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. Love this book. expected it to be better but does helpCould not put it down. You are amazing. I received my preordered copy. inspirational teacher.. After I pre-ordered it from Target I received an Advance Reader Sampler from the editor. and it's helped me celebrate the good times. I like the way this book is arranged. this book is going to be extremely helpful. and things have slowly started falling into place. I love this book and Sarah I¡¯ve been following Sarah for a few months and was thrilled to recceive this book, if she can do it...... SO CAN I!! There are 100 fear based emotions and 100 love based emotions ! So be it so it isThis book takes you on a journey back to yourself!!This book is not only inspiring but enlightening. I absolutely recommend this book. beautiful book. Easy to read, I just got this book so I haven¡¯t read the whole thing yet...so far it has a lot of good subjects and I find it enjoyable to read and use in my daily meditations...worth the money I¡¯m hoping others enjoy it and realize how helpful it is. Very helpful. happier. It is a skill in focus of what is desired constituted mainly by LOVE. The audible version is amazing. wanted to read every page! I am so in awe. So well-done with clear messaging filled with mini-meditations. I love this as the kindle version - I was able to highlight and take notes, This book is a resource for hope, A beautifully made book. Easy to navigate there is something for anything you're feeling and in the exact moment you need it I read it in under a week as I feel like I can relate to the author's situation! Loving this book and it¡¯s guidance to manifesting. With each feeling you are provided with three love based mini-meditations to help raise the vibration of your feeling from Part 3! easy to navigate layout that helps you understand and process your emotions. I believe in reincarnation and I believe in energy of the universe so it was a no brainer when I bought her book. It is something I enjoy daily, Encouraging. Sarah (author) is such an inspirational and incredible soul! This book is such a great tool to have in your arsenal. Valuable information learned. just common ideas and mantras which are helpful but you can come up with all of these on your own., It teaches us to learn from experiences whether positive or negative no matter the feelings, Anyone reading this can learn and execute manifestation and intention through her teachings, Easy to read. Praying to the universe is like praying to a lunar crater or a passing comet, This book really helps me when I am feeling down and excited. Sarah Prout. I love it...full of inspiration and guidance. rather a self-help resource that is easy to read and understand., thank youThis book really helps you think about your feelings and provides some light in moments when you need it, This is a lovely and practical tool to help manifest a more positive lifestyle I bought one for myself and was so impressed. When you need a pick me up. feelings and heart with each and every one of those who read Dear Universe. I absolutely love Dear Universe, Sarah Prout has out down herself with Dear Universe. The book is filled with affirmations that remind me to always look at the beauty still present in life and that everything is as wonderful as I choose for it to be, Her story is woven through her comments! I've never seen anything else like it and wouldn't mind reading it over and over. Just started and I want all my friends to read this after me never felt the need to write a review on anything but this deserves one!This book does an amazing job of helping the reader identify! I have been following Sarah Prout for a few years now and just love her. I move on and finish whatever I'm doing, I'm on it. I enjoy it and turn to it often. Loved everything about this book, This book is full of amazing information to help you become one with yourself and just help with your everyday life. I totally recommend you get a copy, I like the fact that it highlights the good and the bad.! and how you want to feel. It is very good, help, I appreciate the encouragement and perspective adjustment that each page offers, love, I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to build a meditation habit and co-create the life they truly want to live. bought as a gift for a few friends too.. I have the Dear Universe card set and it has helped to transform my life by training my brain to be more positive in my thought process. It is a treasure for sure. Love it and I love Sarah Prout, It's helped me in a hundred different ways throughout the week, Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations is so inspiring! This book does not disappoint! You get practical advice on the process of manifestation and also it guides you based on your emotions! I recommend it highlyThis book is very different from every other manifestation program I have ever done. after being upgraded to release date delivery for free, Happy Reading. Flip through to your emotion, Bought a second one immediately as a gift for my sister., In 5 days I manifested over 2 million in business. The meditations are wise, It's great for a quick little mini-meditation to get you back into a happy. just can¡¯t wait to get my hard copy. great inspiration. The moment I opened this book! She gives the high and lows in this book. energetic and spiritual way! Both Magical and grounded. I'm considering buying some for holiday gifts for my family. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book as a daily resource to get closer to caring for your feelings. It's not fluff... Love this book. The manifestions are powerful and the stories from the heart! you feel your copy is just right for you. I enjoy reading her book. in real life. but I wasn¡¯t expecting much. Sarah's writing is very easy to read and her message is relatable. I highly recommend this book. I wouldn't invest in this for NEW ideas. I love to use it when I¡¯m feeling anxious about things. I feel very blessed to have this book. So keep this book close and handy as you will refer back to it alot. Love it. Negative emotions have to be felt still. Got this book bc I need to manifest change in my life quickly, I have been following Sara Prout for almost a yr. The autobiography of Sarah prout some how got mixed in with a meditation book and while I admire her vulnerability and courage to share her story it does nothing to raise my vibration or get me in a better feeling space in fact it does the opposite. Thanks Sara i Am do happy, I so far love it cuz its full of affirmative positive statementOrdered the book becau

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