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and willing to give once we learn how to ask and be open to receive. I like the way this book is arranged. I highly recommend this book to those looking to manifest growth and happiness in abundance. As the saying goes ¡°positive attracts positive. Loved everything about this book, I pick an emotion, The first thing I do in the morning is get coffee and Dear Universe. Give me peace and assurance that the Universe is on my side. each read is new and different!This book is my everyday, Well laid out. We all have feelings. Thank you so much you're the best Sarahso in love with this book . I read passages from it one to two times daily. Nice book. Sara is truly genuine and knowledgeable with this process that worked for her and myself as well! unstoppable.. You can read it for a few minutes or a few hours and get the right message at the right time. She guides you in connecting with the Universe and managing an array of feelings. Always on my desk as a handy reference for quick shifts of resistance and movements back to creation. And I love it. A simple easy to follow Affirmations that we can all relate to and meditate to allow us to live our life with purpose. Love the design of the hard cover and the exquisite pages.. Sarah is a great inspiration great details and illustrationsGreat book for manifesting and how to release negative to positive vibrations. I love this as the kindle version - I was able to highlight and take notes, As I read through the meditations in this beautiful book. This book is beautifully designed to help you identify a particular feeling you may be experiencing or would like to adjust, I am so uplifted by this book and its meditations its a life changer for sure. I have been reading this book faithfully since I received my copy, Further. The colors are stunning and the writing itself is very inspirational, You are amazing, I've been meditating for years and love to discover new resources. it's not cover to cover specific; you can just open it up & find something that applies to you, and empowering, The book also talks about a vision board and rituals to stay connected to the Universe, They believe that the universe is personal. so good, It¡¯s a brilliant way to structure a book because we all need that jolt of perspective now and again, and reminding us to be grateful for all., this book is going to be extremely helpful, A book you¡¯ll keep coming back to as you maneuver through the plethora of emotions and experiences that life has to offer, I cannot say enough good things about this book. Love this book ., Just to hold it in your hands bring light, I been listening to this book on Audible from the time I ordered it 2 weeks ago, it is key to opening the door to wisdom and possibilites, I know that I am given the signs that I need to see at the divine time I love this book and how you can customize what you read each day according to how your are feeling! So I do love everything she has. Sarah (author) is such an inspirational and incredible soul, It is my intention to share this book with many, Dear Universe has truly been a godsend for me, Dear Universe is the perfect addition to your transformational! is that I can identify my current mood/thoughts by searching through a list of words and then look up ways to deal with that particular emotion. So far I am Loving this book. Very pretty book too.. It is a skill in focus of what is desired constituted mainly by LOVE. Thanks Sarah I totally recommend you get a copy. I absolutely love itThe book is so beautiful and so inspiring. support in whatever your current life situation is. So much insight to help improve life and your surroundings, First, This book really resonated with me. Xoxoxo, Enjoy every minute...it will change the way you look at everything! The layout is fantastic and so easy to read I really enjoy the mini meditations. Sarah Prout teaches us how to tap into that hidden section of our minds and become closer to the Universe (higher power) to live the life we have always dreamed of. who¡¯s looking to manifest all the best the universe has to offer. An awesome resource filled with great techniques and tools, I just open the book to one of those emotions and Sarah meets me there with her wisdom and powerful meditations. The thing about Dear Universe is that Sarah Prout begins on a TOTALLY personal level which resonates with the reader, you can select the one you need. I love this book and think the author is so inspiring and relatable! then engaging again! This book helps me to boost my confidence in myself and to trust the universe. This book covers everything. And it really does work! Love all the mini prayers in this book, I signed up for a pre-release version of the book and totally loved it. and life changing book from a well deserving author . I have let all that go and forgave him and also forgave myself. I can pick it up. anxious. Excellent, I bought 6 copies and sent them to friends and family, It not only looks amazing it is amazing so helpful. This book is great, those things can be found in the present. and to applying its lessons. and follow the instruction and meditation. Sarah. Very helpful. Abandoned references Loved because being present. This book came into my life at the perfect time, this book is a must, This book is amazing. I like how she encourages you to read through the book as u see fit and enjoy each part as it becomes relevant, I absolutely love this book! Was not expecting this much from a ¡°mini¡± book, It really helps me to focus on different areas and gives great ideas, I absolutely love this book. Sarah has words of support,universal love and tools for changing your mindset to help change your perspective on a current situation whatever that may be! Once it's in your hand it's even better.! Her story is woven through her comments! Dear Universe has been inspiring and caught the eyes of my mother during a recenr visit and she cannot put it down If you are trying to improve in the area of mindfulness and letting yourself feel and process emotions as they come! I have done a lot of meditation. Whatever I am feeling I can find a chapter to help . very insightful! Love this book to bring light into. I started reading and utilizing it almost immediately. Great job Sarah. It is your feelings that connect with your vision and thoughts that help you manifest what you need at the time. I'm considering buying some for holiday gifts for my family You should buy this book to help you better understand the deep energetic nature of your feelings

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