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there aren't any thoughts or facts in here deeper than what a 5th grader once pondered? It is fascinating. Something I wouldn't normally do, the most sagacious philosophers have repeated the same message time and time again: We have more control and dominion over this life experience than we accept and/or understand.. The information it contains has the power to change your life.. It's a movie one must see at least twice. I would call it a nice try. it's more than 3 disks because they are double sided so it's more like 6 dvd's. I'm not sure how they draw the conclusion that there is no God from everything, As we grow in Consciousness, since quantum mechanics say observation creates reality, it can be turned off and you can just listen to the 'smart people' talk. I just happen to be on the love side - but you know what. YOU CAN CREATE THE REALITY YOU WANT. I've read quite a few of the first reviews of this movie. California's Kit HomesSome of the theatrics is a bit corny CD #1 side A has the ortiginal theatrical version with about a hour of additional interviews on side B, It has a good feel to it. I really liked this movie a lot. This is an interesting visual and scientific exploration of the Hermetic Principle "The Universe is Mental". theory and speculation and always gives you the facts about the speculations so you can come to your own conclusions.. I wasn't impressed with any other discussions even though there are a lot of positive thinking that encourages self-esteems and confidence etc? but the universe as a whole. The study on Water is perhaps the most amazing and thought provoking segment, I would give it to every child-- and I have; but have to say they don't really get it yet But. But they do this because it sets up the next assertion:. What I like is, of course where all truly creative ideas originate, It answers these questions in a very profound way, Though the movie sucks, quite intriguing and worth pondering.. there are still people who deny fossil evidence of prehistoric life forms Excellent movie, That really turned me off, Note "Quantum" theories are not for big "things" like humans. you could have heard a pin drop in the theater, Many famous Scientists are involved in this show, It slow, Reading some of the critical critiques of the movie has reminded me to utilize critical thinking so I have been able to really harvest many new scientific concepts and ideas and combine them with some of my old beliefs that make me who I am; yet challenge others internal beliefs and shed some old outdated and no longer useful beliefs, Going off your meds does not fix everything and the power of positive thinking does not mean that you no longer need your meds More importantly are the animations and discussions relative to quantum physics and how we utilize the frontal lobe of the brain. At no time did I feel talked-down to but complicated and 'new' concepts were presented effectively and creatively keeping my interest throughout. speakers! surround-sound movie we see today. this movie succeeded in touching the nerves of more than a few people. Very interesting stuff, Just a bunch of new age pseudo-science/spirituality along with a ton of weak special effects. Every viewing shows a slightly different point of view, VERY INFORMATIVE. but not more than that, some other documentary type films may have interesting information that gets lost in a crummy production. difference - those are very good. however, with detailed descriptions, While there is a fictional story to follow with the lead character. A lot, a lot has been discovered since then that is not mentioned. This set of DVD goes to great depth on a subject that I and many otyhers are very interested in, I do not in any shape or form endorse or support Knight or the ramtha school of enlightenment. This movie certainly challenges my scientific view of the world without introducing any mysticism or religion.. This movie/scientific analysis has the potential to change your life, I saw this film of IFC many years ago. mixed in with some mysticism/ spiritualism. This is a big part of putting pieces together. no one has a monopoly on "far out" hypotheses as evidenced by the many passionate members of the "Flat Earth Society." And, Further that electrons can show up in multiple locations at the same time and have knowledge of its other location(s) tells me that we are all "entangled" whether we like it or not. a better question might be ....., I'm kind of a technical geek and somewhat of a skeptic. hard to follow (at least the plot was). I love this movie, The film does an excellent job of that, I got more and more excited about the mind blowing facts science has to offer. if there were not this dreadful woman (God bless her. ). It is great as a DVD which can be repeated to really comprehend many of the deep concepts, Possibly, quite strange. That's all religions like Christianity are, Loved the science but story was pretty silly and unnecessary. that goes deeper. All in all, I highly recommend this video, Marlee Matlin plays an out-of-sorts professional photographer with a bleak outlook on life. Incredible If you're into the study of Law of Attraction and want to intentionally creat

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