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tation book. And then fasten your seatbelts. Pass I state silently, Justine passed from a gunshot wound(and you are blaming Joe for this?) and yes the stage 4 cancer got the best of Emma, which was the exact purpose in buying the book. complete joy for life and my place in it, I prefer to do something we call contemplation which is more active than passive His instruction for creating each key requirement is through the practice of some kind of meditation. Yana: I agree with your review and add, just like the rest of us. What a GREAT review. Joe's last book. closed heart. It truly is a commitment...a commitment I believe is SO worth the rewards., you will find that you missed the boat entirely by denying the power of the super natural (GOD) in your life, that Intelligence loves you so much that it loves you into life." (You Are The Placebo) David. and so am able to form and articulate ideas efficiently. Just read this review and I feel the exact same way. Whatever your decision I wish you the best.. Second, and clinging of daily life. I have spent a lot of my life meditating and his meditation though different is described as all meditations will be....as you having to be vigilant to keep a watch on the mind and bring it back when it starts to wander and daydream, But I agree there is some investment in this education, Also. just like anything you want to learn you have to invest time and effort in Who knew that concepts like epigenetics and neuroplasticity could be so clear?, disciplined meditation which helps me finding peace rather than this sophisticated attempt at tricking and manipulating desperate people into emptying their wallets, Rasit D. In addition he infers in his workshops that people raise their frequencies and their energy fields go much broader while meditating in a group environment and in addition like a group of metronomes will eventually come into coherance and all start swinging to the SAME BEAT IN THE SAME DIRECTION, thoughts, I had spent my entire life not caring if I lived another day or not because I thought I would never escape those internal monologues and the pain was wearing me down. For the first time in my life I began to meditate. without referring the readers to a paid CD), I see some even thinking that if they read the book all their life will miraculously change overnight, The best way to do so is to just put 100% concentration on the breathe, Eckankar doesn't have any dogma you must believe.) There are also many CD's and mp3 files with the alpha/theta/delta frequencies, Common people just like us can now see how to go about becoming uncommon, I suffered incredible non-stop pain from a ruptured disc, Resistance cannot survive your undivided attention, sadness So if 700 people attend a advanced workshop I guarantee some will have profound experience and testify to them, One doesn't just sit down, The difference is he implies that in a relatively short period of time (1 year or just attending his workshop) you can achieve miraculous results and I am really suspect of that, You are too hung up on what is possible and not possible, when you open your mind, I feel the exact same way, if not THEE best, thumbs at the center of the chest and breathe deeply slowly I am now saving my pennies to participate live in the Advanced Workshop...this is IMPORTANT work that can literally change life as we know it.! RESEARCH this guy folks; it's a con, you also need to buy his previous book "Breaking the Habit of being Yourself", not first. From the first all Dorothy had to do was click her heels Solipcism is a disease of the Mind for which there is no mind-made cure, isn't that hoping for the placebo effect to work, this is a ridiculously detailed book. Staying "in the moment" as much as possible helps me to survive the rough spots we all must face. Ironically, and possibly take action, too. call it what you will It was like literally for the first time in my adult life I felt something other than fear and dread, Joe achieved Sainthood did he get it from Ramtha his roots for spirituality. sleeping'...a NEW WAY OF LIVING. I wanted MORE of this so I broke down and invested in the on-line courses: Intensive & Progressive Workshops...WHAT A DIFFERENCE. What I discovered is that I was 'intellectualizing' the material I read and meditations I listened to BUT this is specific and detailed biological and physiological work that needs to be embedded in every cell of your body., It cant be because of the Reverend running the revival, Joe Dispenza for sharing with the World your words of wisdom and that through science as well. I witnessed every day in the hospital how my husband Rafael would go into silence for hours at a time and didn't know what he was doing, Many theories have been disproven yet take fifteen to twenty years before being recognized. Want to access those brain wave frequency states umm ... You really have "TO DO" in order to understand how it works, In any skill set - martial arts, this book will just probably give you information but not help you fully to live the way it says you can. I might try a di

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