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roght wrong! which helps when sitting with them since you can easily recall them., Anyone reading this can learn and execute manifestation and intention through her teachings. I opened the book to a random page. it has every emotion covered. This book is beautifully designed to help you identify a particular feeling you may be experiencing or would like to adjust. in good times and bad. Whatever you are feeling right now! Each page has the power to help raise your vibration immediately. technical knowledge BS . Since reading it I have enjoyed days of positivity even when there are bumps thrown in. Love it. almost like affirmations. This book literally helped me improve my life.. This isn¡¯t always easy in today¡¯s time but Dear Universe gives you that time and dedicated it to focusing on your true desires and direction for manifesting those desires in a positive. and follow the instruction and meditation Bought this from my local bookshop. Not only is the book beautifully designed but the power behind these manifestations is amazing, do yourself a favor and pick it up now. or just finding a path to take, which is great for me because I do a lot of reading on the go. out of, Love this book. The audible version is amazing, three times..whenever I am feeling some kind of emotion, I recommend it highlyThis book is very different from every other manifestation program I have ever done. Love, and how you want to feel, It gives one grounding and help to their every day concerns, to Sarah so transparent and know she has been though a lot of what everyone has been though . Unique, Always upbeat and real, Exactly what I need for my solitude for self moments, It not only looks amazing it is amazing so helpful, Love it., You can feel the energy and love. This book helps me to boost my confidence in myself and to trust the universe, but I feel like it dilutes it a bit, Thirdly, strengthen the good in all that shows up in life, I truly enjoy hearing about her life and experiences too Less than 5 minutes you can get a mini-meditation!I love this book for so many reasons. I meditate first thing in the morning and this is my go to book, rising above negativity, Wonderfully reassuring and empowering it is the perfect book tip keep handy for realigning your thought each day and keeping positivity and motivation in your life, Really enjoying many of the mantra¡¯s and the results they are bringing into my life! She talk about how great life is now. Excited to read more.. I loved it so much I have bought 2 more and shared them with friends that I thought needed them and would love them and they have. I can pick it up. The meditations and affirmations are very helpful I love this magical. Has truly helped and brought a lot of joy into my life. Love love love the book so far. A powerful resource to help you connect to the emotions that you¡¯re currently experiencing with techniques to guide you towards your desired feelings and outcomes, Once it's in your hand it's even better., After you read it you can keep going back to it to help on how you are feeling for that day. The book is filled with meditations to inspire, The thing about Dear Universe is that Sarah Prout begins on a TOTALLY personal level which resonates with the reader! Thanks Sarah You will be amazed by this book and by Sarah¡¯s journey. The book is laid out with a comprehensive table of contents allowing you to easily find what you need. Is it positive and you want to keep it going. I feel like it is a reference book that could come in handy many times throughout every day of your life, I'm on it. I love this book and Sarah, Do yourself a favor and order this book - it is definitely worth the investment. and so grateful for this book and Sarah! It comes in handy! This book is amazing in so many ways. a beautiful book & charming to read. but I would have enjoyed it more if it had more motivating content than autobiographic examples! turn to the emotion I'm currently feeling, I am reading threw the book and getting familiar with it. I do like the layout with negative emotions/positive emotions and cross referencing one to the other to provide a more positive outlook. Got this book bc I need to manifest change in my life quickly. twice. I find this to be a very positive. those things can be found in the present, audio and kindle forms I don't go anywhere without it, I used this book to help manifest a retail place to sell my handmade items and a tribe of like minded light workers. I love the book very easy to read and it works, Then there are 100 ¡°how I want to feel¡± feelings and it is uplifting and inspiring to read those. like the title said. We all have feelings. Thank you. rather a self-help resource that is easy to read and understand.. I think this is a great approach I have it on audiobooks and I listen to it in the morning to get my day started on the right foot. This is a wonderful guide for shifting from fear to love, energetic and spiritual way, happier. negative thoughts, I love Sarah Prout! I can't wait to put this into practice, and your on your way, short meditation. and the personal way that Sarah has put her heart and soul into this helpful book! The author should simply admit she is a Pantheist who believes in a Pantheist sort of deity! you feel much better! both fear-based and love-based So many helpful techniques to communicating with the Universe and in turn it providing all I need! I did my meditations ave cleared my mind. The way Sarah shared her story. My heart felt Thank you SarahI have enjoyed this book immensely! I also go back depending on what I am feeling to follow the meditations So much insight to help improve life and your surroundings. This book is not only inspiring but enlightening. and understand their emotions. I call Dear Universe my manifesting Bible. Love this book very insightful, The book is gorgeous and so easy to read. It may resonate with you, I think it's very well written. As the saying goes ¡°positive attracts positive! If you're needing a little extra inspiration or motivation. and I need his meditations to stay focused every day Thank you so much Sarah. ¡°Dear Universe¡± is a wonderful daily resource for anyone who wants to use both positive and negative emotions to guide their relationship with the Universe and manifest what they desire more quickly and easily. What I got instead is a very deep. Learn about yourself and how to have everything you could ever want in your life by specifically focusing on those intentions. I am purchasing a book for my daughter!!!! Fu

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