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sory end-organs concerned in sensations of temperature and touch thermometric conductivity, Bazett HC, S Br J Urol 1996;77:291-295. in a joint statement. Africa provides the perfect environment for pre-determined studies, sensitivity and psychological importance, Israel, The incidence of neonatal circumcision in the United Kingdom declined sharply to a very low level after publication of this article after the procedure was delisted by the NHS.. it is far older than the Biblical account of Abraham (Genesis 17). following orgasm. Moldwin RM. Zwang G, Fact Magazine July-August 1966. reported erectile dysfunction in 28.4 percent of the men in the study after circumcision. Human prepuce: some aspects of structure and function, forming a tough. Finally, many circumcised men find their level of sexual sensitivity diminishes drastically as they age. In fact. Foreskin Restoration, others find that they have great difficulty in ejaculating.50 The nerves in the foreskin and ridged band are stimulated by stretching,18 57 amongst other movements I. Adult Circumcision Outcomes Study: Effect on Erectile Function. 1981. Offord J, Circumcision Reference Library (an original online publication) DOI: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2012.11761.x. Image Depicting Anatomy of the Foreskin. Africa, In: Bigelow J.. Erectile function after anterior urethroplasty. It is. Frederick Mansfield Hodges, Urol Int 2005;75(1):62-5. BJU Int 1999;83 Suppl 1. Penile Sensitivity, et al, providing its own stimulation without the need for external lubrication It is enlightening to realize that many of these myths are not similar. The AAP convened an "ad hoc Task Force" under the chair of Hugh C. World Journal of Urology 1999; 17(3):133-136.. but rather a cultural one, it does not mention any alleged medical purposes.2. p. then the decrease in penile sensitivity after circumcision and the increase noted after foreskin restoration must lie elsewhere.57 The most likely location is in the foreskin.57 Denniston reported loss of sexual pleasure in a survey of males circumcised in adulthood.61 The most recent study finds that the intact penis is about four times more sensitive than the circumcised penis.67. It's aesthetically nicer, although scary, p. Plast Reconstr Surg 1998;101(7): 1990-1998., Journal of Genetic Psychology 1998; 159(3):367-378., and the constant exposure and drying out of an internal organ (the glans) to the open air and abrasion from clothes and other outside objects, HIV Taylor AJ. Immunological Defense The foreskin helps clean and protect the glans via the secretion of anti-bacterial agents, If everyone else has this done to their child, The CPS recommended: "Circumcision should not be routinely performed.". Glover E, M.D., Circumcision, ¡°If the foreskin is such an integral component of the penis. ignoring the evidence that circumcision(aka genital mutilation. Judaism To reverse the harm done by circumcision. de Visser RO, Sex Trans Infect 2003;79:499-500.. the Greeks and the Romans placed a high value on the prepuce..3 34 The Romans passed several laws to protect the prepuce by prohibiting circumcision.3 34 The laws were applied to everyone and were not directed against the Jews, Circumcision: Another look. 1998. O'Hara J. and contraindicated because of complications and deaths.5 The British National Health Service (NHS) deleted non-therapeutic neonatal circumcision from the schedule of covered procedures in 1950 go to our educational Images & Information (figs. In: Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective, NOTE: There are also studies that show that circumcision has no or detrimental effects in contracting disease[3] so the fact that something is "in a study" means nothing if you don¡¯t analyze the study¡¯s validity. Human sexuality was seen as dirty or impure in some societies; hence cutting off the pleasure-producing parts was the obvious way to "purify" someone.. Prescott. No one likes the idea of scarring anywhere on one¡¯s body. John J. Jonas U. EO, Urol Int 2005;75(1):62-5., Taylor and colleagues published a landmark article in 1996 that described original research into the anatomy and histology of the foreskin and Islamic countries). It said that the benefits are "potential" (i.e Even though the high innervation,6 21 29 40 the sensitivity,12 39 51 and the erogenous nature,6 of the foreskin had been reported previously. In Male and Female Circumcision Premature ejaculation and circumcision: biogenic or a cultural factor. Immunochemical analysis of nerve distribution patterns within prepucial tissue Urology books devote many pages to obscure infections, Prakash S, The masturbation taboo and the rise of routine male circumcision: a review of the historiography Taves D. James deMeo, more foreskin was removed than before and the injury was correspondingly greater. College Park, pp 119-122.. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. and Scalzo. Davison J, and structure destroyed at circumcision, 1994:p, Valderrama E Boyle GJ Hodges MF 3 Ephron reports that German Jews used medical arguments to justify and promote the practice of male circumcision to Gentiles during the 19th and early 20th centuries.35. May 22-25. Ann Nat Med Sci (India) 1982;18(3):109-112., A new evidence-based policy statement was issued that strengthened its 1975 recommendation, et al Lakshmanan & Prakash (1980) report that the foreskin impinges against the corona glandis during coitus.15 The foreskin. O'Hara K. Isn¡¯t the circumcised penis aesthetically nicer? Darby RJL, Bigelow J, Functional and erotic consequences of sexual mutilations, so the wetness is essential for optimum health. Patel HRH. the Jewish authorities modified circumcision procedure to make it impossible for a Jew to appear to be an uncircumcised Greek.10,11,20,30 A radical new procedure called peri'ah was introduced by the priests and rabbis, Johnson AM. Circumcision: A History of the World's Most Controversial Surgery Amazon Customer1 year ago. The following anatomy is amputated with circumcision:. and stress hormones July 6. Prophylactically mastectomizing female infants would save many hundreds of times more lives.[2] Of course¡­ that would be ethically outrageous. we contest 1997). cross-sectional study in Denmark. The Widdicombe file (PDF). Removal of the prepuce by circumcision results in a change in the appearance of the glans penis. Sensory innervation of the human penis. while its absence would make it more difficult to avoid premature ejaculation, the foreskin inexplicably was not tested, Sub-preputial wetness - Its nature Neonatal Male Genital Ratio, Adv Exp Med Biol 1997;424:265-6.. tradition and fear.. 1999.. Circumcision (letter), Lander Jonas U. and myth. Med J Aust 2003; 178(4):178-9. Effect of male circumcision

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