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efinitely recommend. I have not done it everyday, The majority of the book is just you listing 3 things you are grateful for. I love the quotes in the book and its one to keep close at night to reflect over the days many blessings, The only fault I would give it is that I wish there where more lines to add more than 3 things that I am full of gratitude for. While I like the book itself! :), SMH, authors. Great reminder... and have one place. but I find myself thinking of other blessings.... some smaller and some larger. I highly recommend this journal. Writing these things down provides a pause for thought and greater appreciation. Kind of boring. It's a great way to start the day. We LOVE this little gem, Oh how I love this product. I am planning to order several for friends as gifts., The only thing I. Provide a more masculine cover option, nothing fancy. It's not meant to write a book in. and if you're almost allergic to writing in journal's this is a better way of dipping your toes in and can help overall with appreciating what you do have in life! I plan on purchasing the teachers planner as a gift! And. Or maybe a box. Ií»d say thats a win. The cover is beautiful. Each week begins with an inspirational quote. it's the exact same page copied 50 times, Wake up in the morning express gratitude what a great way to start your morning . Ití»s nice to look back at all the things each week that I wrote down!I have struggled with my mental health for many years! I would like more space to write what I'm thankful for. It's awesome to reflect on your day and find all of the little nuggets to be grateful for, Wonderful. This is the same thing everyday for a year. Ií»ve tried gratitude planners and other journals that are loaded with more stuff and this one is just something simple and to the point.. Feels great to start the day on a positive note and feeling grateful for ones blessings daily does exactly this , The book insert says it will change your entire way of thinking and they are right, Great print...no mistakes. and write down 3 things youí»re grateful for, and easy to accomplish manner.. It is a positive way to start each day. Other reviews gave the impression that others pages contained insights - not the case - just lines to fill in, Uses : Details :. Happy gratitude journaling. It takes two minutes each morning (doní»t overthink it), I leave it by my bedside and fill it out before I start each day I am truly enjoying this book! however. Easy to use and help me reflect on my blessings from the day. Bought two journals as gifts, 97% of this journal is just you filling in three things youí»re grateful for without any inspiration or room to write more! like a diary, Nope, Each kid contributes to it, Everyday. Ií»ve been writing down 3 things Ií»m grateful for every morning for a couple of weeks and ití»s the most amazing way to start a day. There's no variety and no inspiration, ex. The past couple years have been hard on me, but she didní»t know where to start and didní»t think she had time not a good idea for something that you plan on touching every day. Mine came bent and cut up and it's cute enough to leave on the coffee table Otherwise this is the perfect journal. goals and feelings. For others and yourself Very cute journal. makes such a world of a difference. Has cute quotes & positivity for each week. I am having to go through page by page and seperate them and its causing a lot of tearing. Don't know who to complain about this to! At first I was like "There aren't enough lines. will inevitably make the next 52-weeks of live blessing filled, Each week is 2 pages and then there's a random page here and there that asks a question and the whole page is available to write on while it's opposite page is largely decorated with a quote., Ií»ve only been using it for a few weeks and find myself looking forward to spending time with it each morning while I drink my coffee.. Not very impressed with this journal. I do this first thing ever morning, Instead! my mood swings. My ONLY negative (and why I will be returning it) is that the cover is too girly to give to my teenage son. You also caní»t beat the price. I would purchase more similar books and journals I was expecting something a little different inside. slightly feminine cover and easy-to-use layout.. I have read over it and it looks like a wonderful eye awakening book. pretty journal for daily thoughts and mindfullness. You won't be sorry! but that's just what I wanted. I purchased this on a whim for a cousin whose Facebook posts were all about gratitude, Do it. but it will gradually transform the way you think. I actually do it at night before turning in! I received three of the one on the left side which is a book of lined paper. so I've only filled out about 20 weeks worth. Something so simple! Have to write super small and caní»t get descriptive because no space to get into any detail! I'd recommend it.. Too often!. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Cute design. I enjoy the layout, Its literally the same pages printed over and over again. so w

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