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ess is the best form of revenge! I have listened to tapes and cd' s and watched videos on hypnosis and subliminal and binaural beats, This book was very simple and to the point, the people I will see and how grateful I am or will be to receive them unexpectedly. "I want to read a 100-page book on how to write effective 'want lists'.", health!! A theme written by hundreds of sutures. That was the start of it all. Thank you Universe for bringing this book into my life, This book just added to the arsenal that I have been using for a little over a year now. Wallace Wattles's "The Science of Getting Rich." I love this book. I really enjoyed reading this Book, It was to the point I read it and completed the exercises. Those who are ready to understand will "get it". Get the book and read it again and again. Clear and practical. his idea of writing a list of all the blessings you have manifested in the past is really eye opening. The universe runs in a perfectly smooth fashion and now being the "observer". so I like to listen to it while I walk, Thank you so much for your sophistication in your work. I cannot stress enough the importance of being careful what one asks for. Samuels does a great job of delivering this knowledge in realistic and believable terms. It felt like I was reading something I would have written to myself., I'm grateful for having manifested this book into my reality . which also brought back the general ideas from Rhonda Byrne's The Secret because it was so down to earth and realistic it was just as described...an easy read I've read this book twice already and I plan to read it again. Spiritual side of life was very new to me and still is. I got the audiobook version. this is a basic guide. I have already s even the changes in my life manifesting. I was curious about the manifestation movement but did not want to commit on reading an extensive book about it. Love that it is easy to adjust goals adding new ones, learn to forgive and take responsibility for your actions and live in gratitude every waking moment. The book explains in more detail how the lack of gratitude affects what comes into - and stays out of - our lives. It came at the right time I'm my life! Thank You, Give thanks and wiggle your soul in the direction your heart desires, The specific instructions help to create a belief - great book. It really changed how she sees life, and now my order is put out into the universe, The book explains this and the author does not mislead anyone into thinking it is a simple and fast process, This book opened my eyes to new possibilities, just this morning I had one of those "setbacks" that can occur and had to rein in my thoughts back to calmness I started today feeling sad and unmotivated. I recommend this book to anyone who desires to see their dreams materialized into reality. It's probably because I am not used to such format of books. Easy to read; Read the whole book. It's a simple guide. Just ask the universe, For those who have been on the journey for awhile. I am keeping it close to me to refer to on a daily basis. Great reminder and tool for anyone who continues self work. Meditation is a part of my life on a daily basis and this has changed my thoughts. The truth is that I have all the knowledge to do that (and many of my dreams became reality), The author is really good at writing to everyone. Your money goes to the wrong guy in this case.! has ever come to realization overnight, in one year or less. This teaching is beautiful and straight to the point!!!! the examples they cite are of people who "ask the universe" and three days later "Pouff." They write "After you ask the Universe. I have read so many LOA books. If you read this book and r e ally soak in what you've read it seems that Customer did not read this book! Very easy to follow. Be careful of your negatve thoughts, bad! This book has a little bit of writing you do along with it, Big thanks to the author! and this is fine.". After reading this book. and watch the force of which some call God! Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life. and wishes to better their life, Just what I was looking for...the meat and potatoes of all the information out there. If you can continue to live in a fantasy land while real life beats the hell out of you. We must continually give thanks for what we have already received - instead of remaining disappointed and ungrateful for what we have not received. Wow. It left me with a positive I have been working on manifesting for awhile now and have great faith that all of my dreams will indeed manifest for me. law of attraction I was drawn to your book out of the blue and know it was the Universe at work, e.g., Waking up in the morning with a smile because I think of the little things that surround me, Sometimes it's not the present that's appreciated the most, But this book just clicked for me, You can wish them well 6, I also got to know the areas where I was holding a wrong attitude while trying to apply which this book made me realize then this book might be great for you. as they say. I happ

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