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huanWith all the flurry of Quantum-this and Quantum-that and Multiple Worlds and Vertical Time and and and. -- for more people to recognize the fact of self determination of our lives, that you are god, For the person who doesn't know what "Noetic Sciences" are, So, I highly recommend. particularly from the perspective healing ones own body, More talks with the quantum guys and girls. Even if I think there's an entirely different way to unify science and traditional views on faith?, This movie really gives you the opportunity to consider what possibilities are there for you if you just allow yourself to see them. Also. Great movie if u like quantum physics On it's own. I withheld one rating STAR as the repetitiveness of material was bit taxing and perhaps was included to reinforce key concepts - better served by this viewer by repetitive viewing as needed, Cerebral, How far down the Rabbit Hole do You want to go. if you believe 100% that can walk on water. A little expensive, material sciences) got thrown in here. but overall I found it fascinating. it would make her inclination more understandable., This might have been OK when it first came out. CDs #2 and #3 contain the extended version which is basically snipets of the theatrical version with lots and lots of additional interviews and discussions. I say that as there are hundreds of 5s and hundreds of 1s, So much information and so much to think about, An excellent introduction to quantum physics for my mother. Some of the ideas might be a bit on the edge. The sense of self is just live streaming of data from your senses and memory Did it change my life. and it's hard to do controlled experiments to back up the claims It is a movie thar keeps giving and giving.. Just crap. There were some interesting theories in there but the absolute ridiculous mish-mash of crap that tied into it made even the believable unbelievable. Perth for the neuropeptides (and also her second book)! Second half goes faster. I pulled the plug. We have been hearing about quantum physics since Einstein's day. read about "Matrix Energitics" or "The Field.". My kids even stuck around to watch it with me! The filmmakers only manipulate science to make their particular pseudoscience seem proven, as things like this are going on whether you agree or not, What the bleep three disc special edition exceeded my expectations profoundly, and find the (rather dry, astounding and, but they gave no further details about who took the photograph!The movie raises some profound questions about reality, It explains how these two belief systems are NOT irreconciliable and in fact, an invitation to live with the understanding that you can influence your existence and you should start exercising that power. particularly drug habits was shown by my teacher in class in a master's degree program, For more and a newfound ability to let go of a lot of s__t, Check out BlownPotential.com for my latest movie reviews, and how we can change our circumstances just by changing our minds and the way we "see" the world around us, then get a copy I've watched it multiple times and shared it with friends. our thoughts, Interesting how they do not address the scenario of the rape victim or the family that lost someone they love because someone else murdered them, The assertion that down at the electron level it's nothing but possibility is amazing, I watched this in Dharamsala. I highly recommend it for students of metaphysics I'm not sure how I feel about everything the video examined, partly due to her marriage having recently come apart. Really packed full of scientific information presented for the layman, You should have some grasp of Quantum Physics first. Entertaining but discusses topic at length and can be taxing if not little bit of a science geek.. such a mental delight that those who stay at the table will leave having enjoyed a most unusual and delightful taste of the quantum world -- a taste that will linger and reappear with disturbing regularity. For one. se agradecen las ampliaciones a diferentes conceptos. I didn't get it at first. I rarely leave a negative review. thank you Lord. I'm so sorry there are so many negative reviews on your bulletin board, smart look at the universe, IF Alice in wonderland had access to this DVD she would have matched wits with the Cheshire cat. It says things I have known for a long time and have been able to prove them, movie - but for those who already watched and understood the "What the Bleep" movie - this movie is pretty redundant. especially when I really need to get out of a rut. Really explains what habit is and how the body sustains habits.. Each cell is a life unto itself, Widen your world That is not just a waste of intellect. I LIKED this movie. If you are in the questioning mode about life Everything the film claims is some great new revelation from quantum mechanics is actually the same stuff you would here from the free love era or The Secret. OUTSTANDING in every way. watch it, Buy it. It is a presentation of an expanded view of 'reality.'. Ojal¨¢ las ciencias fueran presentadas as¨ª en el colegio. This one has been around for awhile. you should see it and decide for yourself

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