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at we all have within us if we just believe that we are all instilled with godliness and by changing from our ego driven self to a positive I am driven life we can change the energy field that exists around us. Brilliant. What WAS that. If you are going to read a single book on the topic this is the book to read. This book did just that and so much more. Thank you Wayne for all you have done to affect and improve my life and my consciousness Now I know anything is possible (no exceptions) to manifest as long as I am aligned with my highest self. Great info. I would definitely recommend this. This was the choice for this year and it was the perfect book for this point in my life. Thank you Scurvy elephant for helping me I so appreciate Dr Dyers encouragement and wisdom.. This book helped me but I would still recommend it.. It is a great recording and outstanding content. Change your life. Life changing book. Changing your thought process to a postive out come is cruial to becoming the person you want to be and the life you want to have, One can never go wrong reading a Wayne Dyer book, This is definitely the book for the Spiritually minded seeker of prosperity. Highly recommended for everybody. You have to be ready to make a leap of faith. This is a very thought provoking book---giving one hopeDyer has been a favorite of mine for many years. Puts me in a much better spaceA lot of help. I have read all his books This book is wonderful for the power of positive thinking. Evolve with Dyer, Dyer will help you on your journey. Inspiring and uplifting. Sometimes I felt as if he carried on too long trying to make a point. Love itI read this book little by little. Haven't finished yet, Today. Its really simple. Dyer has said what I have been thinking and feeling for so many years but did not know how to express it. I found this book to very helpful and informative, Inspirational and quality recording by the man himself, Always up lifting. Read it once and will read it again. Nothing but the best!!!! Loved this book. A great tool to help you find your maximum potential. It is inspiring and uplifting, Wayne Dyer helps you to understand your Highest Self. Excellent in every way. Excellent. Dr Wayne Dyer is a master in deliveringHe is just so diogmanatic. This is a useful book for those who desire "more" and those who just need an interesting read, I listened to Wishes Fulfilled and immediately loaned it to a friend. This book is almost like a memoir! mostly for the stories that were shared of his journey! Highly recommend! you feel like you are journeying into the mind of the Divine creator when you read his books. then put it down and wait a few months and come back and try again. Like all of Dr. buy the CD Although it may seem to be "more of the same" - this book contains specific instructions for implementing the techniques Dr. Ordered for friend and one for myself! I love Dr Dyer. This book clearly explains in simple language how to change your mindset. Dyer while walking on the beach in Maui'Love the book! It is mind expanding. if you like what you here. Fav line: if I lose love. We've been sending copies to other friends and relatives. By the time you've purchased this book Once I started reading Wishes Fulfilled I was not able to put the kindle down. one of which is Dr. Very little scientific evidence is discussed and no real new insights offered apart from ' study orbs' and 'meditate to god frequencies', Easy to follow with practical tips.. This arrived on time and I still re-reading it (third time already), Nice easy steps on things you can do - even something small can have a profound effect on your life. this time he has expanded his reach to include not just our higher selves. But after considering the contents of the supportive literature that backs up his claim that we are indeed the I Am. Some new ideas in there. If you pay attention and do what he says you will be ahead of the game! and inspirational. However. I only wish I had read this earlier in my life! What a wonderful way to keep his words in our hearts.. What an awesome read, Dyer has covered this topic in some of his other works, His work is always of great benefit to me!A must read for anyone wanting to grow in their spirituality and look at us all in a different way! Expected more practical information but it was just anecdotal stories and a lot of self appreciation (ego) Wonderful book, .! an thought provoking,it seems to really be workingThis is the first full book that I have read of Dr. Larry I've been a fan of Wayne Dyer for years because his ever evolving growth and knowledge presented in his books never grows old, Everyone should listen to his workWhat can I say!After 25 years of trying to run the show myself I love Wayne Dyer, great Neville Goddard, Great read on how important the imagination is in our journey through life, Good information to transform yourself. Wouldn't you know, I like the idea of maintaining the mindset of liv

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