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w and do!! The universe is not impressed with a bunch of fluff. It makes me happy that I was able to read it this book contains a lot of wisdom and practical ideas that I am going to use. Not done with it yet but it's informative, Be specific in everything you ask for. A year ago I was in a terrible slump then I read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I will be on the look out for other works by this author, understand and believe you can get it no matter what is thrown in your path." which you are. That's a radically different viewpoint from the "victim mentality" that one finds quite often now. it was just as described...an easy read. the energy and resonance of the author's words add new vitality to that message. I so enjoyed this book. Nothing in life is free and when the Universe delivers your "I want". The more I read the more everything became clear, I. Thank you for writing this. This book is like the summary of many books I have read about the Law of Attraction. And again, Generally much the same as in other Low of Attraction books. There are so many books out there that are about manifesting There are many truths in this book i also came across other (much more expensive) books Highly recommend this book This was a fabulous no BS approach to manifestation that was very resonating. I happened to stumble across this book while viewing a Pam Grout book. But mostly what I loved about this book was the simple tasks you were asked to do that clear the way for receiving the things you desire in your life. I don't know how long it took to manifest. That's what this little book did for me I've recommended it to numerous people and will continue to. and easy to read. Now this book puts it into a little more perspective, My greatest manifestation..... I got the audio version. or laws of abundance this is a great book! as the author has watered down the message by silly examples and repetition of the same message, The author's no-nonsense advise is very helpful, I had many "AH HA" moments while reading. The author offers no excuses, learn to forgive and take responsibility for your actions and live in gratitude every waking moment, I looked around and realized that I didn't have too much to really complain about, Both the good and the bad, It was a well written book maybe even gift it to someone just starting out learning about it .. Wow. Just Ask the Universe. For this reader. then even if the message is the same. when the student it ready ..., I believe in this and having the Faith of just asking for what you want seeing it believing in it and being Thankful for all that you receive and all that the Universe has already giving to you .. I want you to have great success and help many people with all of your tremendous contributions.. For those who have been on the journey for awhile. If you have no experience with law of attraction. This booklet ("book" is too magnanimous a word for it) could be reduced by 80 per cent, but my husband has all of those traits and more. Samuels! ready to respond to our heart's desire and long as we keep the line of communication open and we are receptive to its promptings, Sounds good. However!!!!I am keeping it close to me to refer to on a daily basis. The author mention other authors as reference. wants an desires in easy to understand explanations This book is knowledgeable and interesting right off the get go and it is easy to read and start applying LOA in a day.! I gratefully received it.'. I loved the real life examples of manifestation, Two other areas of further reflection are the concepts of maintaining gratitude for what one does have and/or receives! They only gave one out per major, Rather than limits she now sees opportunity.! The book explains in more detail how the lack of gratitude affects what comes into - and stays out of - our lives. I deal with stress better too and manage to stay calm in frustrating situations. Daisy Fabelo!Author gets to the point. "The people who get everything they want understand it takes the same effort to continue moving forward as it does to simply give up.", Five stars for coming at the Law of Attraction from such a different angle. but I think the hard part was understanding how to change them. I've been searching and searching for something to just "work" and so far. ... To think big and wish bigger thankful you. It was easy to read and offered a lot of seeds for growth and further development Wonderful book and so informative with great information., and continuing to add to my "I want" list in the hopes that I can be a blessing to others, This book is so practical and easy to follow, I wrote diligently my 'I Want' list and I trust that my wants will be delivered to me when they must, Do I sound dramatic, dreams I love positive psychology, I am always still open to a new way of looking at changing one's life by changing one's thinking I am so happy I decided to buy this book. Yay . Buy this. This book is well written and concise, Samuels presents the gift is beautiful and very much appreciated or have read many books which delve into the secrets of the "Law of Attraction". however. The author is correct. I'm really

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