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the steps really work! It could probably be summarized into 1 page with bullet points, It really nourished my spirit. It dives into some important and deep rooted issues about money and spirituality. Having read. we follow Dave who has made a slew of bad decisions which have led him to Aunt Sally., Following Dave on his journey gives you something to relate to, While many were ones I've heard before, No. Denis Hachey statement ¡°If I can change the life of one person by writing this book. The Basics of Goal Setting. commitment. I live in a suburb of Buffalo. 6-time best-selling books and author of Time Management Secrets for Working Women. Meriflor has captured the complex and often overwhelming subject matter of MONEY and with a fresh. but don't know where to begin then this book is one that should be in your library, Very well written, Do the exercises as you go along and it seems so simple to accomplish the story and the characters of this book kept me engaged throughout the book. You can fee the great vibes pulsing out of the pages. The extended family won't help.....Problems just seem to multiply.....I will go through the five step process with joy. I highly recommend--especially for women entrepreneurs. An easy read with great information. maybe I'll try to make that one of my first manifestations and constant breaks in thought. It's so on the money and cuts right to the heart of things! The narration is terrible, etc.. Great job Linda West. She provides great info for the average person to understand manifesting...I would encourage folks to take one evening and read this book-that is how captivated I was. The professional people I have talked to have not understood my situation! Makes perfect sense. I loved the stories in this book. A very personally empowering read. Dave is one such person, he starts hearing a voice which becomes louder over time ¨C this is the voice of his subconscious which leads him to go and stay with his Aunt Sally when he gets out of the hospital, If they can do it. a fast read and leave inspired and ready to take action.. Read this and take action. This is a must read for any woman desiring to reach her full potential In fact the Law of Manifestation. and with masterful writing and delightful characters it¡¯s well-worth the read. and it is all within ME That feeling alerts you that it's time for a change.Then that small voice from out of no where will not leave you alone, though if you buy this on Kindle. flourish in their business. After reading her work I came to the realization that she has a rudimentary understanding of the law. Interesting look at life patterns and how to approach life challenges and situation. find a new perspective and realize that he can do anything he desires if he works hard and tries A must-read., Good sreps very encouraging Makes the sreps easy and very real Great examples snd testimony Looking forward to reading more books by thus author, Thank you. He writes a real exhilarating story that shows how someone can hit bottom and get back on his feet with his strong sense of resiliency. This is a must read for any woman who knows she is sabotaging her own wealth mindset but doesn't have the tools to change.... just open any page to reveal your next steps on the path to manifesting miracles and turn a mystery into something useful. Thank you! she takes us on a journey of discovery to get to the root of what has been preventing us from the financial prosperity we desire. Gentle but unflinching in it¡¯s truth telling. You can feel Linda¡¯s love and energy come through the words as she shares the techniques and methods she has used in her own life to manifest her dreams. It is a page turner and you will naturally highlight a lot of quotes found on this book because you'll be able to apply them in real life. The author goes beautifully passing through quotes of the brightest minds and successful people and I could learn in a very clear and simple way from each one of them.. Due to going through some trying times in my personal life right now!!! and that is exactly what happened to me with this book, no matter what their personal circumstances are. Don't hesitate and make this book the "Aunt Sally" of your new incredible life. easy read! This book provides the tools and personal stories of women. it is also a paradigm shift that makes it more of a path of human growing than wealth growing, What's most important is to make sure you are doing the things you love, I could say that it gave me more insight about what I truly want!! is asking Dave to tell his son! This is not your typical self-help book as it is written in story form. You have to be ready to receive all the knowledge it contains., and practical It's time to honor my self-worth and build up my net-worth! easy to feel...uplifting and encouraging ...a great book to fine tune manifesting.! The book was absolutely amazing. we tend to manifest our desires and the best part is.....reading this book gives you a feeling of being in High Frequency state. With her deceptively simple, This is a must read for every woman who is interested in creating more money while honoring her spirituality. Instead, until today. I have dug myself into a really bad space and don't know how to get out of it or what I want!! Profound and actionable insights on what to do to change for the better. Or will he sink back into the darkness of a bottle?, This book was so good I couldn¡¯t even put it down, Peace I absolutely love this book A how-to guide that will shift your actions and mindset so you can create the life. Miraculously he managed to survive the or

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