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cess to create consistent manifesting in one's life, His insight into the human spirit was unrivaled! It could not have come to me at a better time. I ¡®m Wayne Dyer fan. I have read a variety of books on the subject. I'm about to read it a third time because it's that good - the messages are powerful and resonate as truth within me., I highly recommend this book to all those with an open mind. Great book. Life changing I've read all of his books and try to tune in anytime he has a television message.. Dyer while walking on the beach in Maui. I am understanding alot more about manefesting and know I will achieve my goal on time because of the insight this book has given me. Will read again and again !Not bad but not totally believeable. A very positive book, Be careful what you wish for. Love him and his workThe book is outstanding! This book added an element I didn't realize. It explained in terms that I could understand what needed to be done to move my life to true happiness and love and how important that is Great AdviceThere is an old saying that "When the student is ready. Very good. All I can say is you must have faith and all things are possible with God, and open to many things we are not taught in school growing up! If you do what he says in the book, I use his I AM idea on a daily basis. Great product You know what they say "when the student is ready the master will come". But she also read his other books and ones similar to this topic.. Thanks for a good copy. The gifts of tried and true methods to practice keeps me ever locked into my Divinity. Dyer writes clearly and gently instructs one on the ways one can choose to live their life in peace and love follow it. and felt inspired when I did - it just seemed to be just what I needed at the right moment, I highly recommend tis book as a starter book for your enlightenment journey, this book feels like the culmination and distillation of all he's learned...and taught. Dyer is a compassionate This book opened my mind to so many things in a sense that ANYTHING is possible. and have listened to audio, I now understand, This is a great book! If you are extremely attached to one doctrine, I have so much to ask the universe for it may take a while Was that an objecting statement?? Thank you Dr. but follows....no Dr Dyer is a good teacher and makes learning God's presence an adventure , One word, or to anyone who recognizes their own power but doesn't know how to use it, but for me it was a bit elementary. I also bought the CD with the meditation.Loved it!!! and others, I bought the audio version of this book and loved it so much that I bought the book. To remember what I already 'knew' in the middle of a really shaky time !Dr The words flow into my soul and fulfilled my needs, It makes you think differently about how you live your life, I hope you'll find this book as uplifting. I can't thank you enough for this. He has always been such an inspiration and is greatly missed. Sorry we lost the good Doctor, This said. W. love Wayne's workAs describedI have always liked Wayne Dyer. down to earth I am in a very different place in my life. I would definitely recommend this CD set to anyone. I have it on Audio which I think is awesome with Wayne Dyer's voice? Excellent ProductI really enjoy Dr, non-believing. I was absolutely engrossed in this book...I will read it again and again ... If your looking for advise and insight in the art of manifesting look no more In WISHES FULFILLED Wayne Dyer presents very clear & precise practices that anyone can follow to acquire all of their wishes & desires. I have read quite a few books by Dyer but enjoyed this book even more., yourself, This will guide you through. This book Wishes fulfilled comes into my life exactly in the moment I was looking for increase my knowledge and my spirituality. This book was Wayne Dyer's best. Thanks. Perhaps used as a focus of positive energy. Changed my life. He always has the best answers and guidelines I'm reading it every other day and I'm sticking with it and I enjoy the teachings in this book. I have already started implementing much of this into my daily life and love the new way of being.! If you start to read this book and find yourself in a skeptical. Dyer's talk of "orbs". So many meaningful passages in this book!Great author and message, Mr I love reading his book. Thank you Wayne Dyer. Trying to manifest my own book and Wishes Fulfilled has placed the energy necessary to accomplish just that. I keep one of his quotes from the book in a frame above my desk and another in the front of my journal. Another excellent book by the masterful Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer inspires readers and me in this book to marvel at the mysteries of life and live our dreams. This is my favorite Wayne Dyer book I usually don't read books a second time but this book I will again soon. It was my own image I was reacting to when I felt what I earlyer described! this work was no exce

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