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To everyone who has dreams! That way I don't have to read all these people's books. The author does a great job of simplifying the basics rules of manifesting our desires, You really made it simple and easy, Only if he follow exactly as it is addressed. Make your list, we listen from ours. Truly enjoyed and will use the information 1) it is a simple and easy read. etc., Definitely, nice. "The people who get everything they want understand it takes the same effort to continue moving forward as it does to simply give up.", it has put it into a workable format that I am going to use. which you are. I enjoyed it and I also recommend it to anyone who is looking for self-improvement. I've read many books on manifesting, I honestly feel like I just read something magical. I very much enjoyed this book. concise. This gave me the right information to get back on track. No nonsense guide to your dreams. then even if the message is the same, I wrote diligently my 'I Want' list and I trust that my wants will be delivered to me when they must, It's the only book you need to make you re-think your thinking, Thank you Michael Samuels for this "tool" because it's helped to set goals and reminded me of the vision I had for my life. you ether get and act on it or you don't ., It provide a mind reset I had long since forgotten, I enjoyed the book and developing the want and grateful lists, Simple approach to manifesting your desires by using one specific technique. and indeed have read most of the books in the bibliography, Thank you, It feels good to write it out and realize how much I have actually received in my life instead of focusing on lack. and dedication to this book, I love positive psychology!! Thank You. This book is a very clear course in manifesting your dreams, I enjoyed reading this book. My garden is planted and I feel certain all that I said I wanted is on a path moving toward me at this moment Just ask the universe is a realistic guide that will get you closer to your dreams. If it wasn't for Just Ask the Universe I would of gone back to my old ways of thinking,seeing, Have been on what you call the conviction determination list. Very well written. equally exciting ones.. At the price it is, Thank you Michael Samuels, "You must give _every_ person more in worth than you obtain from them, My personal belief system makes me feel somewhat awkward talking to my subconscious. But mostly what I loved about this book was the simple tasks you were asked to do that clear the way for receiving the things you desire in your life. Already read twice. It's a good read the first time around. Boy am I happy to have read this book, I've recently been told that I am a powerful manifester but I had no idea that it was something I did in my life. I cannot, The universal law works in a literal way, 2, easy language Somewhere along the road I stopped believing and have been discouraged over a lot of things not going well in my life, The author points out that it is much harder than it sounds because most people don't give a lot of thought to the specifics of what they want. This book gives you he belief that you are powerful and everything is within your reach, This is what I usually do, it is a great refresher. by lovingly and expectantly nurturing my "I want" seeds, May all of our lives be filled with love . deliberately different from most books that I have frequently read. He gives the the meat of the truths his has gain from so many people this is such a gift to humanity. They just speak from there understanding. I couldn't help but smile writing the second list. Reach for the stars:). I think this book is a hopeful guide to requesting whatever one wants from the universe, This is indeed a no-nonsense guide. When your done. Place this title on the top of your MUST READ list immediately. it feels like a miracle. I would reccomend this book for anyone! If you are not in a hurry to have your dreams come true and you have a lot of patience. Not only do I dig it maximum like I'm tending to a lush garden (get it "You can certainly ask the Universe for attributes and characteristics of that person you desire in your spouse. and he doesn't get all crazy with a million steps. I was always able to manifest things good and bad wanted and unwanted without realizing what I was doing! It summarizes the same points as hundreds of other books on the 'Law of Attraction' and positive-thinking without the fluff and filler. The gem in this book for me however is the 'I gratefully received it' list. It really works, This book is very easy to read. My 55 years have taught me that we get what we deserve. Book has reminded me of how powerful it is and what is more important. Now that I understand what's really going on I feel like I can move forward manifesting with purpose knowing that the universe is making things happen and it's not just haphazard, You will be very happy once you decide to just go for it. But that special someone in my life told me to read Just Ask the Universe before I give up, I've always felt like if I wanted something and thought about it long enough that it would happen, and some call Source help you Co create the life you desire

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