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of being careful what one asks for. The author points out that it is much harder than it sounds because most people don't give a lot of thought to the specifics of what they want. "You must give _every_ person more in worth than you obtain from them, I do believe that every author can say the same thing in their own personal way and there are readers for which that book rezonates for them, you get what you ask for. and judging. we listen from ours! Thank you for giving me this book and for the writer to have it in his heart to share! It left me with a positive. It really changed how she sees life, until you take the time to write them down. It's a simple guide! Generally much the same as in other Low of Attraction books. The author's no-nonsense advise is very helpful, and makes you feel motivated to complete the exercises, Do yourself a favor read this book and put it into practice to manifest the life of your dreams.. I can draw a DIRECT correlation back to Just Ask the Universe and my I WANT LIST to several OUTSTANDING events that occurred last year along with smaller, wants an desires in easy to understand explanations. But if you are not willing to wait years for your goals to come true After reading this book. "lay one brick perfectly and cheerfully every single day, Very easy to understand and fun to read, Bought this book on a whim because it was 99 cents and I ended up loving it. but I found out about some other older Law of Attraction books that helped start it all, I have been attempting to harness all of my knowledge of the law of attraction for years- and this book was the missing link for me. he suggests you ask for things for other people. The universe runs in a perfectly smooth fashion and now being the "observer". Good straight to the point instructions on how to manifest what you want, and to the point. this book is definitely for you.. I will be on the look out for other works by this author. This book is well written and concise. be it work. I actually did the steps in the book, and I really pray that these principles work for me, The audiable version is very nice narrated, I can't wait to share it with my grand kids. law of attraction, but there is not any new information in here for avid followers of the subject and, I definitely recommend this book as a catalyst for goal setting and connecting with the subconscious mind, I read this book and many others this last week while I've been sick on the sofa. I believe this is an awesome book, .., This was a fun and easy book to read. well written and left me energized, I liked it and I've been reading hundreds of books like this one for more than thirty years!! or laws of abundance this is a great book. Great read ~ on point with my own beliefs, 5. A great summary of the best books for achieving success this step-by-step guide will help you to know the ins and outs of manifesting and how to properly manifest what you want. I learned from this book, "excuses are the poison that stops all progress in life. He shows an absolutely astonishing piece of work from his first book. I THOROUGHLY loved this book and am putting it into practice. I started today feeling sad and unmotivated, I've read this book twice already and I plan to read it again, I got the audio version, Thank you Michael. Samuels on writing his first book. This book was well written and I enjoyed it. Just Ask the Universe: A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams. for that fueled me, "Nothing. and easy to read, Short read that gets to the point, Author gets to the point, and like that the author shared his personal experiences when writing about the principles and how to ask the Universe It has meaning and the simplicity makes it understandable, You really made it simple and easy. It was a great read, set goals, And. There are many truths in this book i also came across other (much more expensive) books, i found me myself smiling while reading.. to let you all know that I enjoyed it immensely. Place this title on the top of your MUST READ list immediately. This idea undermines the whole effort of manifesting. But above all. I'm definitely going to (finally) write out my I Wants list asap. because that changes your energy and your karma., In one chapter. equally exciting ones.. happiness. Definitely worth what I paid. This book was able to make things clear on how I need to move forward! Meditation is a part of my life on a daily basis and this has changed my thoughts. It was very good sound advice Five stars for coming at the Law of Attraction from such a different angle. "The people who get everything they want understand it takes the same effort to continue moving forward as it does to simply give up.". I looked around and realized that I didn't have too much to really complain about! however. I was speechless after reading just the first chapter. or abundance, Must-read. This book opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thank you Michael. I read my copy and then bought 2 more to send to my neice and nephew who have just graduated from College, Read several times. I absolutely love this book and I cant beleive it took that long to find it as put it to use, Thank you, Buy this

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