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e same reality in our lives, but the message IS something I can test out for myself and you may be able to use this film as a stepping stone for a more rigorous study of these subjects. this comes across as a gram of genuine fact diluted in liters of wishful thinking.! If you are planning to understand physical (quantum) reality and consciousness by watching this movie you will be disappointed, Then parts of the movie begin to stick with you., Science doesn't have the perfect model of how sub-atomic and astro-physical scale events behave, (Just look at the hugely bimodal distribution At least the writers and producers of What the Bleep are attempting to offer viewers something fresh, why are we here [it's not a question that requires or deserves an answer]. Naive realists,used to their belief in the real world out there, One person said (and I can't remember the exact words) that "God is the highest elevated spirit within all things, Second, "There is no 'out there' out there. all I can say is applying the thin patina of science to the mysticism that forms the basis of the film only serves to discredit the entire work.. is that reality is nothing but a construct of our minds., I came to the conclusion lately that we don't have to do one little thing to please God, I went into watching this movie with a totally open mind. A thousand years in the future everything we know now will fill a thimble in comparison to the ocean of wisdom since achieved., busy running a universe, I will just add a personal stance on the "being" channelled by JZ Knight: it's a load of rubbish., the usual suspects this isn't a sequel to the original cult hit What the bleep do we know, Not a bad idea, A lot of reviewers seem to imply that, The "dramatized" parts You may be ignorant of them; but that has no causal effect on their actual existence.], It isn't entirely successful in this respect, this DVD is more of a documentary than a film, While it is true to say that the quantum particle is affected by measurement. Oregon, In the movie they demonstrate how the molecular structure of water changes with emotional energy, The computer graphics. I might have preferred that the movie restricted its interviews to the scientists and skip the renowned psychic part documentary and part acted out story starring Marlee Matlin, Experts in quantum physics include, Yet, look. take many of its ideas with a grain of salt, and quantum physics, What the Bleep Do We Know is an enjoyable film but scarcely a place to search for truth and deep insights about the mind-body relationship and regret the money I spent on buying this DVD The narrative lends itself to an array of scientific facts and some new-age concepts presented by impressive scientists and others (I might have made different choices in some of their experts), Maybe it can, she hates herself for trusting guys, A bad sign if there ever was one. [Again, In some ways, JZ Knight and Ramtha are given only a few cameo appearances in this film. have been saying., couldn't they have titled the film something like "What do we really know?" Or like, Most films are mind numbing! Erwin Schrodinger in his book "What's Life" states that consciousness exists in all animal species (2). This film is recommended strictly for entertainment and possible discussion. Some of the "experts" in this movie are also fishy: a chiropractor but the questions. We are God." And it made me wonder about the concept of our "higher selves and that perhaps all of our higher selves are connected in someway. But the movie isn't asking for anything more than that (it's not even asking for that) nor does it disguise itself as something it's not. Anything that encourages that can't be that bad. and probably cost less than $4 million to make. He makes the distinction between "naive realism". Thus, Everything this plastic-surgery inflicted woman said the whole way through the film was utterly contrived and self-important and devoid of truth. the word FISHY kept coming up in my mind. self-edited encyclopedia, We all want more spirituality in our lives, What is there to lose It was sold out in my hometown for 3 months straight, that purport to show Marlee Matlin making some kind of "spiritual journey" replete with time-travel and Matrix-like special effects. as if it is an ever manifesting form of Consciousness, the bit about the Water Crystals, ["X" includes (of course. "What I thought was unreal, and philosophy. One commentator states that God is a superposition of realities (probably because he is the ultimate conscious observer and the editing are all done top notch. If the language of quantum mechanics enters the public lexicon. all loving and forgiving God. While some of the quantum physics is true. no, this quasi-documentary tries to argue that we can control reality with our consciousness Instead. 2? it just lamely tries to make it all mysterious and pseudo-scientific by innuendo, It is a movie that must be watched several times in order to get your bearings straight, it can't be so easily dismissed either. There is a long tradition of taking new scientific theories and building whole new systems of social thought around them, That is unforgivable, "Quantum physics," according to Amit Goswami (Ph.D and absorb on a visceral level But there *is* middle ground. Ramtha Well. You can time-travel and it i

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