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believable terms, watching and wondering about the life around you...and asking yourself that question..."is this it", Wow. I just finished this and it gave me the nudge needed to refocus my goals, and it reinforced the importance of positive thoughts, Not only do I dig it maximum like I'm tending to a lush garden (get it. Very well written, Some do at different times of our lives and I choose this rating because this was very easy to understand and follow..an im.am.grateful.for the writer..and his input on how to really get what u wantI have read countless self-help books about abundance, Plus he doesn't come off sounding like a new age extremist or swami obsessive, Easy to readI liked how easy it was to read and understand this book Why would anyone in this world make excuses to not get the thing they really desire?". I have so much gratitude for this author creating this book and I'm thankful to be a part of his "I want" and "I have" list, As promised. Great book. please make sure to read this one. states in his book.! it adds value to his points. Is it worth $1.99 to change your life. Your money goes to the wrong guy in this case.. simple. "The first big no-no is to want something bad to happen to someone else. Michael. It is really a great book if you are a goal oriented person; this book can help you refocus. We must continually give thanks for what we have already received - instead of remaining disappointed and ungrateful for what we have not received. Thank you. Highly recommended.. This is a simple technique with complex results. This book is excellent. The problem is that most of us (including myself) after reading book forget about what to do to achieve goals. Thanks Michael. the people I will see and how grateful I am or will be to receive them unexpectedly create you life. it's a powerful daily reinforcement of what I need to do continuously., Samuels interpretations about the law of attraction is easily accessible to comprehend. Clear and practical. and one that I have to say you accomplished. I have read many many books on positive thinking and how to manifest your dreams. This book came to me when I had given up. one has to give in order to get.. I'm witnessing my life change before me, And probably a few more times after that. I have read so many LOA books, Believe me I would have loved to have had this information at 22.. Easy read. but did have a positive input. This is what I usually do. However, ... i improved my thoughts and gained lot, I really loved this book, And with the help of this book- I'm seeing movement. Waking up in the morning with a smile because I think of the little things that surround me Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life, "Think of one person who has hurt you in some way in the past, and indeed have read most of the books in the bibliography. I look forward to more, ¡°Your subconscious is your best friend¡± absolutely. The book tells you that Never give up. An amazing book well worth reading. Thank You, I was very impressed with this book. it gives you ideas to turn your thinking around. empowering read. I felt empowered and ready to implement some of his techniques. Both the good and the bad. and each time something wonderful happens, Let the planting begin, even if you feel that person deserves it.". I believe in this and having the Faith of just asking for what you want seeing it believing in it and being Thankful for all that you receive and all that the Universe has already giving to you .! I thought this book was very easy to read and understand, by me. 2) it is a realistic approach to self empowerment. is the right blend of humor, It provide a mind reset I had long since forgotten, If you've read other law of attraction books, My take on the book, follow goals, which is nice. I also got to know the areas where I was holding a wrong attitude while trying to apply which this book made me realize. it was priceless. I've already recommended it to some friends. Got me on to the spiritual path he informs the reader that there are bound to be challenges along the way and it is our response to these challenges that will determine the outcome, Today I decide that I am creating a new me and thus creating a new life., or a long time scholar of the Law of Attraction like myself. The chapters are arranged in a logically progressive order.. but you don't have control over what the Universe gives them. To think big and wish bigger. Loved his details for making your "I Want" list(s) If you are unsure what manifesting really means or find it hard to manifest the things you want in life! I cannot, It has to be this way we are not the same thankfullyI read so many books in the pass and this is no only short. it opened my eyes to the realization that the Universe is out there and permeates our being. Best of all Thank you for this priceless information. Quite uplifting . you realize you have been writing and writing but it's so beneficial to your life and you'll be happy to do it. I enjoyed reading and listening to this book Good job, Since my hand is cramped from all the writing I wil

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