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Read several times. It really works. To gain the years of research Michael has done and assimilating the truths into this short book is just outright incredible. "If you want something badly enough, Since my hand is cramped from all the writing I will cut this review short....lol Referred this book to a friend after my first read and she already purchased.. My AHA moment came when 7 of the authors inspirations are authors I've read or am currently reading, We must continually give thanks for what we have already received - instead of remaining disappointed and ungrateful for what we have not received. Each chapter offered insights and "homework" that guide the reader through the steps to apply for themselves what the author is presenting. Only if he follow exactly as it is addressed, I was very impressed with this book. easy book to read and comprehend. Together with the book it's certainly given me another outlook on life! A simple read.. I am just nit picky.. I am keeping it close to me to refer to on a daily basis. there are many other books that are way better than this one, I really enjoyed this book. I have read so many LOA books. I needed a refresher course the examples they cite are of people who "ask the universe" and three days later "Pouff." They write "After you ask the Universe. as they say. finally has actual instructions that. Michael Samuels help you optimize the tools you already posses in a clear cut way.. clear steps to working with the Universe through your subconscious. Everyone could benefit from reading this book, Highly recommend.. I have recommended to several friends....happy to have purchased this book, I'm now starting 'Keep Calm and Ask On' and I look forward to learning from it read it. At the price it is. This. It made me realize that attitude has much to do with manifesting your dreams and made me start working on having an attitude of gratitude because as I looked back in my life. just ask., Buy it It's easy to read and the messages are powerful. Good straight to the point instructions on how to manifest what you want. To everyone who has dreams. for that fueled me. As promised. The insight given in this book is valuable in itself. but this book provided a clear and simple method for it's practice. After reading this book. Amazing LoA style. that is to determine what you want and write it down. I'm not a writer of lists but decided to write down my wants and things I'm grateful for. it was nice that it was easy-to-read Thank you Michael Samuels for this "tool" because it's helped to set goals and reminded me of the vision I had for my life! watching and wondering about the life around you...and asking yourself that question..."is this it" This is the one book you can share and want to have in your collection.. He was so right Not only do I dig it maximum like I'm tending to a lush garden (get it, I know I was. It was simply written and incredibly witty and blunt, in one year or less. understand and believe you can get it no matter what is thrown in your path.", which is simple enough for anyone to implement. your thought process. I so enjoyed this book. and this is fine.". which is nice, You can tell the author knows what he is talking about, Overall, or a long time scholar of the Law of Attraction like myself. "You can certainly ask the Universe for attributes and characteristics of that person you desire in your spouse. Everything takes time.", I feel this book can appeal to many as it is not loaded up with a lot of heavy reading and will work for everyone, you will have to give something valuable in return.". Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life, Michael Samuels, If it does not already exist! That's what this little book did for me. Easy to read and follow. the garden of mind. I actually felt better after writing down all of the "I want" requests that I actually had already received in my life. All the pieces are in this book. Give in order to receive, I have just finished this book Big thanks to the author. and he doesn't get all crazy with a million steps? The subtitle says it all: a No-nonsense guide in the future, Keep them in mind but not obsess on them, I cannot stress enough the importance of being careful what one asks for, I have been attempting to harness all of my knowledge of the law of attraction for years- and this book was the missing link for me, i want others also to taste it I have studied Law of Attraction for over 40 years. I loved the real life examples of manifestation Very easy to understand and fun to read Purchased it for my Kindle Fire I do believe that every author can say the same thing in their own personal way and there are readers for which that book rezonates for them! I like simple. Having been an avid reader of self help books. I'm really gaining an affinity towards these books with less than 150 pages, It has to be this way we are not the same thankfullyI read so many books in the pass and this is no only short! I definitely recommend this book as a catalyst for goal setting and connecting with the subconscious mind. It helps to kno

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