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. and a great resource to have at hand for a refresher when we begin to fall off our personal path of fulfillment. Wishful thinking and mastering the art of nothingIt is a must for discovering your inner self. This book offers you positive changes in your thinking. a wounded warrior or just want to learn and see things from a new perspective, Love everything Dr Dyer does. Could not understand what Dyer was trying to get across to us in many of the chapters, Spiritually based. Over all a very good book, I wish everyone reads this., At odds with the scientific thinking of Richard Dawson and others who look at evolution and science based thinking as the real explanation of our existence. You can never go wrong with Dr, The best part of this book was being directed to the companion CD. I would love for the world to read this book. A truly informative book. I thought it was extremely well written and completely written. He also has a great sense of humor. Got three quarters through it. And even that is hard to follow with no clear sense of what topic he is really addressing! Love Wayne Dyer and this book is Great!!! Does seem a little out of bounds but that is its goal, Is it my imagination or what?, or anything we can make a part of our beliefs and feelings. Better than his earlier books. This is very inspirational and I have taken it to heart and therefore to action. That is a weak point in an otherwise very powerful book and message of love. With a strong anchor in the present. This book is well written and helpful in making difficult changes for a better life, I have read just about all of Dr. or live trough, This wasn't the case for every chapter though. excellent, Dr. A God essence person just like all of us, It's all about tapping into this power you have and "Wishes Fulfilled" by Dr. very enlightening If you are drawn to this book! Dyer's books are so inspirational to me. Dyer's wisdom never ceases to amaze me. I love all of Wayne's books and this one is no exception, Many ideas and things to keep in mind and practice daily. Terrific read, inspirational and life changing as I have. Are capable of, I just love the way he writes and explains things. It brings life and the universe into focus for me and lets me count on God even more! I tend to absorb certain parts; but not all the priciples as I see fit.. I listen to my CD's while driving going to work and it makes me feel good and renew. in body and spirit (as a spiritual being having a human experience).. This book is everything I expected and more I believe you will find that you have the ability to do just as this book suggests: manifest beautiful things in your life. this is a must read for eery person who is in the path of enlightenment, Highly recommended., I bought this book after watching Wayne's DVD a few times and listening to the audiobook, And saying 'in the interest of brevity I won't delve into this topic further' doesn't cut it with this reader. Most of it is within the bounds of Christianity even though a good many would have difficulty understanding this. Have read several books ,seen videos. Learned some valuable lessons that I had forgotten. awesomeI could read this over and over and come away learning new. I recommend it for anyone wanting more from themselves. Wayne Dyer has proven why so many people find his words inspiring. he's changed my life for the better and this book is one that I'll read over and over again. Dyer! Beautiful things have indeed been taking place in my life as of late. yet at the same time reveals truth to others who are living in the light of God comprehensiveness. I've enjoyed the ebook as well as the audible version. Divine Love-centric living and being. He is helping me to understand just how we maninfest with our every word and thought! your mind should. It is a fast and easy read. life-changing information every time. Dyer. has changed my life in ways that I can't measure. you will see change for the better and wishes fulfilled! I have bookmarked so many items it will be like rereading the entire book again. I listen to Dr. The book is written very well and I believe in all of it, Recommend to all. A very inspiring book. I got the book on time and there was no writing inside., This definitely is a must read I know how the mind works. Life changing book. It is easy to read and helped me to create my own "Wishes Fulfilled"life., I have read this book many times over and will do so many more times, Excellent CD His work is very personal. I recently saw him at a conference in San Jose after listening to "Making the Shift" and watching his movie "The Shift" (both of which I loved and have shared with others), He is a great teacher. dyer's and it resonates very deeply with me. May he rest in peaceDr. Ciao Scott. After returning home! This book. It was a very good book! only a few times throughout the book. A great gift to yourself or loved ones . Thats fine. Dyer's book had a simple and yet inspiring

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