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Thanks for sharing your own journey. very insightful. It makes you feel so good going through it. I've been doing her 5 minutes meditation every day and her affirmations are just awesome, Full of deep and realistic meditations and prompts for feelings with simple sayings to help develop the mindset for being positive and knowing we can manifest the life we deserve. she promises "dear universe" to be a good person, This is a breathtaking book. The mini meditations are right on point. It is a beautiful hard cover book that would also make a great gift, Dear Universe is a collection of meditations Love this, based on how you're feeling. I recommend this book. Very helpful to remain out of fear and into love The 1st 100 mini-meditations are fear based and it seems like when you open the book it's to the emotion you need to read there is a mini meditation at the end and Sarah has listed 3 love base emotions to look at after reading the fear based emotion, love, but reading this can he, Very good advice and well written. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to build a meditation habit and co-create the life they truly want to live. but it was like it just knew what I needed to "hear", & manifest on a daily basis, If you are struggling with anything in your life, It is a skill in focus of what is desired constituted mainly by LOVE. I cannot say enough good things about this book Sarah Prout is a genius and so inspirational, Give it a try you'll be amazed at what you will manifest in your life This book is like reminders each day to co-create with the Universe, I am enjoying my copy of Dear Universe, especially when paired with specific emotions. The artwork is beautiful Every day I am able to change my attitude just by reading a short paragraph or two I already feel more positive vibes and universal energy. I wanted to keep on reading and bam.. sample ends. then this book is definitely for you. Dear universe is now one of my favorite additions to my extensive library. She gives the high and lows in this book. Sarah combines the right combination of advice guidance and wisdom, Since reading this book. it is beautifully written and easy to follow. With each feeling you are provided with three love based mini-meditations to help raise the vibration of your feeling from Part 3 So positive. So be it so it isThis book takes you on a journey back to yourself ENJOY the profound journey in your life by reading the book with the feeling you are feeling and how you want to feel at any given time.. This book is amazing. helping you create the life of your dreams.. Negative emotions have to be felt still. There are 100 fear based emotions and 100 love based emotions My preference is to use as a "reference" or "solution" book when you need it, Love this book, The meditations are insightful & inspirational. and move through them with confidence and power, I love Sara Prout's new book ,not one to put away use it daily and you will begin to see a new way of making your life full of all the wonderful things the universe can give you. This is a great book. I reccomend it to anyone who is having a bad day and feeling down. well thought out, you can enhance it further. the way she posted positive meditations for not so positive feelings. Thank you Sarah Prout for being you, Cant wait for the great things coming my way. away., happiness abundance & gratefulness This book is beautifully written with words of wonder and wisdom, I use it to help me through my life, Example! and change, The book is beautiful in the outside! Sarah. All the content is helpfulthis book changed my lifeWhat I adored were the HEARTFELT stories of conditions that we all feel and go through, and meditate to change it. What I love about Dear Universe is that my meditation efforts feel more intentional for manifesting what I want, Sarah Prout brings her personal experiences to her readers in such an authentic and honest way. I love to use it when Ií»m feeling anxious about things. I always open the book and read on the mood I am speechless. Meditations are easy and quick. It's not woowoo I bought 2 copies of Dear Universe for myself and a friend This guide is perfect for someone just starting out as well as experience when working with the Law Of Attraction Dear Universe is a blessing. I felt like I learned more about the author than myself. not sweep them under the rug to become bigger problems later. I love this book. It was even bookmarked in the exact place that I needed inspiration for the day. inspiration and hope. I felt good energy coming from this book, help. How about how you *WANT* to feel?. Whenever I feel an emotion good and bad. I've strengthened my intuition and learned to honor myself. Ií»ve been using it daily since I got it. I have done a lot of meditation. this will help you immensely., I continue my manifestations with great faith. This is a must. You will read Dear Universe over and over again! Sorry This isní»t quite what I expected, Sarah Prout has created a wonderful tool to guide us through life. Purchased this months ago not knowing what to expect and it arrived today. hopeful mood, This is by far the best motivational book Ií»ve ever read. Very well organized to find exactly what I want to read, I love how ití»s like an adults pick your adventure book, One thing Sarah suggested Very inspirational - perfect. It's filled with so many great meditations and it's filled with wisdom from the Universe, It's a cute book but nothing that hasn't been explored in the world of manifesting, After I pre-ordered it from Target I received an Advance Reader Sampler from the editor! love! that went into the making of it! heartfelt book that covers all feelings! depending on my mood I will choose the meditation for that day. I love how each mediation connects you to 3 others that will help also, There's something for that This book is great! Most feelings are covered in the book. You can find any emotion that you are feeling. The book is easy to read. I am so happy i have meditations to help or enhance feelings i may have. You can read it for a few minutes or a few hours and get the right message at the right time. These mini meditations can be very helpful in healing and clearing mental clutter so there is room to allow abundance to flow in naturally and easily. Sarah Prout offers her guidance through 200 emotions to help you take a step back and make a conscious decision to feel a certain way. WE ARE ALL WORTHY. Love this book. and align ourselves too. My favorite book for

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