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lt to get into - when I scanned I would find gems of wisdom. You don't know what you don't know. He talks about this it seems. Thanks. twice a day--the audio format is perfect for me. Lovely and life changing. and not surprisingly. Absolutely recommended for the serious seeker striving for the best within and without.. he discusses the power of using creative visualization to manifest our heart's desires. If you really want to live out your wishes and dreams this is a great place to learn how to start that in your life today, So easy to understand.., Did I imagine hearing this?! entertaining, and incorporate I to my life! great book you should read itThe book is fine but just did not grab me to keep reading it! My life has taken a wonderful turn already and I haven't finished the book. I did however prefer the audio versionWonderful readingGood book and can recommend for anybody to read. I loved it. adjust your thought cycles and improve your outlook. I loved it. Once again Dr! I`ve always been inspired & entertained at the same time . even when it sucks due to illness or depression or other catastrophe's, I read this book in just a few days Dr! learning in some, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to God and a deeper connection with Self. I recommend to all people. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been unable to manifest the desires of their heart in their lives. I Bought this for my mom as a gift. I am a better person after listening to theOnce more. to move beyond where you have been! This book came to me at the perfect time on my spiritual journey and for that I am grateful. So if you are ready to move to higher level in your spiritual life you will purchase this, Anyone who reads this book cannot help to be inspired. 4-Finally! Dyer - it's great on my 100 mile daily commute This is not my first read by Dr Dyer I was happy with this book. Maybe I'll go back to it sometime. A must read for everyone. I read and devour anything that Wayne Dyer writes I love his style and how easy he makes it seem, Wayne Dyer has done it again, His openness and honesty were fabulous. They tend to go a little longer than they need to be but I still got some good ideas from this book. Live your dreams and believe in miracles. I gave it to her with one of his DVD's and she thought it a perfect combo. Just a handful of years ago. Makes me want to read more & more.....wouldn't life be so much better if we could follow this book as a life guide.. what you desire for yourself and assist you through your life journey. I would recommend it was a good journey will definitely follow up on other related books. I am getting tired of reading about all of the constant. It made me feel as though he needed to add more content to create a chapter. And that we can do so much more as human beings by just realizing how are mindset influences our whole life.. Wayne Dyer is insightful and inspiring It moved me and inspires me! Unbelievable. Convincing and simple (but not always "easy").. I shared the book with family and relatives, I love how he incorporates different historical. I¡¯ll be sticking to his early stuff from now on, This book is easy to read and re read for inspiration. negative zone. Dyer goes into great detail on how the fulfill your wishes in life in an easy to understand manner. Best Wayne Dyer book I've read so far. I am unconditionally appreciative of Wayne's work. He's such a beautiful soul. Very inspirational. I Love Wayne Dyer. Searching for confirmation. I listened to this book on this CD, Sometimes a little wordy. I am a better person applying his advice to my lifeI really like how straight forward this book was, Lot of good quotes, Dyer. Eternally grateful. I feel blessed to have such information that I can make me a better person, Everything is available once you put yourself in the right direction since I purchased the CD set. I have always been a fan of Wayne Dyer fan but I just didn't get as much from this book as I have others in the past, Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite spiritual authors Then I slapped my forehead. This is his masterpiece and I have really loved reading this book from the beginning to the very end. It is so simply and clearly explained that it makes for easy reading and so credible! The constant interruption is getting played out? He is missed! A must read for everyone. What else can I say about Wayne Dyer that you already dont know. Less self centered than earlier lectures. get more out of it. Dyer's book illuminated and expanded my spiritual views on the "I am" philosophy. It seems his whole career has been following a path to this book. Very useful ideas and concepts for today's consciousness. It is developing the "feelings" that go along with what I want to accomplish.. Excellent. I read this book and then I signed up for an I CAN seminar in DC. Will always be my guru. This book gives amazing insights and new understandings of religions

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