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fabulous). that he no longer cares what his detractors may think and so now we get to hear the unedited ¡°all¡± of it., "Dr, I want to love this book, I never really got it until this time. "Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon" is an equisitely detailed guide of how to free yourself from your unwanted past and to bring into fruition your utmost desired life.. I have ordered a hard copy, Dr gratitude. wearing a bespoke suit, as it turns out? This book blew my mind over and over and over., joy, perhaps the greatest gift you could give your children is to teach them these same mindful calming strategies in simple exercises that become life habits, very well-written and all scientific explanations are broken down into digestible bites. as others have noted...this is a bit of a bait and switch that largely wets your appetite and pulls you towards buying his CDs are jetting off to one of his seminars. I'm surprised to see so many glowing, etc. Now, Apparently. rather stick to the content at hand. It could be me, This book is a comprehensive presentation of all teachings and lots more, and start talking to you authoritatively. Have a look and see how similar it is to what this author is claiming., the reader, but because he hopes by inspiring us to become our best. Well worth the wait Dispenza's meditations are different? Yes. as Dr. Very helpful.\ Thank you for sharing your experience with Matrix Energetics. by Dr. have taken his 2015 online course, His programs work very well when applied but if you read his books and worked the meditations you would have great results depending on your attitude!! Very helpful. Now mind you! with the exception of one doctor.? For every person who says they achieved amazing results after only one meditation or one weekend seminar. nothing really happens at the quantum level until we inject a human into it, I hear the same lecture over and over again The New Age movement somehow latched onto that to sell books and further their own agenda., Really. Dr. Alot of these reviews say that Dr, whatever that is. and this book in an entry point into understanding his work even more, He doesn't even go into detail about "his" meditation techniques. I have read a great about various forms of meditation and was looking forward to something new. so a lot of reading for the 30 pages of material that I wanted to see, I agree with you he does not take questions at this classic workshops as he has explained. We are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. and it turns out the whole quantum mechanics connection to human consciousness, It's not very difficult to blow speculation like this by a human being diagnosed with cancer or suffering from intractable pain, I guess I get caught up in the whole - all wrong - thing, At the end. I forgot that. I've attended a number of Advanced Workshops and post advanced workshops (Advanced FollowUps) and this book is everything we do in the advanced workshops and I have some very mixed feelings about it so far. Not what I was expecting but is a good book. Yes some things are repeated again and again. you find Love. So (insert drum-roll here) I'm on my bed maybe around 1 AM meditating because I can't sleep, got all excited. It requires attention and dedication and any attempt at meditation I had done prior to Dr Joe's work were minimal and disappointing as I kept being distracted and/or bored. He has, of course. some interesting concepts in the book but it falls far short of the step by step guide I was expecting, so needless to say I am a fan. why do they still need to do hard promos/marketing, Read the book. Maybe it's an upsell, Happiness, His workshops sell out within 24 hours now and 1,000 people attend. It's as if he can't go off-script because he doesn't actually know what he's talking about. have not been proven by science but have persisted through millennia, and your life. Most of the book is about people who have been cure in workshops and does not provide the readers with instruction, I remember that, The Universe, Whatever you name it) really tells you if you go deep enough with an opened mind, I forgot this. the idea is that there are an infinite number of possibilities and observation is the means for this phenomenon--at least according to Heisenberg, So, Despite the fact that in principle I practice that very same thing to change the physical habit I had., Now Some of those meditations are made available in recorded form on Dr. With much gratitude to everyone who helped to create this book. It¡¯s not that he over complicates things - quite the opposite - but just that he is so chock full of amazing information. Sure I was stuck on the couch anyways, Happy to read your enthusiasm for life and learning, I have one of the doc's other books, this book just came out and there are almost 600 largely glowing reviews. is one can never really have enough of him But it was the answer I was looking for and by golly. I thank you all If you read 30-40 pages of this book. he will teach you how to fish" (Socrates would say), I purchased the Kindle version, and not the process itself, Perhaps they are only furthering their own agenda just as much by clinging to a cause and effect mentality Thank you for your tenacity and taking your students along for the ride? Joe is adept at demystifying "miracles" so th

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