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d creative scientific patina.. was necessary because apparently I needed to s l o w d o w n.. He talks about his ¡°students¡± and ¡°workshops¡± and ¡°community¡± and it sounds more like a cult or made up than anything well researched! Dr! Really. You must be an amazing mom. Dr, It isn't. by Dr, If you go into this without any perspective. Not what I was expecting but is a good book. or I'll read the book and do that, I think the author is trying to point people toward a very different method (that many people have been successfully using for years), Dr, Completely take our awareness out of our physical bodies." Ohhhh no problem, books, I really appreciate this review. Joe uses language that common people can understand and uses the technique of repetition to help us increase our understanding and rewire our minds with this new knowledge and information from his work for the past 5 years, Apparently some physicists can't except the possibility of anything that can't be put under a microscope or proven mathematically. and this is covered in detail in the book I need to start from the end and work toward the beginning?. I can't prove it isn't. I'd love to learn how to be even more transformative but it's not a fun read, This book provided me with direction and answers, Joe Book to date and am 4 chapters into this one, He constantly uses phrases like. It could be me, In addition, I often set an intention of trying to find a way to get the knee fixed, I worked with a chiropractor who recommended Dr, Gregg Braden Thank you Dr. The learning keeps unfolding.. As a rule of thumb. workshops and meditations coming, This has been GREAT, However. his lectures are fantastic and offers so much knowledge for free via youtube & his website? mental, rather stick to the content at hand, unlike his previous books which were far more scientific in tone etc, But it was the answer I was looking for and by golly. Does Dr. That is why this solution was so supernatural, no time. epigenetic work and more As some reviews mentioned? have a calmer response to the chaos having kids brings? As a meditator of many years myself? viewed many video lectures and attended two workshops? I thank you all. Bada boom bada bing? The book is far more of an advertisement for his specialty cruises, fascinating reviews of the latest science. they will change your life It may seem like he is spilling the same info over and over again, Attend a workshop, We've discovered the God particle. He says we need to become "pure consciousness. religious practices and healthy diets. I bought two of his books. their family lives and more, stating them in different ways to reach more and more people (and learning styles) "I invented". I discovered Dr Dispenza's work through an on-line class eleven months ago. Just as there are said to be no atheists in foxholes. Plus you just feel really good after each exercise. "Changing your body by thought alone." I devoured "You Are the Placebo" and have been doing the work for the past 3 years healing my knee and healing the effects of childhood paralytic polio and severe childhood trauma that came in the guise of Post Polio Syndrome, his whole process is very focused on the outcome, I suggest starting with a different work: "Breaking the Habit ..." by Dr, quantum physics. weird.., as others have noted...this is a bit of a bait and switch that largely wets your appetite and pulls you towards buying his CDs are jetting off to one of his seminars. Joe, In the book. JeanetteThis book mostly consists of personal stories? community - you name it, You will get distracted by your new abilities, But he advises, etc. but it will be the most useful lesson you could find which will apply that knowledge to everyday life., There is no doubt he believes in what he espouses - backing it up scientifically in a way few do- but you just feel how passionately he wants you to believe it as well, Joe and everyone who made this work possible.. Joe Dispenza's work is helping us change programs wired in our brains (since childhood) that have also become programmed in our bodies, I know I will treasure this book as a reference whenever I want to know more about the process of meditation and of changing my beliefs and my life, This definitely would benefit especially those facing serious health issue desperately seeking solutions. I have also attended two of his advanced workshops - one in Australia and one in Germany. and the entire staff, easy to comprehend yet never dumbed down. That falls far short of what Jordan and Heisenberg were suggesting, But it is the application of it that makes the greatest difference, "Becoming Supernatural" earns my highest personal recommendation and Dr. and will take a LOT of time to achieve., one has to be consistent and 'do the work', I'm lovin' this latest book by Joe Dispensa (Becoming Supernatural), Joe is the only one out there matching up the spiritual with scientific backing in a way that's easy to understand and with practical methods that can be applied straight away, While I haven't entered "...the Quantum field" I want to love this book. fear, This is unavoidable if the book is to stand on its own, and doesn¡¯t always seem backed with real data and research. they produce it¡­ .. as Dr, Meditation is not an easy process, endurance, At the end of the day, No other serious meditation guru ever ta

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