no!Things I¡¯m grateful for and a date and the numbers 1,2,3I absolutely love this journal. I bought a few of these journals for my coworkers as Christmas gifts and they LOVED them. Purchased to put in a college student care package.. this is just a great book to stop and think about 3 things a day that you are grateful for. I used The daily spaces for journaling also. I would buy one for myself soon as well. I¡¯d been looking at a bunch of free gratitude apps and wasn¡¯t liking any of them. I purchased this for someone. The journal is inexpensive so that is a plus but for people who really journal and like writing I do not recommend this. The only thing I wished is that it was a sprial book. Nice cover. Will be ordering more for myself and friends! I also like the fact that your can use the same page for 3 different days! if you take a break easy to pick back up again. Good way to encorage a very healthy practice. I will purchase again.. Doesn¡¯t feel cheap. God has been so good to me and this book helped me to notice everything in greater detail. Love the idea of this. which helps me start each day off on a positive note.. but I guess I was expecting something more unique and interesting, lighthearted. Whether you are experienced in receiving positivity by expelling gratitude, UPDATE from 11/26/19:, I've been using this for 2 weeks and I've realized how blessed I've been. exactly what I was looking for. Cute journal, It¡¯s the only journal I¡¯ve committed to using for this long, It has a short inspiring quote listed for each day and 3 short lines to write 3 quick things that you are grateful for. Can't wait to see how my life changes by using this journal. An attitude of Gratitude is my goal this year 2019 I love this helpful little daily reminder to jot down what I¡¯m thankful for. Basically its samething every day I would recommend something more in depth if your purpose is to be inspired I got a similar book for my son and it asks him to think about different things and kinda helps get his brain thinking mindfully. It's simple and reasonably priced. delivery took 5 days instead of the expected 2 days resulting in having to go out a purchase an alternate gift at the last minute. The pages are exactly the same. This is a nice addition to a journal entry in another book. Not a huge deal. For 6 bucks I recommend this cute book it is defiantly something to try. Two lines instead of just one or a bit more writing room under each line of the three things you¡¯re thankful for daily would be helpful. Sure, I tend to get overwhelmed that I don¡¯t have enough to say. I do more than 3 a day, Now I can see beauty more easily, I've only had this journal a week and absolutely love it. however, Was thinking it would be more scripture and more than just 7 blocks of 3 lines for week and a page to journal! I've tried BuJo and other forms of journals. Literally every page is the same, with a different quote! Got this for our babysitter for her sweet 16. just super cute floral details, I love filling it out, Simple & elegant. Save the $$ buy a composition book and go at it! Can¡¯t wait to start writing in it. write about one place that you are thankful that you had the opportunity to visit and why! It's a simple concept and I've only being doing it for a week but I find myself looking for things to be thankful for. so I can take it anywhere. I am 2 months into the book and being thankful at the beginning of the day sets a mindset for the entire day, I love the simplicity of it as well as the quotes at the beginning of each week. I like the motivational Quotes , It is very easy to use, Puts me into a ¡°go¡± mood after I do it each morning. find myself adding lines below the three provided and writing in the margins...all because I want to... I cannot give these as gifts the book feels like the softest satin skin, Beginning my day like this really helped me look at things in a better light. I would recommend for anyone who is feeling beat down on life or feels like they are going through the motions, I'm looking forward to filling this up. and I dare to say even my level of happiness. It truly helps with living a happier life. Don¡¯t waste your moneyDidn't you take at look at the LOOK INSIDE which demonstrated what the look and layout were for this journal. was looking for a cute notepad to put in my nightstand to organize my dreams and I¡¯m so glad I stumbled upon this. but bought another journal with more writing space. Would like to have a little more room to write but I just write smaller fits in my purse. that didn't make too many 'demands' on my time. There¡¯s a lot of potential here and the price can¡¯t be beat. This anger makes me laugh. Milky soft front and back cover, Totally doab

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