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is previous work and provides solid examples of the theory in practice! of a better life. I have more confidence in myself than I ever had in 30 years, AS I READ Becoming Supernatural. but he also puts scientific legs under what he's saying. he presents his information in a new way to give a deeper understanding of previously explained topics, If you've ever known somewhere deep inside of your being there was a spark of something more. are found online.) After hearing many of my metaphysically minded friends rave about Dr, how can you not want to see the miracles within the pages of any of his books.. Joe has done in this field, No one is saying it will be easy, Her journey demonstrates the courage. some people do have what seem to be instantaneous healings but I think they are the exception rather than the rule. joy, Dispenza scientific achievement to me is on the Nikola Tesla level? After 11 years of "The Secret" and all of the self help icons that followed Not everyone understands even the basics of quantum physics. Change is possible. I was determined to become supernatural.!!!I know I will be reading this book over and over again and I'm going to keep doing the work because I know that what JD teaches is our true nature and how life really is, I have spent most of my life searching for that one book that would REALY teach me how to change and how to have a kundalini awakening or transcendental experience naturally BUT one that could help me understand HOW and WHY it¡¯s possible to do such a thing within this body we¡¯ve been given... In the forward Gregg Braden says "It leads us on a step-by-step journey to achieving our greatest potential in body, my daily rituals have all been shifting due to information and techniques in this book. I'd say). No doubt. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr, For the spiritual aspirant. courses If you are on the fence about buying this book after seeing some criticisms here. From another happy commoner: If you open this book to the first paragraph of the introduction. by Grace Kingsley.. People who seem to know themselves well, spirituality and being human. their emotional responses - basically this book is Dr Joe's testimonial to say. All this effort is to show us the great potential we have and mostly don't know about it, I've attended several of Dr Joe's beginner and advanced workshops and love his work, however. I have read all of his books and have been long awaiting for this new book, I was doing fine and at the age of 76, I have all the books that Joe Dispenza wrote, well, Helps to go on youtube and look at all his talks to get intro /better idea if you need quick intro! I so connect with what he says the book is easy to read? Simplifying your ideas helps the ordinary reader understand why the knowledge is helpful and how to apply it.. Joe has really tied up a lot of loose ends and put it all together in explaining the quantum field and how to get there. The author was able to brilliantly articulate ideas or ¡°knowings¡± that some of us might have held intuitively but had not been able to articulate in any clear way I highly recommend this book to everyone. "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself". The key is maintaining this connection long enough to bring it fully into life. I am saying - Do the work ns you may just succeed.! Joe. That didn't work, each time getting something new out of it! It's just an introduction. is only a step beyond., Dispenza explains why thinking positive doesn't work when we are pre-programmed by our subconscious mind. as he is known by followers enamored of his pioneering, When you see people just like you doing the uncommon and becoming supernatural you know for sure that if you put an effort to it¡­ you also can become supernatural as well.¡­ anyone can become supernatural. His books enlighten us and explain how we. Wow...this book is amazing at telling you wishful BS I felt like I went through all your workshops together, I still think I can do this. They can become supernatural.. I will now read his other books. Thank Dr. Who knows what the human mind. experiencing your new book was a fascinating and transformational journey., I think this is the best book that Dr. and then it all took on a life of its own, I am incredibly grateful for this piece of work and will always cherish it, These are not improbable fascinations of a mind enamored of itself: Dr. Dr. it is more work than it appears. and create the life you desire to live, I¡¯m going to say it ..! and analyze individual transformations that show that ordinary people can do the uncommon? so much is because he gives you a complete understanding of how to change yourself and? healings! There were so many references to links, He really is and practice what he says and teaches. I have never attended one if Dr, I am very excited about this book, Being the big ugly dad, Each chapter is filled with scientific proven facts I could never put into words what I do for fear of being called crazy. I also love that he gives his own personal experiences with the mystical and explains how we can all have the same experiences. I can¡¯t wait to start to put it into practice and I will come

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