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week. I appreciate the encouragement and perspective adjustment that each page offers, Ií»m hoping others enjoy it and realize how helpful it is, The book is jam packed with beautiful meditations for all emotional states, And instead of wondering why. Absolutely LOVE, I like that I can read it for a few minutes or a few hours and still be able to get the most out of the content. for a book we both can share I started reading this book as part of the launch team. This book came at the right time when my spirits were low and I was unsure about manifesting my desires. I love this book. Beautifully written, love. As well as keeping one for myself. Not like the others that I caní»t read more than ten pages before zoning out. this book is going to be extremely helpful, I love the bite size pieces of advice from one of my favorite people in the manifesting world., Loved everything about this book. I love using this book when I need guidance, Gave a copy to my best friend and we book talk all the time. This book is a wonderful and thoughtful guide through the emotions you are feeling right now and it helps you move through feelings like fear and anxiety to abundance, I love this book and think the author is so inspiring and relatable. Very helpful! Ií»m on it! I keep it out on my vanity to remind me of my worth & capabilities everyday. It helps me get thru whatever situation i am in or feeling. Brilliant book. They have already become a part of my daily life. I highly recommend.. I am touched. Ití»s a brilliant way to structure a book because we all need that jolt of perspective now and again. I'm enjoying it. Being new to LOA and manifestation this book has helped open my eyes!!What a lovely experience look up your emotion and quickly reference a mini meditation to help release it! There are 200 manifestations to help with many situations in your daily life!!! The layout is fantastic and so easy to read, I love this book. Besides purple is my favorite color, Part 2 offers 100 fear based emotions with insight on the feeling! too.. anxious, Since coming back from my week long vacation the Universe has brought forth many things for me, The mini meditations are amazing. I carry this book in my purse and use it on an hour by hour basis for my feelings! It's my go to book every day and night. El libro es muy bueno y hace cambiar el pensamiento that's ok, easy to navigate layout that helps you understand and process your emotions, I know it seems simple to say about a book. I so far love it cuz its full of affirmative positive statementOrdered the book because I owe Sarah Prout big time for her manifesting ritual, Love this book & all the extras that come with it like being able to draw a daily oracle card through FB messenger to manifest anything & everything you can imagine. But I do follow Sarah on her other programs that I use she has helped me so much on being positive. Amazing! This is a great bedside book! Read it through and use as a tool to help your daily mediation, action I recently discovered the power of manifestation, I love it.Thx you Sarah and Universe!I plan on getting a copy for several people in my lifeThis book is amazing. This book is amazing, I believe this book was written with much guidance of a higher power, So I do love everything she has. Thank you Sarah Prout. Love this book, I am so engaged. This book has proven to be a journey. One of my favorite components of this book is that you can search for and find the emotion youí»re feeling and immediately read a short and powerful segment of Dear Universe and get your mindset straight.! a shift! Easy to understand and full of quick meditations. Sarah addresses a wide range of emotions. this book is a must. Thank you for this "How To" on manifesting a better life/world. If you need help upon your spiritual manifesting journey. I absolutely love love love Dear Universe..!I love it...full of inspiration and guidance. gratitude and love. I kid you not when I say. It applies to so many things and every situation!! Her method makes sense. Just finished the sample and of course it ends at perfect part, I had the pleasure of receiving a copy early to review useful book. I have had this wonderful book for a few days now and will turn to it to connect with my higher power daily. When you need a pick me up. It helps you tune in your feelings and then helps you release them. other than that the most attractive thing about it is the pretty cover.! comes with a book mark and is right by my side! Is it negative and you want to change it, and bam- there it is in the book! This book has helped me to get through on several occasions! Sarah eloquently takes us through her own journey and reminds us of our ability to create our best life! I recommend this book to everyone. Everyone should own this book. Thank you. Thanks Sarah Prout for such an inspiring book. things to remember and then a quick mini-meditation! you are taken to a place of peace and abundance, Manifesting for many years I have wholeheartedly learned why some things are just not manifested now but do manifest later.. feel. As I read through the meditations in this beautiful book! and just her magic at manifesting. and she covers 100 different feelings so there is so much to identify with and relate to. expected it to be better but does helpCould not put it down Also...this isn't exactly a self-help book like you are familiar with! then engaging again. I am loving this book so far. Ten foundational elements are shared along with insight for visualization suggestions. thank you so much Sarah for sharing with the world. love. other times just for a few minutes. The night it came in was a very hard night for me. A GO TO DAILY LIVING FEELING BIBLE of the MIND for the soul within yourself and your feelings which cannot be swept under the rug. Very inspiring. I love how it not only shows me to accept the feelings of fear I have. A very personal story and inspiring ways to manifest the better you. The affirmations are beautifully put. for my daughter and her friend. Abandoned references Loved! without the overly weird out there type of mentality! This crucial skill is often overlooked or seen as weak!! and you have helped me incredibly, self-develpoment and finding my own self and mycway lately, Ití»s full of well-written!! The passages provides insightful and meaningful meditations for every situation you may encounter, Amazing and powerful, Very powerful and inspiring and helps you to focus on daily meditation!Since putting into practice the techniques Sarah teaches. An

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