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rther! Always on my desk as a handy reference for quick shifts of resistance and movements back to creation, especially on the hard days! is that I can identify my current mood/thoughts by searching through a list of words and then look up ways to deal with that particular emotion! We cannot wish it like Santa Claus! It helped me calm down before a major meeting, Really helps me work on my energy! and so it is, This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This book is very well written for manifesting your dreams. abandoned. I've already read and reread and will continue to read her helpful suggestions. Thank you for this wonderful. I am thankful that she shared her thoughts! I've seen pictures of it before and thought it was pretty. I can¡¯t wait to incorporate these mini meditations into my daily routine. and reminding us to be grateful for all. during a trying time in my life. I have been reading this book faithfully since I received my copy! Thank you Sarah Prout, Get Ready to Expetience a Change in your Life. It has mini meditations you can read. I been listening to this book on Audible from the time I ordered it 2 weeks ago. deepens, There are 100 fear based meditations to help you through times in life when you need to be uplifted. I am truly grateful to Sara for writing this book, each read is new and different. you can select the one you need. holding up to daily use. However. The book itself is gorgeous too. I'll be using it every day. worth to read transforming her life and then sharing her experiences authentically with the world to help others.. kind. Wonderful book wonderful sellerGreat Book. you go directly to the two-pages you need for your current situation or mood. but for the woman. I have my first one to my 16 year old Granddaughter.! It has guiding me to identify clearly my emotions ergo to be able to ask my higher self the Dear Universe for live&light . I am so uplifted by this book and its meditations its a life changer for sure. I really enjoy the mini meditations I open my Dear Universe. But I love how the information is presented. Thank you so much SarahGreat motivator for peaceful living, I absolutely love this book! I definitely will be buying more of these books and giving them as gifts!A lovely book filled with suggested meditations for manifesting the life you want and need!Be ready and open to explore and manifest the life you dream of, I love the way it makes me think and feel, Love all the mini prayers in this book! easy to use and full of good stuff. Bought elsewhere but this book is a fantastic daily pick me up, This book will help you with however you are feeling. A book you¡¯ll keep coming back to as you maneuver through the plethora of emotions and experiences that life has to offer, And it really does work! It¡¯s absolutely perfect in every way, It gets specific on your feelings and then gives you a way to bring yourself out of darkness and into love! right from the start! You need to pick this up if you are working on yourself and want to have more joy in your life!! Very well organized to find exactly what I want to read about! It is a treasure for sure. This is a book you will turn to again and again, I have the Dear Universe card set and it has helped to transform my life by training my brain to be more positive in my thought process. Inspirational. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book as a daily resource to get closer to caring for your feelings. I have always believed that there is a "higher power" out there and that we still have so much to learn about our minds. This book is so needed in my life right now. I suppose in the Atheist culture people desperately try to find someone to pray to, The first thing I do in the morning is get coffee and Dear Universe. I just Purchased this book and im still reading it. Emotions are key for manifesting. Dear Universe is a book about empowerment; taking control of your life and getting the things you want out of it This book is so easy to read and so easy to use! and a wonderful tool that I use daily! If you have wanted to easily and gently move from lower vibrational feelings and thoughts or continue giving gratitude for the love and abundance in your life! Dear Universe is the perfect addition to your transformational. I just got this book so I haven¡¯t read the whole thing yet...so far it has a lot of good subjects and I find it enjoyable to read and use in my daily meditations...worth the money. I highly recommend this book to those looking to manifest growth and happiness in abundance, dwelling on worry and fear, I¡¯ll buy anything she puts out, It uplifts me & makes the days much better. Love this book!This book has honestly been Iike my other bible! but insight as to where she is coming from is rather nice! It will convince you that if you truly believe anything is possible, I have just the one hardcover copy but I¡¯m gonna be purchasing the e-copy as well. Sarah reminds us of how to do this for various moods!!! and gives you thoughtful comment on your humanness in that feeling and a brief meditation for connection with the Universe and your inner being, We're all humans. I know that I am given the signs that I need to see at the divine time. thank youThis book really helps you think about your feelings and provides some light in moments when you need it! Xoxoxo! This book is amazing. This is a beautiful well written book that has easily achievable steps to take you to a better feeling/emotion from where you are! Highly recommended.. This book is beautifully designed I just got my book in the mail today. and for hope and faith that the vastness of possibilities, A must have book for your awe inspiring journey! This book is an amazing gift from Sarah Prout to all of us. I haven't been happier. I bought one for myself and was so impressed. I absolutely love this book. You get practical advice on the process of manifestation and also it guides you based on your emotions, Great way to start your day. It's so many manifestations for all events and feelings in your life and mind, or if are new and want to learn more about it, Give me peace and assurance that the Universe is on my side. I love this book. I absolutely love itThe book is so beautiful and so inspiring. When I find myself faced with any adverse emotion; I find myself asking ¡°How did Sarah handle such a feeling. This is a MUST HAVE book.. Manifestation. I love this book it has changed the way I think and is teaching me to appreciate the present and also how to deal with my emotions and how to change my negative outcome I Absolutely love and adore this book!

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