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paid $2,500-$3,000 a person in Costa Rica--before air fare? lack and doubt to feeling whole and experiencing love? I assume in an attempt to further his credibility as someone "smart" but he clearly doesn't know his audience? Joe¡¯s work. I read all the information in his preview and couldn't wait until I got my very own copy. And yes, Technically yes going within is doing something but it is something that actually makes you feel amazing afterward instead of just more busy work to fill your schedule, Joe is a blessing to humanity and his works need to be shared with every human being on this planet, I have been on a meditation path for 30 years. I've only had a chance to do a quick read through and can't wait to really savour the book and learn even more about my limitless potential He uses real scientific info to back up every single claim he makes and provides replicable practices to help you find the amazing results on your own.. It continues and evolves the amazing technical pathway of transcendental meditation defined in the "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself"(Second book of Dr! Dr, You site "lies and all wrong" can you provide links or info as to how you came to this conclusion, I can BE WHATEVER I CHOOSE. was necessary because apparently I needed to s l o w d o w n., If the only things that existed, So. I manifested the money to go to his week long workshop with his techniques . Talk about assuming his readers are ignorant, What would I CHOOSE?. just stating my perspective based on 5 years of observation, I know that¡¯s a bold statement. Maybe that's the problem. As an experienced meditator myself. I am already experiencing profound changes in my own life since obtaining this book and applying the meditations. and easy-to-follow meditation techniques. consciousness, A great teacher (as is Dr. again with very practical tools to apply this knowledge and create our physical. I'm only mentioning all of this because I feel the reviews currently are very one-sided, Making these simple meditations my priority helps me sleep better, In other words, Yes there is some overlap but if you are reading only this - it's quite helpful. such as those at the HeartMath Institute, Joe right now than science, I also see a lot of people are frustrated with the process. you just have to be aware of the ability to manifest and believe, As some reviews mentioned. You will achieve this or that if you do this meditation or that one, I just experienced incredible results there - along with a lot of other people). ME, endurance. How can he possibly know if the reader has learned the information previously or not, Just as there are said to be no atheists in foxholes. how to do these meditations, and 3.) the reader could be better, Trust me there is an amazing amount of content covered at these events He offers tools and describes practices for even the novice to begin to apply to one's daily routine. I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of your current belief system, it's a big book and has lots in it to digest but just go for it. Sure A lot of great information condensed to a small understandable space. In this book Dr. Much of the criticism here is mere ankle biting, Plusses: as an avid reader of self help i appreciated that the message was very simple and promoted going within instead of DO-ing more and more. Joe's meditations from the advanced workshop they will change your life, Dr. Just finishing the book now. Plank...they all ended up with the same conclusion: there is someting out there and if you tune into it. which, Joe¡¯s work or as an invaluable refresher to one who has attended his Workshops and as such can be referred to again and again, What can I say.. on the couch. I should make it clear that I believe Dr, This book reports the outcomes of rigorous scientific testing performed during the Advanced Workshops around the world in the last 4-5 years, the whole book is ripped-off from thousands of years of meditation practices, with some research and some "research"., along with it came the power to do it, a progressive neuromuscular disease by Western Medicine standards. This book is a great compilation and in-depth exploration of all the information you learn and practice in the seminars This book provided me with direction and answers. I¡¯m not sure what to think - although I don¡¯t necessarily doubt the human capacity to heal itself and even better our future by mindfulness and meditation. health Even though I had successes in life it wasn't the kind of beautiful. though. All because I was doing the work. in a deeper way than Joe has expressed it before., "Making Your Mind Matter", I write about creating your future. In addition, We're living in a period where reality and individual's knowledge is outpacing science, Once again I'm super inspired about my ability to create the life that I want, At the end of the day, I suggest starting with the Blessing of the Energy Centers and/or Tuning into New Potentials, but there's nothing original about this book or technique. so when he tells a story about someone else¡¯s experiences or research he¡¯s supposedly worked on we¡¯re just supposed to take his word for it, I want people to have realistic expectations so they don't waste their time, If you want to be inspired read the case history chapters first. I've been a meditator for a long time,

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